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Wildside kennels blood vs southern kennels mayday blood ??

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by domino, May 25, 2012.

  1. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    Do u own either one or have you in the past? And who was it through?
  2. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    And what wildside stuff are we talkin about?
  3. EDOGZ818

    EDOGZ818 Big Dog

    Wildside's Simon Phoenix ( Complete Game Dog ) 1XL
    Solo Kennels Ch Thunder ( Red Boy Jocko ) 4XW, 1XL, 1XD

    I took the Ch Thunder pic in the book. 187th & Marion , Bx, Ny, by the school & steps. Simon's pic was taken in Washington Heights at the big park.

    Mayday has a son, Big Apple's Ch Buck

    I have a female off of him, back bred into some heavy MayDay ( Raul / Cuba's Geronimo )

    Raul Sanchez Arrested In Alleged Bronx Dog Fighting Ring; 47 Pit Bulls Rescued By NYPD, ASPCA

    CUBA ^^^

    The 1/2 brother to the Buck female was littermate to BA's Ch Sexy & GR Nina & numerous other 1xW's, 2xW's & GL's. My dogs parents were the only one's out the litter that didn't campaign & the only ones that survived.
    Years ago, mind you, my pup died at 14 about 2 yrs ago ( In My avi )

    He has consistently produced the most dynamic dogs in my area. Granted that is local, so YMMV, but IMHO, they throw the traits & represent the blood to the fullest.

    No Shots at Ed, heard he got busted / set up again, but the money side of things can screw up a breeding program. >>> Not accusing Ed of peddling, because he sells good stuff, just not to everyone.

    Joe Schmoe won't be recommended the same stuff as Mr. International...and the Joe Schmoe litter isn't what I would call Ed's best stuff.

    Long gone is the ethic that every breeding has to be the best. JMHO
    Tom Garner too.

    Still, they are OG's and have earned the right to peddle, the hard way, if they so chose, but IMHO, there is a business side to it & well, you know...

    No Shots, they are fine breeders & i wouldn't hesitate to represent either of their lines, but I would talk to them first, explain / identify myself, & then let them pick my pup.

    Southern Kennels IMHO, not sure if they are still around, Victor had a firesale or something a while back????, but SK is dumping pure fire on the market...to anyone with the $$$$$. $1200 - $1500 a pup VS $500 - $800.

    When you buy from SK, you better have your thinking cap on, because their dogs will be a handful.....just like mine.

    Not for inexperienced owners & if one does get one, they should get an education & relationship with the breeder to guide them along the way.

    I doubt Victor will take the time, or that the average buyer who doesn't speak Spanish can understand his heavy accent.

    No shame in losing to SK & Ed Faron is a hell of a dogman, who will take the time to help a noob ( Maybe not now ) but I can't say enough good things about Ed. If I had the $$$, I would get both & tell Ed to give me something to mate with the SK stuff.

    MayDay went into GatorBoys, and while MayDay won, well, let's just say that's irrelevant, MayDay's production record is beyond reproach. He's done it & his offspring have done it. OFFICIALLY.

    When done right, MayDay blood rocks.
    Same with Ed Faron.

    I just think Ed's business side isn't as good as his LOVE side.

    The more dogs, the harder it is. I don't think anyone with 50-100 dogs is better on average, than a smaller operation.

    ( Breeding Wise )

    YMMV, these are just my opinions, but with that being said, ED Faron & SK are both way better DOGMEN than myself, so I don't really rate to criticize, and hope that I didn't.

    Just sharing my opinion.
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  4. true grit

    true grit Pup

    All of this is regurgitated bullshit you got out of vic's interview and the match stories off of the old southern kennels site. Ice pick has schooled your ass for how long now, and when i hope you learned in the process. Lol you should thank her/him. Frisco made more money for tom because the internet. He produced more champions for garner than any other simply because he produced more dogs period. Why? The internet. The same can be said for southern kennels.See what a silver tounge, average dogs, gullible ppl,and lots of time spent promoting dogs on the internet gets you. PAID. Most ppl who know want toms chinaman, spike, and fat bills blood over frisco. Those were more quality breedings mainly because they were not bred to every bitch quality or not to meet this new internet demand. As for Vic I give him credit as a opportunistic business man who used the promotional ability of the internet like no other before. He told about all these champs produced with elaborate stories, but failed to tell when they lost or about how many truckloads of curs he produced ti get those champions. The average person has no way of knowing anything but the info he made available to him and he capitalized on that. Even further those average ppl who get all their info from the net get on boards and promote for him. When I first got into dogs in 99 and came across his propaganda machine southernkenennels.com I was being led to believe all I had to do was come up with 2000 bucks and I would be shipped a future ace. Anyways, just some of my thoughts on the matter here. OH YEAH BTW, U CAN'T READ A PEDIGREE.
  5. EDOGZ818

    EDOGZ818 Big Dog

    While True Grit's assessment may be accurate to a degree, the breeders in question still produced quality dogs.
    Many factors came into play, because not everyone who received the dogs competed with them, many used them as part of a breeding program, because they dogs came from a solid background.

    *May Day, Dragon Lady

    They produced good dogs, that continued to produce good dogs, and that, more than anything led to their prominence.

    Fat Bill, Ed Faron, Tom ( The Undertaker ) Ratliff and many more have laid the foundation for the next generation, and it's up to them / us to leave it for the next foundation.

    *Side Note: Being a cur or cold doesn't effect the breeding genetics.

  6. Erie Outlawz

    Erie Outlawz CH Dog

    Actually smart guy I got knowledge about mayday from talkin to the man who owned him and didn't know one school me if u had half a brain youd see the dates and the other person your talkin about has the word MODERATER by his name which means when someone has that they can go back and delete the dumshit they said that dude didn't school nobody didn't know shit about mayday dogs and had less of an opinion on yellow dogs maybe if you would have been on back then and been reading it while it was being discussed youd have half a clue lmao
  7. true grit

    true grit Pup

    i posted that before i read the whole thread and ice had some very good points such as them being larger gamedogs and that isn't were the majority off the top comp is. I think both lines are good in their own right. but the mayday dogs were over promoted and over bred. imo i don't think they will stand the test of time like the jeep and crosses have. Btw i wasn't. referring to a mod or anyone else. I was referring to you, and u still can't read a pedigree. The mayday blood is workin well with the buck crosses etc. but i.e jeep threw produces of producers and is still one of the top working crosses today. I don't think the same will be said for mayday in the yrs to come.
  8. Bondage

    Bondage Pup

    Where did you hear EJ didn't test his bulldogs? Never heard that one, maybe your referring to game testing, i don't know, I could be wrong.

    I disagree with the statement made that "most hollingsworth dogs where game plugs that needed an out". How did they need an out, when in fact the patrick family of dogs have been able to stand alone without any outcross longer than any other line to date. I guess what Im trying to say is if anything it was the other lines i.e. Eli, Redboy, RBJ, that needed the Tombstone/Bolio out, not the other way around. just my humble opinion.
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