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white oak biter kennels

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by m&skennels, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. dwd58

    dwd58 Big Dog

    The Skull Crusher dog is supposed to be producing some good ones.
  2. Tramplove

    Tramplove Big Dog

    I wonder who is the better producer skull crusher or his littermate hatch? They say hatch reached Ch before he passed. I guess time will tell.
  3. bbad

    bbad Big Dog

  4. bbad

    bbad Big Dog

    just check one of his littermates peds seen birth date was 2008 don't know when they started breeding him to say how he's producing. unless they did the breeding more than once & he's out of another litter.
  5. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    bbad How are your 2 females doing.
  6. texmex32

    texmex32 Pup

    I was wondrring about ch cuts bruno or white oaks ch bruno same dog, has anyone heard anything about this dog?
  7. stamp4

    stamp4 Pup

    A buddy of mine had one off skull crusher and it didn't work out, but I know of others who do and they are gettin it done. I can tell you the cowboy jack into a good maverick / sixbits dog will put you in it to win it. This is mine that is a TOTAL package dog. Not just a sprinter; will run the marathon. So far this whole litter/breeding has made the grade.
    Here are a couple of his littermates:


  8. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    what ever happened to the lug nut dog they had
  9. bbad

    bbad Big Dog

    they're doing good
  10. 805tony

    805tony Big Dog

    bbad sent pm your inbox if full
  11. bbad

    bbad Big Dog

    ok i'm clearing it now
  12. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    The one's I saw where bred very well and way above average in the mouth department the family was very out going and athletic but was a tad nippy for my liking and for my buddy as he sold to kennel where no young children were present not a man biter per say such real nippy and she did really well from them and as far as I know they still own her, she was very fast. Now her brother was the opposite very shy laid back type dog I really liked him a lot, he was way Above average in mouth but he showed he no depth when things did nt go his way. Most people I talked who have White Oak dogs love them and then others say the lack depth. Guess it depends on the litter and individual dog a person has. Yis Ole Man
  13. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Did not care for the ones i seen just a couple of years ago. Did not play very long
  14. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    its that b.s. rocky biter trash that produces the jumping dogs, stay clear of it and you will be doing yourself a big favor
  15. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    just stay clear of white oak kennels.
  16. They have good dogs... I think they just not paying close attention to the percentages. I have a few which are 1/2, 1/4, & soon to have 3/4...I study percentages. Not all have hunted well but for the most part I'll hunt with them in any wheather or terrain!!!! But I can understand everyones opinions.... but I will also say whoever practices their craft will have no complaints with wob...be patient.... n if "u knew better you'll do better"# AllstarteamSC
  17. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    that is some bullshit allstar - I have seen a man go through over 10 dogs and EVERY one of them was TRASH -
    I have stood across from that trash and seen it with my own eyes, you study percents all you want, but here they have a ZERO percent success rate
  18. Iceberg

    Iceberg Banned

    I own a hound from White Oaks...... Nice dog
  19. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    post a ped Iceberg, we would like to see a nice one
  20. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Iceberg How well does that Hound Hunt. and for how long.

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