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To brood or not to brood

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by real_one, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. real_one

    real_one Big Dog

    I have recently seen someone say that some prefer brood dog's, and some do not. I would like to know what your opinion is on that subject, and what is the reasoning behind it? Some of the best producing bitches in the game have been cold as ice, and bred to produce...some have been killers, and scatter bred producing machines. Do you think brood dogs are a waste of time or do you think it is still the way to go?
  2. RedTone

    RedTone Big Dog

    Talking with two good dog men Danny Gilmoure with STB and Orr APBT. They both told me a good brood bitch is the foundation for anyones breeding program and even if you throw them to a by par stud and produce Champs then imagian when thrown to outstanding studs what one will get. This is what a person should strive for is a Very well bred brood bitch that can produce
  3. RR3000

    RR3000 Big Dog

    Standards; all depends on a person and theirs.........
  4. Bxpits

    Bxpits CH Dog

    i think broad dogs only purpose is just to produce pups with pretty pedigree's but thats just my opinion as im no expert but thats what i have seen in some sites.
  5. real_one

    real_one Big Dog

    Insightful post seeing as how I was asking about your personal thoughts.
  6. game_test

    game_test Top Dog

    a brood bitch to me, is a female animal that can hunt just as well as a stud dog, and she posseses all of the other traits we look for in a bulldog. cold bitches do not fit this bill for me. i dont breed cold dogs. the way i figure it, people only breed cold or less than desirable dogs because they dont have anything else worth it around, i have access to some of the baddest dogs in the world, why would i waste a breeding on a cold or otherwise inforior animal when i can breed best to best? that is the way to success with me, i honestly believe you will produce dogs of the same caliber as the parents, that includes cur, cold dog, etc. i have a better chance of perpetuating a line of winning dogs if i breed this way and leave inforior animals out.
  7. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    it is a personal preference. The guy that turned me onto dogs, mentored me, had no use for brood dogs. He had maybe twn or twelve spots and they were either earning their way to their first match or they were awaiting their next match. When they were retired winners he gave them away. Not just to anyone, but to someone who knew the lines and was more interested in breeding. He would get young prospects in return. That was how I learned things back then.
    The problem with brood dogs earning a spot is that before you know it you will have a yard full of brood dogs and could-be-producers. But if that is what a person wants then there is nothing wrong with that. For every winning dog that produced a winner there are just as many cold dogs that produced winners. For every cur/cold dog that produced a cur/cold dog there is just as many curs from winners. It is nothing more than a personal preference...s
  8. preme

    preme CH Dog

    good dogs are where you find them..
  9. WWII

    WWII Banned

    I think brood stock is more or less needed, though not vital, to a solid yard. I like to think of them as a blank canvas. No matter what the dog does or doesn't do, they all have the same chance of putting out good or bad litters.
  10. SlaughterHouse

    SlaughterHouse Big Dog

    I think the only way a dog can be called a brood dog is if he or she has proven to be worthy of breeding. Just because they have a great ped. or the best body standard doesnt make it a brood dog.
  11. DOwho???

    DOwho??? Big Dog

    If you are interestedin the breeding aspect of the game then at least one tight brood bitch is necessary to a program. however any dog can produce but you have a better chance at producing good dogs if you use a tested brood bitch. Best to best is always good, but on the same token dont knock it til yiu've tried it. If you do what the person that mentors you has always done then at best you can only get what THEY have got. that maybe fine if they are producing ch.'s and roms but if not then why bother following in their steps.
    I learned this years ago and have since broke away from my mentor and have been out pulling him ever since. Knowledge is good but knowing how to use that knowledge is the KEY.;):D JMO


    What exactly is your definition of a brood bitch.. When I think of brood bitch I think of a tight bred untested bitch..
    Now my broad bitch may end up being cold but not a curr cuz she was never tested...
    To each his own.. I might keep one but o don't breed yet..

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