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on leash aggresion

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Plummerterrier, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. over the last few months my dog has became really aggresive towards other dogs and animals when on the leash ,this was never really a problem before and he used to be able to run around off the leash with other dogs. Now he goes really crazy when passing other dogs on the leash to the point where he only gets off if no other dogs or animals are about which doesnt help as he is becoming less socialised. Any ideas why this happened is it maybe his age he has just turned two.
  2. Damion

    Damion Pup

    it s the age that alot of apbt turns on ,his days of playin of lead with others are most likely over for good, not ur fault or the dogs it s the breed we all choose and luv .
  3. its a shame as theres alot of off leash dogs around and before i used to be able to go out around the parks for hours without worrying now im constantly on edge about letting him off incase he attacks an other dog, iv been very tempted to try him off the leash but i also very worried. Lastnight whilst walkin late at night there was a guy with two off leash greyhounds who were barking and he didnt put them back on the leash and i actually had to lift my dog to stop a full blown fight its a real pain but i know if i had walked past he would have started, dont know if training to socialise him would help
  4. Damion

    Damion Pup

    training and socializing are great things but u wouldnt want something terrible to happen while ur trying to socialize ur dog ,it can happen real quick and it can be real hard to stop ,and no matter what happens it ll most likely be blamed on ur dog cause of the breed ,u wouldnt want ur dog taken and put down in a attempt to socialize him ,god bless not tryin to make u feel bad but its best to know the truth
  5. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Top Dog

    Is there leash laws in your town? It's not fair your dog getting harassed by off leash dogs in public places like that. You know regardless of how the incident starts if your dog touches the other dog it is always going to be his fault. I have a really good dog at home that has zero aggression towards other animals and I have had scenarios where fluffy dogs run off leash at us so I have to clinch the dog and throw him over my shoulder just in case. I really hat dog owners that let their dog's off leash like that in public.
  6. gh32

    gh32 CH Dog

    You've got a two year old APBT,that's a dog aggressive breed by nature and at an age when alot are already turned on by now. Just part of owning this breed. I would keep him away from the parks with other dogs,but then again I'd keep any dog away from the parks with other dogs.It's a breeding ground for filth,disease and parasites,never mind people who refuse to leash their dogs and can cause you problems.
  7. Torresbeag

    Torresbeag Big Dog

    Dont think its a APBT, its a plummer terrier, type of jack russell.......put a bit of manners on him......it ain't a big dog
  8. He's a bigger plummer terrier around 16 inches and weighs around 28 pounds , not a type of jack Russell
  9. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    There are definitely some techniques you can use but the problem being, to desensitize him and increase his tolerance you've got to keep him below threshold and asshats with loose dogs can make that next to impossible. If you know people with chill dogs you can set up scenarios in a controlled enviroment in which he is not over stimulated and gradually increase his tolerance level but it can be a lot of work and again.... all your hard work can be easily thrown out the window by asshats with loose dogs. Can you tell I hate loose dogs? lol
  10. amistad

    amistad Big Dog

    Regardless of the breed if they become dog aggresive why take a chance taking him to a dog park and letting him run loose, if an accidental fight would happen you have no one to blame but yourself.
  11. I just feel he may not be enjoying himself as much it is also extremely embarrassing and tense when approaching other dog walkers ,he is in great shape but rarely gets a good chance too sprint maybe only ten minutes a day do you think it is a problem, he is walked at least two hours per day

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  12. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    Why not get him a treadmill or flirt pole with him? Where I do get wanting him to act like less of an ass on leash, I never really got the forcing dogs to interact with other dogs when they obviously don't want to... at least not in a way that the other dog would appreciate. lol Isn't there a less populated place you can take him if you want him to run around? A swimming spot? Spring pole? There are tons of things you can do with a DA dog for fun and exercise.
  13. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    Just to add... you may find if you find other ways to burn off some steam it may take the edge off his reactivity...
  14. Torresbeag

    Torresbeag Big Dog

    Is he outcross bred? He's still a type of jack russell, as Brian's intention when starting to breed Plummer terriers, was to have a strain of Jack Russell named after him.....

    There fairly intelligent, but some of them need a strong hand....

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