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official/unofficial pedigree research thread

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by rallyracer, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Inter-tel

    Inter-tel Big Dog

    thats it dude, thanks!
  2. JanneM

    JanneM Big Dog

  3. big dan

    big dan Big Dog

    Could someone find a ped 4 ch hobo maybe oldhouse kennels ch hobo.Thanks a bunch.
  4. dadecounty

    dadecounty Big Dog

    Can someone please look up Leblanc's KatieRed.Sire mimms stuff.Dame Leblanc's RedGirl.Thank's
  5. outrightmike

    outrightmike CH Dog

    can someone pull up hancocks lil banjo 99300l-99?thank you!
  6. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

  7. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    could someone please see if they can get the pedigrees on these dogs for me mc donalds blue sire and also washingtons satine
  8. maddog2020

    maddog2020 Big Dog

    could someone find Bailey's "Little Bo" and Suttorp's "Buttercup Baby"
    it would be appreciated.
  9. Finkle

    Finkle Big Dog

    Can anyone pull up a ped for a bitch named CH Silk? I just heard an off reference to this dog and she was apparently a 5xW anyone know?
  10. scratchin dog

    scratchin dog CH Dog

  11. scratchin dog

    scratchin dog CH Dog

  12. Finkle

    Finkle Big Dog

    Appreciate it scratching dog, you know anything about this dog or is that something for the general forum maybe?
  13. CaesarIsis

    CaesarIsis Top Dog

    Its a really nice Jeep/Reboy/Rascal cross with some Midnight Cowboy and Chinaman outs, I really like it.
  14. xxDiDDxx

    xxDiDDxx Pup

    Whats goin on! Ayo Caes can you pull up ped for FLINCHWRONG'S Country
  15. CaesarIsis

    CaesarIsis Top Dog

  16. xxDiDDxx

    xxDiDDxx Pup

    Good look Caes! Thinkin bout gettn a male outta the Country x Jazzmin breeding.
  17. CaesarIsis

    CaesarIsis Top Dog

    Looks like some good blood man.
  18. bbreal

    bbreal Pup

    i would like if somone could help me look up the ped on a scrappy joe im no sure about the dam or sire
  19. CaesarIsis

    CaesarIsis Top Dog

  20. yoel

    yoel Big Dog

    Someone please tell me about Cruz' "Budzy MC Green"
    Sire = Guerra's "Spot" #41000J-43 Dam = Rubalcava's "Lil Sara Blue Cruz"

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