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mims dogs

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by labulldoger, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. SlaughterHouse

    SlaughterHouse Big Dog

    Thanks Outlawz
  2. bigeli

    bigeli Big Dog

    love those dogs and the breeding!
  3. SlaughterHouse

    SlaughterHouse Big Dog

    Thanks bigeli, you have some nice looking hounds as well.
  4. undamineknls

    undamineknls Banned

  5. goodman

    goodman Pup

    is your dogs heavy patrick and which dog ru crossing it with out of mims stuff
  6. dray69

    dray69 Pup

    Mims Dogs are all over the East coast and the south and if you have never heard of Mr. Mimms you might wanna google bonafide kennels registry he's the president I've owed two Mimms blood dogs one of which was the best bulldog Ive had the pleasure to own , also try researching mimms Ritz
  7. John Galt

    John Galt Pup

  8. bigeli

    bigeli Big Dog

    i got a yard full of the crazy fuckas.....wouldnt run anything else, i love it crossed either with good bolio blood(kasia) or eli(cronos)
  9. TopBox

    TopBox Top Dog

    Im happy with the ones here!!
  10. mr.cujo

    mr.cujo Pup

    A couple males & females judges buddy /judges dixie chick and judges Danny boy/ judges bandit love them & offsprings
  11. yungin

    yungin Pup

  12. ROSE

    ROSE Banned

  13. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

  14. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

  15. yungin

    yungin Pup

  16. bigeli

    bigeli Big Dog

  17. ROSE

    ROSE Banned

    My question was to yungin. Don't understand your reply of go read a book.
  18. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    Go read a book because you must have clearly been bored. Honestly, what did you expect him to say that wouldn't be deleted? Furthermore what does it even matter?
  19. TopBox

    TopBox Top Dog

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