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Cotton's bullet blood

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by TS Kennels, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Looking for numbers or info on any of red b's dogs Red /Charlie/. Any information would be appreciated.
  2. Not going to get too many comments on the bullet blood not much around in 2013 only threw the Poland jump around mosty these days . I had this one he past a few months ago 6 gen BullyPedia|The American Bully Online Pedigree Database got plenty of pups off him ! The Bullet blood is as game and hard mouthed as they come!! The red dog was a great 4 time winner and producer his son Charlie was a great 6 time winner ! Good luck finding some these days most peps that have it are super funny about it and don't like to share it (if you get a good strain you will see why) and because it is so rare! Good luck on your hunt!
  3. young muscle

    young muscle Big Dog

    You can find it just go to your local Walmart.
  4. There is nothing rare about Cotton's Bullet blood, its so far back in todays bulldogs pedigrees that it really doesn't have any influence on todays blood. (To the OP) As far as numbers or info on those breeding down from the bulldogs you've mentioned no one will give out info on an open forum like numbers and such in this day and climate best to do a search or go to some of your local shows and chit chat with people who may help............jmo
  5. If its not rare watch how many peps put up any type of bullet blood on the this post then go look and all the other bloodline post and compare! I got bullet son in the 6 gen and bullet dogs in 2nd gen on threw jump around (bullet dog) my dogs grandpa Stoney in the 4th ( bullet dog) his son Stoney jr (bullet dog) in the 3rd 3xbreed on the bottom hell king his self was almost 25% bullet ! I would not call that no influence but its America so you can say what you want . Lol
  6. IMO, if your looking more than 3 gens back...something's wrong. that's like saying that people bred To Cotton's Bullet because Tudor's Goldie was in his pedigree. They didn't, they bred To him because he was a quality pit dog. pedigree research is a valuable tool and it's educational, fun and interesting; but it's no indication of quality. If you can't see the quality you want in the first 3, then someone screwed up.
    Example: I bought this dog here, not based on his pedigree but the dogs in the first 2 gens and people using them. Also because a respected dogman reccomended this litter. ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [396225] :: RLK/HRK'S LEROY

    I DO NOT STILL OWN HIM, nor did I have anything to do with his campaigns, THE CREDIT BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE.
  7. Well the ped don't make the dog the dog makes the ped I think we all can agree on that! I look at a ped up to the 6 gen to see if or how its line bred and how a breeding can cross or click unless you have a pc mind not sure how that will work out just looking at a 3-4 gen unless you have a super heavy inbred dog and you know all 30 of the dogs in a 4 gen peds by heart. But to each is own .
  8. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    genes make the dog. The dog makes the ped worth something. never have I seen paper do anything other then be papper.

    greenhornes and ignorent consider dogs that dont play anypart in dogs today such as this thred.
    Not that that really matters becuase the blind will lead the blind more times then not.

    Cut the fucking check and get sold dibo dogs homeboy.
  9. No need for the hating I'm just trying to find some good info on dogs I'm interested in from fellow dog men and dog women. (Keep the negative comments to yourself)
  10. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Just like with any line the Cotton's Bullet dog was bred and different people got those dogs. Different people see things differently and do things differently. That is the biggest reason reading that far back in a pedigree is just for fun and something to talk about. Six generations usually mean four to five maybe even six sets of values/desires went into that breeding. Hard to track and trace that.

    If you find that Cottons Bullet pedigree with only one or two breeders over six generations then odds are you are a little closer to Bullet, and although it is still far, your odds are somewhat better. Multiple breeders usually mean multiple thought processes and multiple thought processes usually get you away from the dog you are talking about in the original post.

    Good luck in your search. S
  11. right! Don't worry bout it man there are always a few
  12. How do I get up with gaston any info wood be good
  13. Why is it when someone tries to give advice or straighten out a misconception it's "hating"? Just because you disagree doesn't make the information being shared with you any less valid.

    Breeding is both an art & science, and shouldn't be done haphazardly.
  14. JayW

    JayW Big Dog

    Good post mister. I agree with the idea that if you have to look that far back to find what you think you are looking for your wasting your time. Add to that many times when your looking back that far... your looking at a dog on paper that you never seen with your own eyes. It's easy to read about what a certain dog did or threw... and it's easy to believe that line breeding will give you the best shot at reproducing those traits.

    But if the men that bred the dogs that came down off of said line didn't cull to preserve those traits or cross type to type....I believe you're about as likely to see them as you would be if the dog showed up a single time in the fourth or fifth generation.

    I look at it like this..... Hank Sr. (country music great) traveled all over the country drinking beer and playing songs...probably sowed a seed or two while he was doing it. He had a son (Jr.) who sounded a little bit like him when he was young but was in essence... different. Still good.... damn good if you ask me.... but different. Well.... Hank Jr.'s boy.... Hank III is a dead ringer for his grand daddy. Sounds just like him too. This would be a good place to start line breeding country music singers that sounded like Hank Sr. if you was going to. No sense in running around trying to find someone who had Hank in the ped just to see what would come of it. You've got this boy who at twenty five percent Hank... is damn near 100% the same when you listen to him. Good thing his daddy sounded enough like HIS daddy when he was young.... would have been a damn shame if somebody culled him in my not so humble opinion.

    Sorry for the rant.... back to my corner now.lol
  15. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    It isn't out there like other blood is because old man becker was/is a recluse and he didnt Peddle his dogs out. He lives about 6 miles from me and I see him damn near every time I go buy dog food. A few of his close friends still run the blood today, mostly all crossed out in present day. In the mid and late 90's the blood was pretty popular here. I almost bred a female 2 or 3 years ago to as far as I knew, was the last living son off red dog owned by a friend of mine, dogs name was azevedo's apollo, he died shorly after at age 12. He was a house pet though so I changed my mind. Solid dogs they were in their hay days. I can't speak on other cotton dogs but Beckers dogs are not easily found these days and if you do find it it will almost certianly be crossed...
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 17, 2013
  16. hi-tek kennels

    hi-tek kennels Big Dog

    The blood comming threw charlie is your best bet! Stay far away from the stoney stuff!!!
  17. Yeah stay miles away from the Stoney unless you like hard mouth dogs that can bite ishhhh in half !!!!! Lol
  18. hi-tek kennels

    hi-tek kennels Big Dog

    Here we go again!!!! man look at what charlie acomplished what in the hell did stoney acomplish but a bullet!

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