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bullyson !!!!!

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by labulldoger, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. labulldoger

    labulldoger Top Dog

    Bullyson was whelped sometime in the late 1960's. He was just one of the many well thought of pups from the breeding of Eli to Spook. At one time Floyd Boudreaux gave a nice red puppy to Jerry Clemmons. He took the pup, kept it for 6 weeks and then sold the pup. He came here and I gave him another pup I had here in the blacksmith shop. I called that pup Spook. She was out of a litter that had killed each other when they were very young. He kept her two months at most and then she came in her first season. He brought her back and I bred her to Eli. They had 4 pups, 3 black and one brindle. two males and two females. One of the black males was Bully, the other was Eli, Jr., the brindle female was Brendy. She bit the hardest of all of them and she was the biggest. She could break a dog down in less then three minutes. Brendy was awesome, a bad bulldog. As bad as a man has ever seen. She beat a dog one time like she was eating breakfast. I've never seen anything like her again. The other female in the litter out of Eli and Spook was a black named Lady. She was my kind of dog and I think the best from that litter. Both Bully and his brother Eli, Jr. were exceptional Bulldogs. They were the cream of the crop, top-notch Bulldogs and went into some tough competition to make history.
    When this litter was being raised on Jerry's yard he took a special interest in Bully. Jerry walked him three miles a day and ran him 15 minutes each day on the mill. Also, while he was schooling him he had taught the dog to go where he was pointed in combat and also trained him to work with a ball. One day Bully was rolled with Boudreaux' Napoleon and Boudreaux' Paco, a son of Blind Billy. He smoked both of them quickly and then was bred to one of Floyd's bitches. All this in one hour in the noon July sun. The bitch later had 13 puppies.
    When Bobby Hall owned Bully he was attacked, when he walked his run. Bobby had a large mouth shovel in his hand and he went upside Bully's head and put Bully on his backside, then was just able to get out of Bully's run before he came to his feet and came for him again. This occured numerous times until the last when Bobby put the shovel in one hand and held it beside him and said "Come here Son." "Bully son come to me" and Bully then walked over to Bobby's feet and waged his tail. Bobby said he stuck out his hand to him and he licked his hand, then Bobby walked over and shoveled up his dung. From that day Bobby changed his name from Bully to Bullyson.
    When Bobby Hall matched the dog for Maurice Carver, who refereed, when he went into Bert Clouse & Becker. At weigh in Bert's dog weighed in at 46 3/4 lbs. and Bullyson weighed i at 49 1/2 lbs. When Bobby came over the pit wall with Bullyson you knew something different was going on. This dog acted like a crazy dog or a maniac of the devil in disguise. When they turned them loose all hell came with it. Everybody there was at attention. Clouse's Red dog was out of it in five minutes as Bobby sent Bullyson to the scrotum of Clouse's charge and that was the cue for the fat lady and she sang. At :10 minutes, the final scratch, Bobby could hardly contain the dog in the corner. And he was scared the crazy son of gunwas going to bite him. This was was the worst kind of man-eater when conditions are normal, and they sure weren't normal then.
    Sometime later Bobby sold Bullyson to Red Walling. Mr. Walling decided that Maurice Carver was his man with his dog. Again, this dog was known on several occasions when someone was moving him in a car and he was looes to go off his rocker. Despite these problems, they often hauled him loose, I think because it was too hard to put him in a sky crate. On the move from Hall's in Houston to Carver's place in San Antonio, Mr.Raymond Holt was elected to carry the dog. As usual Bullyson was carried loose in the car. Raymond said the only way he could keep Bullyson from jumping on him during the trip was by playing with his testicles. That's a helluva a deal!!! Anyway, Maurice got the dog. He was scared to death of him all the time he had him. At the time Maurice would move his wife in the other room and bring the dog in the house with him, watch TV with him and such and just become the very best of friends when a dog is in a keep. Maurice had a feeling that if he was going to the pit with a dog he wanted to be his friend. He said often, "If I am going to get down on my knees and ask a dog to take a killing for me, I want him to be a friend of mine."
    Eventually, Bullyson was matched into Ed Weaver's Sir. Again it was the same old story, Sir was helpless in :05 minutes as Bullyson defeated him with the same barnstorming type style used against the Red dog. Don Mayfield made a comment right after the match that Ed Weaver should be commended for even going into Bullyson, as most people were already spooked of him.
    Bullyson VS Benny Bob was the big match of the day as there were people from all over the US, Canada and Mexico to see this event. The convention took place in Fort Worth and it was a big show. The had bleachers up around the pit and a canvas over the whole thing. It was wonderful until the bleachers collapsed and the canvas cover came crashing down during the Bullyson match. Carver conditioned and handled Bullyson and Haliburton did the conditioning & handling for Benny Bob with help from Don Mayfield. Benny Bob was out of Bullyson bred to a bitch out of Boudreaux' Boze bred to Clemmons' Brendy. The dam of Benny Bob was known as Clemmons' Jesse and her name was later changed to Wikerson's Tina. The breeding of Bullyson and Jesse was done while Bullyson was still on the yard of Jerry Clemmons.
    At the match, Carver made a deal to enter the pit last as he didn't want to stay in his corner for an extended time with Bullyson. When he entered, Rick was ready, the ref was ready and that was Floyd Boudreaux. Maurice didn't even set Bullyson all the way down he dropped him 3 inches above the floor and the match was on. Don Mayfield reported it was pretty obviousquickly that if Bullyson was going to get there today, it was not going to be a blowout. After a while, Bullyson turned. He scratched well. Then Benny Bob scratched good. After this Benny Bob started getting faster and Bullyson slower. Everything Bullyson did, Benny Bob came back and did it better. At thed end, their stifles looked like you had shot them with a buckshot. At :40 minutes into the match Bullyson's ass end collapsed completely and Carver offered Haliburton a scratch to win, Haliburton would not take the offer as it was hot his turn to scratch. Finally, at :48 minutes, Bullyson's turn to go. Maurice faces him. When released, Bullyson turned his head a little to the right. His tongue is out, he doesn't move! At the end of 6, Maurice stepped over the dog and threw in the towel. He then asked Floyd to see if he could get him to go since Floyd had a part in raising him. The reason Maurice did this, I suppose was that everyone was in shock that this dog stood the line. Floyd took him, straightened his head, shook him and released him. The results were the same. His head tilted a little to the right and he stood there. After this Floyd picked up Bullyson and handed him over the pit wall to Maurice, who turned and walked off with the dog. Jerry Clemmons, who was working as a lab technician, did the blood work the day before the match, said Bullyson's blood count was at 33 when it should have been at 50. In addition, Carver bred the dog to practically every bitch he could in the Southwest.
    They took Bullyson out to the field and anyone that tried to touch his ass end had him trying to bite them. He was given medical treatment, but it was to no avail. He lost control of his body and died shortly there after. This 48 minute match with his son had brought an end to Bullyson's life.
    Benny Bob went back to Willie Brown's yard and was later matched into Ralph Greenwood's Jimmy Boots. Which was said to have been the most vicious match ever seen. R. Haliburton and W. Brown did the conditioning on Benny Bob and Greenwood the same for Jimmy Boots. It was said the match was like watching two grown men with icepicks and you knew it just couldn't go any further, but that five minutes would pass and then you knew for sure it was impossible to go another five minutes. The whole match was like that...because no two dogs could take that kind of punishment. After the match you could have bet that it didn't last longer than 20 minutes, that's how exciting it was, but it lasted nearly 2 hours with Jimmy Boots being the winner.
    this dog is the part of history he is the legend,evry dogman must know who is BULLYSON.

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  2. bounty

    bounty Big Dog

    Love those eli dogs. its a big shame that Jimmy Boots didn't make it after that win. would love to have a seen a Jimmy Boots line of dogs.

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