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Last Activity:
May 16, 2016
Sep 13, 2005
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Down South
Having Fun


Top Dog, from Down South

Stillwater was last seen:
May 16, 2016
    1. perryboy
      hey mann is this shane if it is hit me up I need to get about 12 cow hides & a lg. shirt let me know whats up !
    2. bbreal
      hey man u have some really nice looking dogs any boyels
    3. =^^=GYPSYKITTIN
      ok, first off the pic with the pup with flowers as a border is just too cute!!!!!!
      do you only do strictly mail order or can I come pick out a few collars? I have to go OKC for my husbands glasses soon and since I will be going close to Edmond I knowStillwater woulldn't be much further, but then again I'm still adrivin fool!! any excuse for a roadtrip and I'm off and runnin!!!
      also I might pick up a calender for my husband to put up at work, his co-workers love bulldogs but can't get any till they are better off financialy wich is smart move!! I think they would like a calender with girls and bulldogs!
      is the calender for 2010?
      just a thought but how about a bulldog calender with all the bulldogs pictured with children too? that might be a nice statement to how reliable they are as family dogs as well as being working dogs?
    4. cutt
      thganx for the collars...lovem and great quality
    5. Ricky1969
      thanks shane for the great collars "Crazy Jack" is loving them see ya Ricky
    6. dajuice
      I got the black padded harness, I appreciate the service. I also just bought two 6 foot rope leads, I sent you a email about the colors. I'll take two black unless you have a brown in any shade. If you do I would love to have one black and one brown. Thanks
      Would love to have one of those calenders when they come out lol !!
    8. RosewoodAPBT
      Hey, I got the new collar! Thank you so much, I love it!!! I will get some pics for you in the next week or two. Thanks again. And check your email. I sent a message to the email address listed on your website...
    9. Christy_SYK
      The collars got here today they are great! I will get going on some pics for you.
    10. preme
      like the way you keep it real..(your posts).... peace
    11. roe1880
      Hey Shane, how's everything? Hope all is great. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but as u might recall i had your wrong # & couldn't reach you, then i got it & things kinda fell apart here at home.. so i've been a bit distracted. I really want to send you these harnesses back so please send me your address. I want to get this taken care of especially since you have been very professional & all around great to us. Thanks again.
    12. Octavio_.N.J.
      Hey it me Jose from South Jersey i got the work harness great item.check it out.
      gr ch banjo,you run this blood
    14. GSDbulldog
      Just stopping in to say what's up and to give you props for your last post about that crazy bitch.
    15. fedor
      hey stillwater just want to say I love your product selection gonna get me some 2 inch collars from you soon thanx
    16. JBlazeRx7
      Thanks I'll be talkin to you soon!
    17. JBlazeRx7
      Hello sir JBlaze here. Hey i'd like to see some of the products you have. Could you point me in the right direction to see them.
    18. chinasmom
      Wow, I don't even think pay-pal cleared my bank yet and I've got it. FAST!!! It looks great man. When I get China in shape, I'll post some pics. Thanks....
    19. chinasmom
      Hey Shane. Just put in an order for a work/pull harness. Can't wait to get it. I've seen them and they look great.
      Hey,wat Bloodline Our Those Dos
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    Down South
    Having Fun
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