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Bobby Rooster
Last Activity:
Sep 14, 2014
Nov 8, 2006
Likes Received:

Bobby Rooster

CH Dog

Bobby Rooster was last seen:
Sep 14, 2014
    1. labulldoger
    2. brindl3guds
      wats up im novice if that but i was wondering how can u tell a staffy aprt from a pit...there are some that this is just obvious but other not so much
    3. Tigerlines
      bobbby roooster, have agood one ,cain it hard ...i hope you people still let loose and have it large........
    4. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      not so swift on this damm computer!Hope ya got my last message.
    5. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      Chevez has used several of our dogs.He brought me a couple from BH and Dean 2 try out but they didnt make the cut!Dont know exactly where your at now but i'm at 160 Thompson Ln.Right down Old Paris-Murray rd. If ya wanna stop by.Your more than welcome!Go to a private site and i'll give ya my number.Cold out aint it. FRIEND
    6. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      Got your reply Rooster.Me and ol Mike had some words last winter.He started yellin and screamin one morning bout how i was workin a horse on a cart.I told him his wife -n-kids were up at the house and thats the only damm people he was gonna be yellin at round here.Told him if he didnt get out of my face we was gonna see how tough he was.Mikes big but I'm 6ft2 and 250 myself!I would've felt bad after it was all over with though.Hell,Mike just dont know how 2 talk 2 folks.Chavez still down your way? FRIEND
    7. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      Hey Rooster! Glad ya accepted me as a friend.Hope 2 hear from ya.I'm only bout 3 hours away from ya. FRIEND
    8. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      Just became a member of the site last nite.Nice pics of your dogs!I too live in TN and am a WHITE conservative.Henry Co.We feed about 25 dogs.I'm 40 yrs old and have been around these dogs my entire life.I used 2 do some horse work 4 Mike House in Shelbyville.Got 6 horses myself but the dogs are our passion here.My ol grandad started breedin these dogs after WW11 in 1946.Its a family tradition!!Havent got any pics posted yet but i'm workin on it.Dont really like computers.Hell,my kids taught me what i DO know about'em!We run a 60 acre farm here and i spend most my time out in the YARD!Anyways,hope to here from a fellow Tennessean!
    9. csotelo9388
      hey bobby just wanna say ur red cocaine dog looks like a bully. do you even know how is he bred? by the way i always like readn what u have to say, but i never follow any advise u put out there.
    10. Bobby Rooster
      Bobby Rooster
      Sry mate, I don't know anyone anymore that still sells dogs. On-line pedigrees always has stuff for sell.
    11. MIA
      Your very Welcome.. Would yoou happen to know where i can get a well breed dog? Thanks for your help!
    12. Bobby Rooster
      Bobby Rooster
      Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not selling any dogs at the time being.
    13. MIA
      Whats up Dick? I was woundering what lines your dog comes from? That dog is very bretty...I'm looking for a small very well breed dog.. I like whats TG has. But, the cost of the pup and shipping thas big Money..
    14. TheFinest
      Awesome dogs!!
    15. junkyard
      hey bobby how are you, hows that bitch looking from your accidental going?
      allways like to see pics of your hounds, just thought id drop a line
    16. BSK
      Hey man your desciption of gameness in the AB GAMENESS thread is the best thing I've read on any forum.
      Much Respect
    17. TheFinest
      Very beautiful dog! How old is your boy?
    18. tolive
      Hey just wanted to comment on your red cocaine dog he looks awesome.
    19. DewDiaz
      whats your secret to getting your dogs so muscular? is it really just the mill thats making their front legs so big?
    20. mlmaas
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    "It is not enough to merely believe in your Cause, but to Fight for your belief is the true testament of your Faith."

    "Don't argue with fools, They just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

    "If your going to do something stupid, at least be smart about it"