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Stafford ramblings

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by springview, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    iv met seamus mc nutt once and id just like to say that the man is like an encyclopedia as far as dogs are concerned. a wealth of information and a gentleman with it.
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  2. oldtymer

    oldtymer Top Dog

    Have'nt posted much of late,been busy with other things.
    When reading Springs articles over the years its like reading articles written by Don Mayfield when he used a pseudonym.....But then Spring was a student of Don's!!! Been a good read though and if a man deserves respect then that man is oxstaf for all he has done and more.
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  3. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

    has any one had dogs of kimtyke or edgeworth..
  4. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

  5. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    Soaking it all in
  6. Naads

    Naads Pup

    Blackpoison , I have a kimtyke Stafford pup that I'm happy with
  7. Skeets

    Skeets Pup

    Kimtyke is nice athletic well bred KC stuff and you'll be in with shout of getting the 'right' temperament with dogs from this kennel.
  8. Donnachie

    Donnachie Pup

    I have recently got a gamico staff bitch does anyone have any info on the bloodline ?
  9. Naads

    Naads Pup

  10. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

  11. jetblack

    jetblack Pup

    Naads, is that "masked" colouration common amongst those Kimtyke dogs?
  12. Naads

    Naads Pup

    Cheers skipper, yes jet black I believe this mis-marked brindles pop up every now and then.
  13. Naads

    Naads Pup

    In this line
  14. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

  15. Any particular reason other than historical blood in its genetics ?
  16. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    If that was for me caineandroxi ? no i used him for a few reasons
  17. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    How did they work out? Just curious.
  18. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    I’ve Always wanted to do the red strain x rapparee like they did with red joe , josh etc ... all i can say is it Put alot of fire back into them using that rapparee blood over my predominately red strain bitch
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  19. Reidsskipper It was intended for you ...thats what i ment by historical blood...rapparee,stockade,betchgreen and sparpit ....its a shame seems like theirs more blood options for the staffs abroad than on irish or brotish soil.
  20. I ment on british soil

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