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Old irish staff

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by ohpitbulls, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    call me thick but aint this forum called game dog anyhow im off to hug a tree :dogkiss:
  2. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    got me a new game dog his name is barb-q

  3. thats a dead game dog :P
  4. portierd

    portierd Pup

    This dog is dead allright! But what a beauty!
    The irish dog is in my opinion the purest, but i don't think the dog what is called the Irish stafford of today is the same irish dog of the past.
    And deep game dogs are very rare i have been told, gameness is lost very fast, you really have to know how your breeding and which pup you select from the breeding.
  5. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    the only thing is not many people can handle a proper bred stafford, they rather have a fat-low slung, faceless one, why? i dunno know, their idea of a stafford is beyond me. the more ch's you see in a ped the faster and easier you can sell them, no matter if the ped is a hung one, they are still believed to be pure "staffords". Try to explain other wise, all they have in their minds is if the stafford isnt show material is crossed with something else, most of the time with pit
  6. milesaway

    milesaway Pup

    Dont know if its just me but all the so called irish line dogs are nothing more than mongrels they got just as much ebt and yankee blood in them as they have staffy blood.Cant see many guys out there with a true full blown staffy ped that is true if your claimimg to have a so called irish stafford. Back then the irish boys made a killing breeding the ass off dogs to sell to the uk market and pissed most of the money up the wall lol and probably had a good laff to themselves about the uk guys walking about with their irish mongrels with a nice hung ped lol.
  7. bandog billy

    bandog billy Big Dog

    cracking bitch mate,got one the same age 44lbs,looks fat like yours,go all fuckin day tho,what weights in her ?? theses fuckin clowns dont know shit. look at her big barrel chest,you dont get that without proper exercise,i love her.
  8. Blanco

    Blanco Big Dog

    Well, the ebt blood is well watered out by now. We're talking 20 years ago and a dusin breedings later.
  9. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    alot talk about game staffords but i honestly dont know to many who actually find out...bit like the pits in people breeding for the ped but i think its more common in staffords to be honest.
  10. milesaway

    milesaway Pup

    Guess that will be true, plenty will have yankee blood mixed in still. Makes a nice mongrel though.
  11. BustaH

    BustaH Top Dog

    doing what? eating burgers>?

    looks like about 3 tins of cheap dog food crap a day to me. [/QUOTE]

    so we should all listen to you? give me break lmao!
    ever heard of bone structure? dude she's a nice looking dog, but she IS overweight, no question, at least for a performance dog...but...if we are talking pets or ego extensions, well that's a different matter. :)
  12. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    if we think about it, there's no pure staffords anywhere and there will never be, linebred yes but never pure, they are all mongrels, some for 70+ years, some 20+ years not much of a difference. several decades back crossed with bt's, more terrier introduced etc.. now crossed with english bulldog, pug, pits etc..

    to me it's a matter of choice, what many people dont seem to grasp is the term "Irish", it can be any stafford from Ireland. most of these dogs were from english stock and many remained as, others chose to put other breeds in it and they are facing the consequences now with size, temp and no heart, etc...

    there's plenty of Irish staffords (from ireland) that are within the old and new standard that are worth having without any other breed infused, bigger isnt always best, many people had learnt this the hard way.
  13. Blanco

    Blanco Big Dog

    Agree with the post above
  14. OnTheRocks

    OnTheRocks Moderator

    You posted the solution yourself. When dogs are bred to produce workers, and the offspring is kept by people who use them, any crossed ones will be weeded out! You need to own dogs that you get from working people, who in their turn got them from people who worked them! And you need to work them.

    There are plenty of pure Staffs about, if you regard dogs with influx of other breeds seventy years back as mongroels, then there are no pure breeds! Most breeds have not even been on record for seventy years!

    The BT part is something people seem to be hung up on. Its a very small portion! One mating is a proven fact, and that mating took place around 1960! The original BT cross "Kilwikie Lad" where a game and a highly regarded badger dog! Another influx in the Psycho line is claimed at a later date, but that is disputed by some respected people. The two breeds are so close related so it really has no big importance.

    When it comes to APBT influx, I have only once been showed something that could be regardes as more than just rumours! But still it could not be called cold hard facts by any means! And again it was not enough to make a difference. There was a lot of people that tried to cross the breeds in the 1970´s and 1980´s, but it soon enough became common knowledge that it did not work! First generation where fine, second where rubbish. So it got weeded out by it self! And if you think about it there are a lot more Stafford blood in the APBT than there are APBT blood in the Staffords!

    Those other crosses you claim has been done. Well that would just produce curs! The problem is solved as long as you breed for the right reassons. Now we have found the root problem, people dont breed for the right reassons anymore. Which is the greatest danger for a working breed.

    When it comes to the term Irish, it is pretty specific in my book! It has actually not much to do with "stafford from Ireland". Traditionally it is dogs tracing ancestry to four specific blood lines that where kept and worked in Ireland. Most of the stock where later sold to the UK, then exported to Europe, then some where imported back to the Uk. The conclusion is that most of the genuine stuff is therefor not even found in Ireland these days. Out of these four bloodlines there are 2 that still can be considered to be alive and well. Both has produced good dogs up to this date! Perhaps not purely linebred, but with a slight infusion of other lines.
  15. bandog billy

    bandog billy Big Dog

    see if the guy comes back with a weight for her -
  16. theoak

    theoak Pup

    there are many different staffs we got swedish staff, irish staffs, german staff and even african staff and chinese hahahaha
  17. Blanco

    Blanco Big Dog

    Bravo!! And the award for the guy who thinks he's most funny goes tooo.....
  18. can i have your number mate i will pay whatever the price for two of these dogs
  19. reids

    reids Big Dog

    ure off yer nut
  20. bandog billy

    bandog billy Big Dog

    ure off yer nut << :D :D :D

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