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PitBull wilderness hunt

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Primitive Supply, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. That's a good idea. Some chicken farms that have lots of feed around, sometimes a lot of Rats too. Gotta look into that....PS
  2. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    that's what they did they would let the rats come to the feed and the dog had fun . he told me he would just take the pups out there 1 at a time and he would send them after the rats . once they killed 1 then you could bring him back everyday to do it again . when it was feeding time the rats would come to the food and the dog was there to get them and the chicken knew it .
  3. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    Most farmers will happily let you have a day of sport round the barns it doesn't matter how many rats you kill there is allways more to get.i got my first staff not to long ago(been a lurcher/terrier man mostly)so I'll have to have another look at the local barns but I'm in the uk so maybe the law is bit different in the us?
  4. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    Nice website, good work. Yall got a cool deal going on
  5. Staub

    Staub Big Dog

    Awesome hunting PS. The rat thing would be nice for the dogs to get into. We taught our apbts to get rats growing up it was awesome fun, but we didn't bait don't know anything about that. I also had a little terrier/Heinz 57 mix that I got at 16 and was raised with some of our older apbts. She learned "get the rat" from them. It was usually mice, but I have a picture somewhere of this little twelve pound dog with a big rat she killed I was proud as hell. Her drive also proved useful in other ways, I had a young goat at my first place that I could not catch, and the person I lived with at the time had a medium sized dog that wouldn't do anything with the goat, so I took my little dog out, showed her the goat and said that's a big fucking rat get it, and she did, she chased it a long way and got it cornered so I could get it. Hilarious and awesome, and it was definitely thanks to being schooled by the old pit at home. That little dog is now ten years old and still hunting rodents like crazy.
  6. Yeah, that is a great story and interesting.

    I don't know the law but I think rat baiting is against it. I won't do anything against the Law, But, I imprint mine on woodsrats that I find out in the field and farms. Mostly where there is feed for livestock. That is at about 6 months. Then I start them on squirrels, and the dog thinks the squirrel and the rat is the same thing. I have a friend that has a huge commercial chicken barn. About twice a year we drive over and help him clean out the rats. The dogs have so much fun, it's a joy to watch them work. These bulldogs are the greatest catch dogs in the world, anything from rats to hogs and everything in between. PS
  7. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    Do you catch hogs Prim?
  8. Yes. I run a wilderness/field craft training school, and I'm always in the woods and field. Whatever pops up the dogs and crew dispatch it quickly. PS

    Attached Files:

  9. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    Good deal! So, you don't go out looking for hogs specifically but if you see them, you'll catch them huh. Sounds like alot of fun!
  10. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Well I grew up on a farm in the South and some members here can prob relate to this .We use to have rat killings and that's how I learned to shoot lol.Nothing to do with the thread really but it was lots of fun as a kid and we would use 22 s .jjust go inside the grain silos and stir em up really good and have at it. that's a good option to primitive supply ,if u can find a farmer with a bunch of grain silos ,he prob wouldn't mind if u killed a bunch.
  11. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Let me clear this up we didn't shoot inside the silo s we would just stir em up and then go outside and shoot the piss out of em .
  12. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    You got a good thing going on PS, good job.
  13. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I knew a man that had one eye and u could throw pennies in the air and he would hit 9 out of 10 with a sling shot . Very talented person .He is dead now but u can become really good with a sling shot with practice.
  14. We do the same thing with the rats, we just use slingshots, and get the dogs into it. Thanks BAMAMAN for you interesting experiences
  15. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    do you ever eat the rats?
  16. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Laced I don't think anyone in the states eats rats . I know they do in some foreign countries .But I have never heard of anyone in the states doing it .
  17. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    hey watch the skid row documentary... that bum was going to town on the rats! lol
  18. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    I would love to do something like this with my bitch
  19. johni22

    johni22 Pup

    ometimes the squirrel will come down the tree looking for refuge on the ground. When that happens it's game on with the Bulldogs. Oother time we kill th


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