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official/unofficial pedigree research thread

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by rallyracer, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    You don't really have to be familiar with A.I from frozen. Just as long as your vet is, since they will be doing it, not you.
  2. promoe

    promoe Top Dog

    you could go several ways ..being how your pup is bred. I would not consider heavy honeybunch but, the is a little bit in there. if you wanna bred to a tab dog then go for it as it seems to cross with about anything. if you are looking for advice from me...lol... here you go. "if your dog is worth breeding, breed her to a proven stud that will add something she is missing and cross your fingers you get complete animals."
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  3. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    About as good advice as you'll get.

    Good post promoe.
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  4. italianpit

    italianpit Big Dog

    I mean i don't know anybody and any vet Who have do it here so I am a bit 'skeptical..
    Thank for your advice so much but here there are many good individuals but not well Breed..
    What you consider her bottom side? there are many creanshaw stuff, honey 18 Times by stonewall, jeep and tab..so i've think to little tab with similar blood imo and plus he was a ch.
    Since there is not much inbreeding i had thought to use her sire..
  5. promoe

    promoe Top Dog

    ty agk..I try to be honest with my posts. sometimes I might come off as being rude.

    Italian...I would consider the bottom half a "Rocca" bred dog as there a little bit of all his stock in her. so to keep it simple you have a Rocca/Hammonds cross. you could add some Garner or Boyles for a 3 way cross ;) . no but seriously.. I do not have a lot of experience with alligator stuff but, what I have seen they are real durable animals with a lot of mouth and tend to be shy on the chain. I had a few in the mid 90s. I really love my tab dogs and have had the best luck with adding a little snooty/rascal. if your pocket book is deep then breed to little tab. I don't much pay attn to ch or gr ch status. I definitely wouldn't breed to something scatterbred . I had a little bitch off of apeshit and that was a decent animal and got some good ones from her bred to ch buster. so I know jeep/rascal crosses well with "roccas" stuff. I don't see why a heavy tab wouldn't . Either direction you go Good Luck.

    I hate auto correct btw , I swear I spell better than that lol. my phone is the worst ...crazy thing is the auto correct is turned off.
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  6. promoe

    promoe Top Dog

    btw HB is sooo far back in her ped I wouldn't consider it heavy. the little dickhead I have in the house now is something like 90xs HB but I don't call him a HB dog. he is just a plain ol j/rb cross with a smidge of Eli.
  7. italianpit

    italianpit Big Dog

    Ty promoe And don't worry cause my English is worst Then youre Phone lol..
    Yes i Call her a rocca's dog too..
    This is another in my Mind cause This Blood is famous To be Fire..
    Ty for your experience promoe and don't worry cause my English is worst then your phone lol..
  8. seven1990

    seven1990 Banned

    nothing there- got a sire and dam for her
  9. italianpit

    italianpit Big Dog

    I don't understand :(
  10. durock drake

    durock drake Big Dog

  11. durock drake

    durock drake Big Dog

    could someone see if they can post the ped for registration #491337? have it on my phone but cannot enlarge it enough to read. tried a magnifying glass but no help.
    many thanks if you can.
  12. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

  13. durock drake

    durock drake Big Dog

    Will some of you seasoned dog men ck out the above ped &tell me what u think? I cant blow it up enough to read.6month old male.thank you
  14. promoe

    promoe Top Dog

    according to the ped the sire was bred when he was 10months...musta seen something they liked
  15. 80BOWTIE

    80BOWTIE Big Dog

    I aint seasoned but that lines up pretty good with only a few outs.
  16. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    When I see peds that have 3 wins in 4 generation of dogs I tend to leave them be. It would make me skeptical on getting one unless I seen the parents personally. jm2c.

    Lol yea, his nut's drop. lmao
    DISCOIII and Augustus like this.
  17. Augustus

    Augustus Big Dog

    Lmao that was a pretty good response.
  18. durock drake

    durock drake Big Dog

    Why does it make
    pup is in one part of NC & sire&dam arcoss the state long ways apart. do you doubt the wins? just asking. I know people lie about dogs &
    everything else. if stud was 10 months old I know u couldn't tell much about him. appreciate your opinion. price is ok. about 3hr drive 1 way
    to look. thanks for input.
  19. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I don't doubt the wins at all.

    What I am saying is, when I look at a pedigree, I tend to count the wins in the first 4 generation's of the ped. I feel the more winner's you put in the bracket the better your chances of getting more of the like.

    If I knew the dogs personally in the pedigree posted and seen them hunt, even just behind the scenes, I'd feel differently. I don't really know any of those dogs up close though so I personally would pass on feeding one. Not saying anything bad about the dogs, don't know them to say good or bad. Just giving my opinion is all. I've seen and bred to some dogs here and there with peds like that and seen a few of the relatives and know just because the ped isn't lit up with W''s don't mean they ain't had their oil checked and will bite some shit in half, learned the hard way one time on why you race dogs and not pedigrees so don't take no offense, my post wasn't meant in a disrespectful manner at all.

    Good luck with them If you got one. .
  20. durock drake

    durock drake Big Dog

    No offense taken.just looking for one worth feeding.appreciate your input. Not im
    Pressed using 10month old to breed with just a pup. Couple fellas calling
    Their back yards a "kennel" i think. Thanks friend

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