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How Much do you Spend on Your Dogs?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Lethalpits, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Lethalpits

    Lethalpits Top Dog

    I was just thinkin' about this the other day. How much do you all estimate that you spend on your dogs every month? I know some people have every lil' dime recorded! I think I'm spendin around $70 on feed, at least $30 on toys/bones,$20-30 on meds/supplements(every other month probably). I know there's a bunch of other stuff I spend on, but that's off the top of the head.

    Not to mention this dang deposit I'm droppin off!
  2. Fedor23

    Fedor23 Big Dog

    Only $30 a month here, just for the bag of food. All the toys I make myself, and my dog is always in good health so I rarely visit the vet. Collar $50 a year. Leashes $20 a year she always chews up the handle cloth.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 18, 2007
  3. i dont even want to know how much i spend on them.. i prolly send more on my dogs then i do my self.. i sure know they eat better then i do .

    80 a month on food
    100 on bones and toys
    and about 15 on choke chains a month cause my female keeps breaking them.
    and then who knows what elese. i just randomly buy for them.
  4. Pipbull

    Pipbull Top Dog

    food - $35-40 a month (depending on what I add to kibble)
    flea treatment - $65 every 3 months
    toys/equipment (springpole, flirtpole, collars, leashes, etc.) - about $20-40 per month
  5. maximusflys

    maximusflys Big Dog

    Just in competitions this year I have spent over 1500 bucks in entry fees and traveling. That doesn't include everything that is needed on a regular basis.
  6. Diesel

    Diesel Top Dog

    I average about $100 a month.. diesel breaks everything. i have to build a new spring pole every few weeks. the springs get stretched out, the ropes get chewed through the tugs get worn, feed (kibble and the raw meats and bones). Not too much i know people that spend much more then i do.
  7. figure in shows. and food

    lets see collars probally $50.00 a year
    Food about $40.00 - $50 a month
    Treatment of all sorts flea ticks yearley shots. about $300 a year
    Vet bills yard accidents anything dogs sick who knows what other reasons for the vet$500 year
    travel expenses for shows about $300 just in gas
    $300.00 in entry fees. Hotels about $100 for the weekend

    Well I guess i auto stop there this is getting me stressed out lol
  8. Michele

    Michele Guest

    $26 a month on pet insurance
    toys and treats - around $25 a month
    food - a big bag last for a few months - $26 for a big bag
    vegetables - around $10 bucks a month
    keeping me warm in bed - priceless....:)
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 18, 2007
  9. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Top Dog

    How much do I spend? Usually nothing unless I impulsively buy something... My mom pays for everything until I move out or at least get a job, lol. She isn't willing to pay much so my dog probably gets the least costly care here. Kind of makes me feel guilty...

    For things we pay for yearly of every once in a while, I just spread it out to an approx. monthly cost.

    $12 - food ($25 for a 40lb bag that will last at least 2 months)
    $5 - treats (approx. since a $10 box of "cookies" will last 2 months, rawhides are about the same price and last as long)
    $50 - health care (we may not get her shots or parasite prevention medications often but she has a chronic infection so we have to buy wipes, anti-biotics, anti-fungal creams, etc. every once in a while and when we go to the vet, geez, it is pricey!)
    $5 - other supplies (we only buy toys, leashes, collars, etc every once in a while)
    $72 - total
  10. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    I used to buy those damned springs and ropes myself. My replacements for springpole are cheap as all heck because I use like 10 of those rubber bungie things (tie downs) with the s hook on the end of it. I use this instead of a spring because my dogs are constantly on it and go through the springs fast. If one of the rubber pieces snaps you can always replace one at a time for less than a dollar a piece. Also you can use burlap or potato sacks which can be found for free or next to free at a hardware store that has a garden center. Of course you can also use a firehouse tug toy which last quite a long time.
  11. purplepig

    purplepig CH Dog

    In feed alone I go through 200#'s every 2 weeks. Probably I spend on average $500 a month. Dont use a vet much at all, and that is not counting if I go out of town to do something with them, which it is summer time and that will pick up for us.
  12. jeeperino

    jeeperino CH Dog

    I havent done the math. Id have to imagine I spend at least $200 a month or maybe more on just food and bones.

    Now if u wanna talk chains,kennels,mills,collars,electric fencing, hardware,fly spray, straw, frontline, doghouses and other things im forgetting we are gonna be in the thousands EASILY!!!
  13. game_test

    game_test Top Dog

    i spend very little to maintain perfect health for my animals.

    food-20 bucks a month, costco kirkland brand.

    i get frontline at petshed.com, for about 60$ i get the lagest size available in the 6 month pack. i can split one tube into about 4 doses for the size dogs i have, which mean i use one tube per year, per dog. i also dont use it every month like it says, i only do that for new dogs, the first 3 months i give it to them consecutively, then each dog gets it every 90 days.

    i recently added seven dust to the bedding just in case, but i've never had fleas before.

    i bough a 50 cc bottle of ivomec 1% about 2 years ago, and i still have a pretty good amount left, i think that bottle cost me 20 bucks.

    i dont give treats at all. only left over table scraps every now and then. no bones, but i do give the dogs kong toys and i dont have to replace them that often.

    i only feed 2 dogs right now, but even if i had 10 i dont see it being a problem financially as my costs are already so low. most of what it costs me is time.
  14. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Several hundred dollars a month easily
  15. PitBull_30

    PitBull_30 Top Dog

    Too much. Way too much...
  16. its never to mutch to keep your dog heathy. That is part of being a responsable owner.

  17. PitBull_30

    PitBull_30 Top Dog

    Oh, I'm not complaining about keeping them healthy. They are spoiled rotten. That is where the "too much" comes from. :D If I'm not willing to pay what it takes to keep them healthy I don't belong having them.
  18. lockjaw

    lockjaw CH Dog

    i dont want to think about it..less than a blue..but more than one is worth..:D
  19. way too much to add up or keep track of. if i did they probablly wouldn't be getting taken care of as good as they do! lol :D j/k i'd do whatever it takes. just shows and traveling is in the hundreds per month
  20. Lethalpits

    Lethalpits Top Dog

    Seems like alot of ya'll are like me... really doesn't matter how much just gotta get it!

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