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Cardenas&hall brujo/halls spike

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by stitchheinenoord, Dec 23, 2022.

  1. Hello everybody did somebody know if this blood is around in Europe Cardenas hall brujo ore halls spike
  2. yes they always were in europe
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  3. Oké didn't know if it is still around maybe it is possible to share one pedigree off the dog you know off that has this blood
  4. che

    che Top Dog

    Silver knl good guy. And one new comer no mercy knl try to build his dogs on them and there are few more
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  5. back in the day when Brujo was conditioned some were send
    this was in the early nineties PP used to have a couple

    silver has them now as well
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  6. Possible to get in contact with no mercy kennels
  7. che

    che Top Dog

    stitchheinenoord likes this.
  8. che

    che Top Dog

    Yes, Silver F is doing great
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  9. che

    che Top Dog

    New Guys never knows that much as they think. Yes they were here from
    The beginning
  10. Who are the new guys? Who are you Mr che

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