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Cardenas dogs

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by AK47, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. labulldoger

    labulldoger Top Dog

    look for t bud dogs or dogs off boudreaxs sam same blood real nice..
  2. EliLine

    EliLine Pup

    Great, very great Blood..congratulations !
  3. Joel77

    Joel77 Pup

  4. catcat813

    catcat813 Pup

    Do you have an cardenas blood for sale
  5. catcat813

    catcat813 Pup

    You still got that bitch for sale . Or any cardenas blood

    SDABPT Pup

    If I were to get a pure Eli dog it would be a Cardenas dog but I wouldn't use it for anything other than outcrossing. I'd cross it into some Redboy/bolo or Redboy/outlaw or Rutkis blood and watch the magic happen. I have zero faith in any pure Eli dog from any breeder.
  7. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I wouldnt be so quick to stereotype a whole bloodline such as Eli..And no I dont have any .Its pretty obvious this blood has a impact on the game.I really don't see your point in saying you would cross to it but you wouldn't have faith in any pure form of eli from any breeder.
  8. I wouldnt say that at all i have seen Kant decent eli dogs Pur* ...Idk what u been looking at but u havent been around the right ppl runnin that blood...ive seen more pur* bullshyt out off the laines you would cross then the actual line u Talkn
  9. Mudville_Monsta

    Mudville_Monsta Top Dog

    Yessir, good points Bama. There are a lot of branches on that "ELI" family tree.
  10. SDABPT

    SDABPT Pup

    I've seen plenty from coast to coast and I've wasted thousands on "Eli" blood. I base my opinion on experience not what I've read. Say what you want to say it can't change what I've seen. The best Eli dogs have been crossed out for example Boyles, Fisco and TVK...... Lol.... It's been too long since I've been on a pit bull forum and I've forgotten how fun this is.
  11. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Thier are plenty of good crosses from the Eli blood..But thier is way too many strains and families from this blood so you can't lump em all together.
  12. SDABPT

    SDABPT Pup

    I will agree with you. Although I have traveled all over the United States and Mexico there is no way that I have seen them all. It's who breeds them and why that matters most. I will say that I do have respect for the Nigerino strain. I got to see some old stuff down from the trio boys stuff that held up nicely over time. One of the gamest gyps I've ever seen was a heavy bred Eli dog and a gr daughter to shady lady but she was also a double gr daughter to Barney who's gaminess was proven harder then most will ever be. Maybe I'm just butthurt because my passion was always to find and breed a heavily tested family of Eli dogs but instead I ended up with Redboy jocko/Rutkis/Fatbaby dogs because that's all that passed my standards. To each there own my friends and as long as your happy feeding what your feeding that's all that matters.
  13. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    TY for a honest answer! I don't doubt that you saw garbage and my only point is ,it's a big world ! Lol
  14. zuse

    zuse Pup

    sam dogs awsom when u have fine example make u ya look stupid quick and can hunt distance the few that make it that long lma


    Good post Mudville and Bamaman, the Cardenas Club IMO have some one of the best ELI families that by all accounts proves itself time and time again...
    The Cardenas Club already have some great outcrosses of Stu Fowler and Tombstone as welll as others such as Clouse, but the ...
    Booger and ch BERT added something that hall longed for and this mexican cross put hall back where he wanted to be with his ELI family...
    Its been along time since I thought about a breeding to a purer Eli dog but LOKI seems nice...
    I like LOKI because the Cardenas Club blood as well as MISSISSIPPI HOTS seemed to do well with this line also...
    Me, I prefer the cross also...
  16. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    haha hall only put his name in there Cardenas did the work and the breeding . haha just like shorty being half hall's sure .
  17. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    AC got Shorty from Floyd, FB named him Ugly originally. Boudreaux sent TVK the sister to Shorty named Big Mama.

    Hall did a lot of breedings with Shorty as he borrowed him on loan to go into Fat Bill but he ended up paying the forfeit and breeding Shorty to everything he could. It was hell for AC to get shorty back lol.
  18. 805tony

    805tony Big Dog

    Elias Pistola, just curious how much you know about the Halls Loki dog? I liked Loki very much. A good friend of mine owned him that pic was taken on his yard, I owned a daughter off Loki out of bitch called Tora that I really miss. She is not listed under the offspring.
  19. rodeoman069

    rodeoman069 Big Dog

  20. Jethrodog

    Jethrodog Pup

    I'm trying a cardenas dog off Rosco bred to his daughter Miss Rosco. I'll let ya'll know how she turns out.

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