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***breeder of the century***

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by oldslowblue, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. yessir

    yessir Pup

    Whats funny? redboy;tombstone; snooty; rascal; bullet. gonna incorporate that jocko in the blood next preferably termite blood.
  2. Boze

    Boze Top Dog

    well since you new you have been the perfect customer for a peddling liar like ca jack. most if not all those wins are made up in his imaginary world where he is actually a successful dogman
  3. Congoman

    Congoman Big Dog

    Was laughing more because I guessed right my friend. I have some of those redboy/jocko dogs. I like them a lot.
  4. Congoman

    Congoman Big Dog

    You got that straight from Jack too right. Just like how he breaks down breeding to a science. He's a joke man. Don't believe the hype. Now if you like his animals keep buying them but don't believe all that crap he is talking.
  5. preme

    preme CH Dog

    damn folks really fall for that shit .. bahhawwah
  6. Congoman

    Congoman Big Dog

    These guys really bring that stuff up like it is really real. There are a lot of those breedings have a female that is from another proven line that never needed an outcross. The Poncho dogs gained more from the breeding than the other line. California Jack is a crock. He tried to sell me a cold animal telling me he just needed someone to spend time with him. Well if that's the case why wouldn't he just spend time with him and get a bulldog. Such a salesman. He's a low budget Garner. At least Garner buys real dogs when he starts a line or brings a stud on board. And no I'm not a Garner fan at all.
  7. box boy

    box boy Pup

    well where im located poncho dogs run shit!! an are winning like crazy so talk wat ever ya wnt to budy an i mite be new to the site but not to the dogs hahah yea haters are every where
  8. preme

    preme CH Dog

    where are you aint , i never said they wasnt good poncho dogs but the stuff he pumbing is bullshit .....and you sound like you fell for the advertisement ,so it does work ...
  9. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    CJ had a real good son of deloch's otis named otis jr. i wouldn't be suprised if them dogs that "run" your area were otis dogs?
  10. box boy

    box boy Pup

    alabama an his ads dident get me it was his dogs that i see winning
  11. Congoman

    Congoman Big Dog

    So they run that little area down there huh? Because I know what is running the state as far as confirmation shows go. And it's no where near Poncho animals. You may want to stop while you're ahead.
  12. box boy

    box boy Pup

    Wats runing the state then big dog??
  13. I think tom garner is the best
  14. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Must have some shitty competition.
  15. Congoman

    Congoman Big Dog

    You know those Poncho dogs not running this state man. I won't get into all that but you know the traffic a little too fast out there for California Jack animals to work without being crossed to some real working animals that are built for the show ring.
  16. akcbr954

    akcbr954 Big Dog

    i seriously hope ur fixed.
  17. preme

    preme CH Dog

    ozzie still putting some good ones on ground..
    david63 likes this.
  18. Which century?!? XXI, XX or XIX?!? lol...

    I would go with J.P.Colby, Heinzl, Maurice Carver, Earl Tudor, Floyd Boudreaux at the top 5 for the XX.
  19. Carver did not breed Boomerang
  20. Baker passed 2/3/2020

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