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Breeder from Great White North Norman Gamedogs

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Jacob, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    Any info would be great thanks i know he has passed but kennel looks like still active
  2. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    As far as it looks on the Facebook site it says RIP to the old guy who started that line. Wes must be the son or family. You know some info on that line or where or how to get intouch with them. Pm is good too
  3. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Line? Lol

    Hit him up on FB, idk why you'd want that though lol, get a dog from Garner, you stand a better chance of getting a stable bulldog.
  4. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    aaahh that says it all. If garners dogs are more stable that says alot. I was more curious as to what they were all about not really that interested in getting a dog just because the original owner was old time so i thought he was worth checking out are they up in canada
  5. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    People are so caught up on old time breeders. Just like a good dogs good breeders where you find them. Half the old timers were snakes just like half the current generation.
  6. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    aint that that the truth
  7. stinkrock

    stinkrock Top Dog

    I second that x2
  8. NGK

    NGK Top Dog

    My Father isn't Dead and I run my own dogs, always have and always will. Don't believe silly rumors coming from clowns like Pookie, she's just an Internet warrior. God bless
  9. NGK

    NGK Top Dog

  10. NGK

    NGK Top Dog

    29 years later...

    Attached Files:

    bamaman likes this.
  11. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I remember you man.Been a while ! How you been ?
  12. NGK

    NGK Top Dog

    Life is great
  13. NGK

    NGK Top Dog

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