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Best Looking Gr Ch

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by masta of game, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. tomjones2

    tomjones2 Big Dog

    Beautiful! Love Jaw and head above that back line!
    Dusty Road likes this.
  2. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    Did see HJ go. Even though I was invited. But fb was a buzz for weeks after and everyone said the same thing.....

    Maybe I worded it like I was there. I didn't think I did though....

    And he's had babesia for years. You knew that and still asked to breed to him. There's also know literature I've read that conclusively dates sire can pass it through breeding. I can post all the stuff I've read on the subject if you want.

    As I said before I wasn't trying to shit on anyone just stating what I know.
  3. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    Didn't see*
  4. HeroDogs

    HeroDogs Pup

    You can post wat you want bro I've traveled across the country to breed to dogs.when you were a yard boy I didn't go 1 hour outta my way to breed to your dog....
    Hammer Jr quit in :26
    If that the last info you have on my history your way out the loop..as far as you and your funky friend I gave you both dogs.neithrr of you gave me a damn thing remember that next time you type up some bs
    Wat have you done? Have you won or lost? Never heard of you ever climbing a wall
    Y'all are fb internet cyber dogs who clean other people's dog shit now that's factual
    Pollo likes this.
  5. HeroDogs

    HeroDogs Pup

    The funny part why is when that family of dogs brought up I'm the only one of relevance mentioned
    Many people had success and failures wit the hammer dogs he is damn near a por the people who talk shit on that dog don't own a winner and only know wats on the internet and I havent talked to his owner in years they mention me because I'm god to you cyber doggers and get you guys are never mentioned ask Romello he's investigation lead him all the way to my small city to bad he hasn't made a bust
  6. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    The length of my dick then, now, and until I'm cremated isn't determined by a dog.

    If you’ve had success with your ventures with them I will only congratulate you. We're doing perfectly fine here also.

    When my "funky" friend calls from the feds again I'll be sure to pass on your feelings to him. I imagine if you want chapo back or something off him he'd be more than happy to do so.

    Nazi 2 is long gone. But I'd be happy to send u something of the bitch I plan on breeding. After my divorce i left the dogs alone and am just getting things going again. You're still welcome to breed to w.m. also.

    I've repeatedly said I wasn't talking shit or had a personal issue with you just stating what I knew/was told.

    Maybe if ppl spent more time being "yard boys" and "scouping other ppls dog shit" their husbandry and medical care for the animals would improve. Hell if you would've reached out when heros dick wouldn't go back in the sheath tdk or I would've been glad to help you and he'd still be around producing for you.

    Good luck and I apologize you feel like I was shitting on you or the dogs when I passed on the stories I'd heard or what I'd seen. Beyond that shoot me a pm I'll send u my what's app and it'll be whatever from there.
  7. HeroDogs

    HeroDogs Pup

    No apologies necessary .
    I'm not looking for any dogs brother.
    I have good/Great dogs.
    Don't really want the ones I got.
    I have a family and other things I fancy at the moment.
    This was more for clarifying on the truth....
    Officer Romello brought this to my attention in a round about way....
    Sadly for him it bit him in the ass....
    It's no bad blood... Just contact me for the truth ....
    Not no online bs my number is innthe post already if any body was looking for me other than that I'm grand....
    As far as Hero goes he was a good dog for his time.
    He produced some good ones and some bad ones like every other dog...
    I'm not chasing his blood as he was the best of that family...
    I have winners and losers to breed from down from him several on ice
  8. HeroDogs

    HeroDogs Pup

    Lastly on officer Romello ...
    The former ASPCA Agent and USHS Worker ....
    After buying a pup from me and playing a friend for close to 7 years .
    Moving down to my city begging me to take a job so he could further his investigation into my life style ....
    He has no good dogs
    Sadly I'm partly responsible because he bred wat I told him to breed.
    He is a 60 year old green horn who I DONT FW
    When confronted about this thread he trembled in fear ....
    If he has continued his actions I would release
    " the smoking gun"
    On ever social site and game dog platform hence he has disappeared from these site truth will set you free becareful who you interact with on these boards a friend today will cuff you tomorrow
    david63 likes this.
  9. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Considered breeding to Rapid Roy many many years ago. Pup I am probably going to pick up in a few weeks is about 25% Wildeside. Of course Faron has been out of the game for a long time, but I had his book many years ago. Good on basic keep stuff but as we know got Ed into trouble. I loaned it to a friend and never got it back :-?
  10. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Agreed. May not like his owners but a gorgeous dog bred out the a$$.
  11. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Is that Machobuck?

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