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Feb 13, 2012
Feb 7, 2010
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Big Dog

geezuss was last seen:
Feb 13, 2012
    1. WithoutJoy
      "APBT VS WOLF"

      Gameness is the willingness, so if the APBT will not stop until killed, it will die to a dog that can kill it. Simple. Thats all that needs to be said and no one can argue about that at all. Wolves are wild animals, they can't be thrown into a pit and expected to fight like a domestic canine would. Totally lop-sided ignorance.

      In-fact here's a scenario for ya:

      Knowing very well that the presence of YOURSELF and the Pitbull that is by your side will most probably scare away the Wolf; you stand 1-mile away from the very moose carcass of which a large Gray Wolf had killed and begun to eat. You then unleash your Pitbull towards where the hungry Gray Wolf and the carcass is. Once your Pitbull locates the Gray Wolf and charges at it, the Gray Wolf gets angry and sees the domestic canine as COMPETITION for the MEAL. Yeah, what is gonna happen after that? I can almost bet that the Gray Wolf will make short work out of the Pitbull. Hands down.
    2. WithoutJoy
      There's like a FEW videos of Pitbulls winning those matchups, and there is like 40+ videos of Pitbulls getting mauled by dogs such as Kangals, Alabais, etc.
    3. WithoutJoy
      "ive seen all that to. the kangals wont last more than 5 minutes and they are running for the hills lol. i saw where a cauc ovt was literally sitting there while the apbt was chewing on his leg and he wouldnt even bite back 0.o ."

      Yeah, those Kangals were not even prepared to fight. What would of happened if they used a top quality Kangal? One that was from a proven Sivas working line? Yeah buddy, I'm sure the Pitbulls would of been on there backs the whole time. No questions about it. Same logic applies for the "Pitbull vs Caucasian ovtcharka" video. That C.O wasn't even prepared to fight, it was a shocking match-up. A real tenacious 150lb C.O would absolutely tear apart a Pitbull. Dare ya to deny that buddy.
    4. popper
      hey , you gonna be on tonight?
    5. popper
      Hey , whats up man ? how have ya been?
    6. Vicki
      Hello geezuss,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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