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Nov 27, 2022
Sep 15, 2010
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USA Cali


Premium Member, from USA Cali

Premium Member
dayair1 was last seen:
Nov 27, 2022
    1. sadieblues
      LOL ... :) Thanks Dayair1
    2. dayair1
      I like it, your feisty. My kind of women. :)
      You just keep scratching girl !!!
    3. sadieblues
      I know LOL .. People hate all the time ... It's funny because I gave the OP of that thread some good advice. But honestly I don't back down I am not a cur and your not going to come at me sideways without a fight! I don't have an issue with people giving their opinions about a subject but to tell me WHY I owned a dog and WHY I got rid of it is off the wall to me and dude was out of place and out of line. Owning a blue dog does not make you a hypocrite people who own them and try to hide the fact the own them or have owned them or go around putting them down that's hypocritical.

      Anyway I know how some of these folks are most of the time I ignore the BS but I am not one to back down from anything. So since he made assumptions about me and my dogs I felt it was only right I clear the air and let him know don't get it twisted!

      Bogart is doing really well Thank You he is growing up beautifully :)
    4. dayair1
      The bottom line is. You really don't have to answer to anybody about what you want to do with your personal property. And at least you found her a home. Some people would of just put her down. Some individuals on GD will use information they know about you, against you. A thread on this forum can not go more than (1) page without somebody bashing somebody. But there are good knowledgeable people over here.
      On a lighter note, how is "Bozart"?
    5. sadieblues
      No I usually don't get that upset. But the guy who jumped on me is assuming shit that is just not true. If your going to come blasting me for owning a blue dog at least have all your facts in order before you start assuming you know why I bought her and why I got rid of her. LOL so that is why I am upset. :)
    6. sadieblues
      No just haven't really posted much over here anyway. How are you? I never did get pics of the puppy!!!! :(
    7. Vicki
      Hello dayair1,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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    USA Cali
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    Eli/ Chinaman