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Last Activity:
Jan 29, 2018
Oct 30, 2005
Likes Received:
September 24
South Carolina
Retired Retail Management


CH Dog, from South Carolina

chinasmom was last seen:
Jan 29, 2018
    1. Michele
      I will keep in touch!! and come to PBC more often!!
    2. Michele
      Hi. I"m doing ok. My dad passed away in February so I'm trying to deal with that. It's hard. Work is ok and JC is doing good too. How are you doing?
    3. mac 11
      mac 11
      Showin some luv to your page, doing better now and thanks for everything.
    4. pit#5
      Chinasmom how ya do ffice:office" /><O:p></O:p>
      I feel you must know a lot about the APBT I had them since the eighties <O:p></O:p>
      Through all different time of my life Now I am marred with 4 kids The APBTs I have now love the kids very loving , recently I rescued one and this one I dare say is even better with the kids but my fear is that I have 2 males now and a poodle male all dogs sleep play and as much as I can see love each other as dogs can but the pits have had some fights and cuts upon each other the pits are 5 and 6 months old the poodle stays out but some times he tries to break it up, he nips the butts and some how trips them up, any way both pits love the poodle to a point that they preen him but the underling tension I see with the male pits put fear in to me. Years ago I had a male female combo As I saw it the female was so hard on the male I am not necessarily a believer in the male female Pease and harmony thing . I believe it is possible the males actually can tem up with comradely that the male female do not develop what do you think <O:p></O:p>

      Marty told me they will kill each other
    5. dajuice
      you have some nice looking dogs. I really like the red one, I only see one picture of him, do you still have him?
    6. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      Chinasmom, I was going to donate the $150 even if no one would have contributed...lol. I am glad that we were able to donate double that amount. Thank you for helping out.
      Thank you Linda, I like that one too. The last one was nice but was too long. I need to do something cause I need a career change...
    8. Pitless2208
      lol I have a house full of goofs so I know what you mean ;)
    9. Pitless2208
      thanks! You have some great looking dogs as well! I love Rolo
      My mama use to tell me that nothing good happens at 2:00 o'clock in the morning
    11. davidinwestldn
      is my puppy a pitbull?
    12. sadieblues
      Hey chinasmom been a minute since I have been on here. I got your message about the new dog I was taking in well the owner of that dog turned out to be a scam artist so I never did get her. But thanks for checking up on us. I sent you a friend request as well.

      Sadie :)
    13. Crystal621
      Thanks for the comment on Havoc! I just saw it lol
    14. JBlazeRx7
      Nah didn't get to all the dog's were just too happy to see someone new in the yard! lol Next time tho.
    15. Pit Bull Pride
      Pit Bull Pride
      Damn really???? It shoulda let you once I added ya! Lemme go look...
      Yeah It was I am so happy to be off work I dont know what to do with myself. How are you? Whats going on your way?
    17. cutt
      Everything is wonderful, way much better than the last time we typed..lol.. Things are improving by the grace of GOD.

      Thanx for all,
    18. N8ureBoi
      Hello from Barbados! How's everything on your end? Fine, I hope. Things on this end are pretty good. I'm 4 weeks into Cush's keep, and both him and I are feeling vibrant and stronger than ever! Just felt like dropping u a line. C u l8er. Take care.
    19. KuttersKru
      Could be better, but I'm working on them. Most are actually done, but since life enjoys crapping on my good times, my scanner is now on the fritz. That, and a new pet store job keeps me pretty busy most days now
    20. N8ureBoi
      Hello stranger. Excuse my late reply. I've been busy with Cush. How are your dogs? Your pics of the show that you posted are nice. I see everyone else likes them too.
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    September 24
    South Carolina
    Retired Retail Management
    Bloodline of Choice:
    My dogs, reading and music. I like fishing, hunting and cooking.




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