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Last Activity:
Dec 28, 2021
Oct 19, 2009
Likes Received:
Mt Doom, Mordor


Pup, from Mt Doom, Mordor

Ausdog was last seen:
Dec 28, 2021
    1. Ausdog
      hey man wats hapnin? i tried calling a couple weeks ago but your numbers were restricted at the time... hows the monsta...growing up from the pic i see.
    2. Trelos
      Whats going on Johnny boy????? long time no hear re
    3. Ausdog
      near the airport. check out the boardogs website for breeding. theres afew being offered on there
    4. pig mad
      pig mad
      I grew up in Mt Druitt mate Chasing some good blood for my dogs i am trying to breed bloodhound/pits for hunting if you ever know of any i have prince for the next breeding then i think i will go a pit over those pup's so i got 3/4 pit with a hound nose hopefully...
      Were in sydney you from??
    5. pig mad
      pig mad
      were you from mate??
    6. Trelos
      just let me know when you send it so I can log on
    7. Trelos
      Flame uses a mill he is in Sydney nice kid talk to him too if you want.He is bout to build a carpet mill
    8. Trelos
      Ella re nah not using a mill atm but will be using one in the near future,probably in another couple of months.
    9. junkyard
      Ausdog, im down to one at the moment , jeep/rb ex working dog who is now nearly ten so shes a lazy as hell house dog but shes earned it, i will not be getting any new until i purchase some land or move into a different place, as i live with a mate and he is into a different breed, and poor bugger hasnt been able to have his own dogs here due to me owning bulldogs. thats a good looking hound you have there!
    10. ngomalungundu
      My friend has been building and shipping mills all over the world for many years.


      Tell him I sent you and he will give you a special deal

      Fat Bill
    11. Vicki
      Hello Ausdog,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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    Mt Doom, Mordor
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