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Working Catch dogs,in conjunction with Sight hounds.

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Soze the killer, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. People often ask about working Bulldogs,in conjunction with Sent hounds against big game.
    And there’s lots of opinions and views on this..

    But what’s peoples opinions and views on working Bulldogs in conjunction with Sight hounds on big game?
    The methods would be different in a sense that you would not be letting a large pack of dogs loose to track the would be either waiting to bump into or surprise the beast and then pursue it.or you would see the beast from a distance either on a flat we’re i suppose you would pursue it on horse,or from a high and try stalk or creep up to the beast.
    You would also have a smaller pack i gather,oppose to the Sent hunting pack.
    Witch undoubtedly makes the hunt/work harder,but gives you less dogs to manage.

    It’s a combination that’s been used by many different cultures,in many lands and many different time periods.
    It’s nothing new,I just find it interesting,and find this combination to be seldom used any more.
    Two age-old breed types,and a age-old combination for big game hunting.

    And a age-old topic nobody will probably want to talk about LOL.
    Sorry for boring you all,LOL.

    All the best folks,stay safe.
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  2. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Over the last 10 years I placed quite a few of my Bulldog's with local firemen who are big into Hog Hunting. I was told personally that a few of them just didn't work out because of there Prey drive towards the other runnig hounds, killing a few. Yet the more intelligent Bulldog's who knew the difference between a theat who weren't challenged ,They would tolerate the other hounds yet when released wanted to fight the hog rather than hold the hog. So there was work that needed to be done. I was also told that the adolescent Bulldog's has a better chance of working out than the 2-3 year olds did. Never the less , a pair of my favorite Astro, Soccerty, were straight up Catch dogs who they have personally pulled tree limbs out of there bodies and sowed up the Bulldog's while still latched on the the hog . For those who dont know , a 40 -55 Lbs Bulldog will catch the hog and hang on while that 300 lbs hog drags the Bulldog over and under trees, down trees, what have you. It takes a good one to hang on in the wild hogs environment in these cases The Swamp ! I was proud of that accomplishment based on the fact I bred quite a few of those Bulldog's myself.
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  3. Thanks for you info and knowledge on the subject, I appreciate it very much.

    First person to reply to my post thanks for replying to.
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  4. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Hog hunting in SC is big. Santee, The Low country in Orageburg, Dorchester, Charleston county ect. All rivers lead to the ocean, we have a big coast line here in S.C. From Cherry grove. In north Myrtle beach , all the way to Hilton Head. Deep swamps all the way. A cool thing I want to do this upcoming spring. My wife and I have a couple of fishing boats, a Alweld bass boat all aluminum 16 foot 25 hp Mercury motor & trolling motor ect , & A Malibu skiff boat 14 foot Nissan 30hp with 2 live well's ec . Put in right here Broad River, in Columbia SC go all the way to Lake Santee cooper, then go through the locks. On to Lake Bona , through locks again all the way to the ocean. Come out in Charleston SC, in the Isle of palms, to the Charleston harbor ! Fish and camp along the way. Fresh water start, on to brackish water where I can catch a Large mouth Bass, the a Spot Tail Bass salt water fish !
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  5. Sounds like a amazing adventure mate.
    Sounds like a beautiful place,and to camp and fish along the way is just pure paradise.
    That’s the life man.

    How long would this trip take?
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  6. GamedogCorner

    GamedogCorner Big Dog

    Awesome read! This is something I would really like to get into a bit down the road. If anything just to say I tried it. Sounds like a fun time.
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  7. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    I would say a week it's a good 100 miles of Rivers & Lakes, a week or so. I'm sure it could be done quickly if one wanted too. Soze its natural nature at its finest the whole trip based on it can only be gotten to by boat. Also catching any river fish is so much fun. A 4 lb Large mouth bass in river will fight way harder than the same in a lake or pond. Beautiful Black water , crystal clear, muddy , water just spectacular wild life. One with no experience like me, lol I will have to use g.p.s to navigate at times. A man could get lost with all the forks, splits ect .My Father. ( rip) was a Gentleman, he used to take me fishing at Lake Murry as a 4- 10 year old. I'm grateful for that. I ventured out at 7 years old to an old Millpond in Lexington with a water fall called that flowed 24/7 the beginning of 12 mile creek. It actually runs for 12 miles to Corley mill pond. Man as a young boy who couldn't wait to become a man , a few nieborhood guys and i would take a flat bottom boat , shotguns, pistols and rods bate and tackle. tent and go on 2 week survival adventures. Also fish private back pasture farm ponds that were loaded along the way. Only eat what we could catch or kill. Plenty of weed to smoke, lol a few supplies. Now that back pasture is a golf course. Memorable moments. It almost of fun.
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  8. To awesome for me man...
    For a cat like me.....arrr man what you speak is basically my dreams.

    I wished I could type more Dex.
    I wished I could type more to your first post to mate.
    I’m sorry and I’m not being rude mate,I’m just busy with my kids just now.
    I wished I could type and we could talk more.

    What you describe is Paradise to me mate,I could only wish to live like you.

    Totally mind boggling.super awesome and the epitome of life.
    Now your gonna get people saying Soze man?what??? It’s a bit of fishing.

    Anybody got that to say don’t bother!
    Because you clearly don’t get it lol.

    I feel you Dex.
    It’s awesome man.and thanks for the insight of how good life can be.

    If I can get time man I’ll send you a pm.
    I love a talk about a good adventure man.

    Have a nice Christmas mate you and your loved ones,very nice talk and I’m sorry I can’t speak more on the subject!

    All the best Dex,I hope you fill these simple dreams of life mate.dreams of paradise,simple but something money can not by.
    A way of connecting back to nature.

    Happy Christmas mate,and thanks very much for your positive story.

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  9. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    That what young guys should be doing, not playing video games in there mothers basement.
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  10. Amen brother!

    I’m about to throw this telly threw the fucking window mate,it’s that fucking poisoness.

    I’m crazy though mate,every one eles is ‘normal’ or so they think.

    We need to go back to nature mate.
    Not many people understand this.

    Hope you and your loved ones have a very merry Christmas Box!
    All the best mate!
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  11. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Your typing great. I'm not sure exactly where your from, but I know wildlife is all over the world.. I'm sure you have some adventures, if not make some why we still can.
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  12. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Dex Soze lives in England.
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  13. Ha! If you want to class it as such.
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  14. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I enjoyed the few times I went hog hunting with the dogs.

    It is as impressive as any job I have ever seen the dogs accomplish. I went to the mountains of NC and the dogs were super.

    The best looking dog appearance wise, regardless of breed, I have ever seen was a coal black pure Colby male who was a super catch dog. What separated him from a lot of bulldogs in that line of work is that he trailed/tracked as well. He could even work alone. An absolute beautiful animal. Then couple that with the ability to perform at such a level.

    He was in the Fort Lawn/Rock Hill area of SC.

    Serious dog. Serious sport.

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  15. Track and trail and even work on his own.
    I think a lot of them can do this if given the right chance.
    Although getting them to keep to one prey and not just track,trail and work alone hunting any god dam thing with a pulse is a hurdle indeed.LOL.

    However regardless of the issues or hurdles,I find the hole concept of dog doing this little short of fascinating.
    Admittedly you would want it to stick to a pig.but say it lost the sent of a pig and caught the sent of say a deer or goat then it’s of on a mission hunting them beasts.well as much as a huge(and dangerous)pain in the arse this all is,it still should not take credit from the dogs hunting instincts just because it never hunted what we wanted it to hunt.
    Now we would not praise a dog for hunting anything and causing a nuisance,but it still shows a strong minded,independent,strong hunting instinct in a dog.
    Infact that’s possibly the reason why hunting this breed can cause so may hurdles....or just plain problems LOL.
    I could be wrong,I mean that could be a totally wrong example to make.some people might have the view that some of them have got no hunting instinct at all.its just that I don’t view it this way.
    I often think the dogs fighting instinct has some connection to its ancient hunting instinct?
    It’s thought this of many breeds I suppose.
    I read of a scientist/architect that decided to actually use his modern knowledge of these subjects and implement them to primitive living methods.
    Before I carry on it needs to be said some one who dose this needs to be considered strongly in there views as they are questioning there professionalism by testing it out properly the way no body else ever would.
    In this case are guy takes to a semi farmer/nomadic-hunter/gather type of existence.
    So he starts farming on the basis that we ain’t been farming for that long and at first we never farmed using sheep dogs,we just used a cain. as that’s what his academic career had taught him.but this guy thought hold on?they must have had dogs because this is a pain in the arse rounding all these sheep up.he set to and got Border Collies for this task.and task complete,this mans life was easy now thanks to the dogs.
    But just like me this guy came up with the view that these Collies herding instincts were infact instincts that had been redirected by man from hunting instincts the breed would have had long ago.that is in the Collies case;dog rounds animals up and instead of you put them in a pen you slaughter them all with the dog joining in on the orgey.he says the dog what leaves the flock now and backs of is a manipulation or re direction of this desire to join in with its master at the kill.
    It should be pointed out the desire in sheep dogs to move at sheep is very present if we watch a shepherd training a pup.he will tell that pup many times each day before it gets the message for sure.
    I can’t help but think if these young pups weren’t showed the way and not put in the right direction by there shepherd master,that the pup would grow into a devil of a sheep worrying menace.
    Makes you think.

    I wished I had the freedom to let a huge pack of hounds loose the way you do in your country.its just near on impossible to do that here you see.
    More like stealth style if you catch my drift.
    A speedy quiet hound and a low profile bulldog I think would fill this need.
    Different from sent hounds and bulldogs.more peaceful I would of thought.

    Anyway all the best.I gotta go have my dinner and I’m talking a load of shit about dogs LOL.
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