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whys my boy tall

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by wileys mum, May 29, 2014.

  1. Hello

    Im new around here and new to staffords , im from the uk , i got my boy off a pets 4 homes advert he's kc registered and he's not what you would call a little short legged staffie like you mainly see in the uk , ppl always comment of how tall and fit he looks , i went on a staffie walk at the weekend and he was the tallest and thinnest there , he almost looked like a cross compared to them , i have tracked down his breeder and a couple of his litter mates there tiny standing at 14 and 15 inches high, short stocky , his dad is small his mum im told was quite tall for a bitch but still within the kc guidelines , so can anyone tell me why my lad has gone so tall ? we think hard to tell as he wont stand still lol but he's at least 17 inches to the shoulder , is this quite normal to have a dog so big to others in a litter ? sorry for the dumb questions im just new to it all


    .....cause he's
  3. yeah we thought someone had put him in a growbag as a pup haha


    ..all jokeing aside some of the older style dogs were taller,than the show breed,the kc breed is/was only bred for conformation...where as the old style was bred for the pit and the badger trial..your dog may not be from the litter they say.??? could be a cross???...a lot of the working irish/british dog's were of the bigger style,,tho some favored the short/long type for the badger trials/etc/etc..there could be a-lot of reasons why your dog is bigger,,i have the oppisite a small male from large parent's...what i'd say is don't worry about it as long as your happy with him.....


    Ya say his mum was guess it could be comeing from her...
  6. yeah his mum was tall for a girl so im told by a chap that owns one of his brothers , but still not as tall as my lad he's the image of his mum aswell
  7. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    17 inch is not tall for a stafford, tis not uncommon either where i live. the old standard allowed for dogs up to 18 inch. and these crop up in many litters today. my boy is quite big at 20 inch lol but there are some out there bigger than him :)
  8. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    The tall hounds ''IMO'' Are more athletic, 'Rangy' is a good thing. However, Gameness is the best thing !!!
  9. Yea i do prefer the taller ones myself , there's one that lives 3 doors down from my mum and he will be lucky if he's 13 inch tall ive never seen anything so small and he just makes mine look like a completly different dog
  10. Smuggler

    Smuggler Pup

    17'' to the shoulder is a perfect height for a male staff,dont forget that for hundreds of years pitdogs were bred for performance and many were this height or alittle higher.You are comparing your proper height dog to all of the 'new revised height' modern k.c standardised show dogs that were\are the worst thing that happened to the breed.
  11. JBL

    JBL Big Dog

    20" isn't uncommon where I live for a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier, maybe tall for a KC reg. That's why I think many have a bit of pit in them. There are eastern Europeans importing American Staffordshire Terriers to the UK all the time which make popular stud dogs for backyard breeders. That's why I started a thread on APBT blood in Staffords.

    I think staffords have just been bred in many different directions and have a lot of variance in the breed. Looking at the dam and sire without looking at the other dogs in a dogs ped don't always give a full idea of what the pup will end up like.

    Just look at UKC pits in comparison to ADBA pits, they look so different. Or working labs and show labs, or racing greyhounds and show greyhounds, dachshunds...... You get the picture.
  12. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    You can't stop genetics I had litters with most dogs around 20 inch then one or two will be 15 inch also look at old pictures plenty of pit dogs around 20 inch.
    Before Staffordshire Bull terriers standards changed they Were 18 inch for a male and 16 inch for a female you ever seen proper working apbt don't look like the gangster rap videos lol they look like lurcher crosses they come in all shapes and sizes.
    I have a alapaha bulldog at the mo and as a pup you would swear blind she is a red nose apbt

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