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Who here uses Linux

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by chessfighter, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    Thanks Ella.

    Yeah, Linux is great. Gotta love the fact that they are pretty much virus free, have multiple desktops, loads of great free software for download, etc. I use it for all of my web browsing and use Windows only when I have to use a Windows specific program.

    I'm kinda surprised that there are other computer guys on here too. I'm an IT technicinan.
  2. chef_kergin

    chef_kergin Big Dog

    i user yoper, just flipped it to dresden a couple weeks ago. started with redhat, but moved to yoper. my wife uses pclinuxos.


    i urge anyone who hasn't used it to go to that page and read up. download a live cd version of it.......that's how i sold my wife on removing windows from our cpu, she tried it and liked it.

    you'll also need this to burn your .iso to a cd in windows -

    ISO Recorder v 2

    you simply download, burn it to a disc, put it in your cd-rom drive, and reboot your computer.....you might have to hit F12 to go to the boot menu, and choose "boot from cd." it'll load, and you can play around with it without having to worry about partitioning your hard drive if you are afraid to drop windows completely, etc.
  3. lqaddict

    lqaddict Big Dog

    Ubuntu here, long time linux user started with Caldera back in 97 lol

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