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What does thr word PEDDLER mean

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by CommanderHavana, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. I heard about 13 different definitions and am confused. What does peddler mean to you and what advice do you have for someone who is seeking good stock?
  2. I just asked a breeder if his dogs he breeding was tested and he cursed me out
  3. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

    Testing for genetic diseases ?
  4. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    A person who breeds but doesnt keep any offspring so has only bred for money imo ... this is a peddlar to me
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  5. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Peddler just means a person who sells something.

    It's used as a derogatory word for people who sell dogs though most often.

    Just another label people like to place on other people to make one feel more important than someone else basically.
  6. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Peddler was always a disrespectful label to describe people who sold dogs, problem is that makes most of today's hall of fame dogmen peddlers since most of them sold dogs.. IMO a peddler would be someone who doesn't care about standard of dogs they sell, they don't take pride in their dogs or make a conscious effort to improve the breed in any way.. I heard loads of people call TG a peddler, saw people laugh at mention of his name, then witnessed a female loosely bred on TG's Spike and only people laughing that night was the camp who owned her.. Heard Ed Reid called a peddler all my life, but can anyone really imagine UK gamedog history without him?
  7. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Wasn't Colby's the first to sell dogs to the public.
  8. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I heard the old man would sale one to a customer and tell them " if this dog starts acting up be sure to bring him back and I'll give you another one " lol I don't know how true that is but I did hear that
    FrozenEli likes this.
  9. That is what i had thought the word meant. When they dont care about the standard if dogs they selling. They just sell and dont really check the dogs. I dont know
  10. Im not talking about Allahs decisions for a persons health, I am talking about GAME TESTING DOGS
  11. STP called pat patrick a peddler because he didnt care about quality of dogs he was selling
  12. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Nancy off the meds again.
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  13. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Looks that way ben!
    david63 likes this.
  14. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. G.A.S.

    Since dog fighting has been banned for many years, your questions about this are reason to be scolded.Better yet, they immediately hang up the phone when you call.
  15. I just said, "are these 2 proven?" And they said "all my dogs are proven you cracker ass mother fucker" and hung up the phone
  16. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. G.A.S.

  17. FrozenEli

    FrozenEli Premium Member Premium Member

    What's the number, I want to call them. I'm bored and love arguing over nothing.
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  18. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    FrozenEli likes this.
  19. FrozenEli

    FrozenEli Premium Member Premium Member

    Stupid fucking song, sure it ain't BR549?
  20. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    281-330-5004 ask for Mike

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