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We ALL need to call and THANK Canidae!!

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Verderben, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Verderben

    Verderben CH Dog

    Even if that isn't what you feed. This just in from a Pro AR list!

    Just got this forwarded to me. I'm calling Canidae this morning
    thanking them for supporting the opposition. IF we can get more food
    companies involved that'd be great!

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    Date: Jun 4, 2007 1:19 AM

    Today at the Best Friends event we were shocked to see Canidae hanging
    their STOP AB 1634 banner..they had opposition buttons and an info
    sheet about the bill. We all approached them and they said we were
    hurting good breeders..BOO HOO. We told them to look at these shelter
    animals who have to go back to face death.. what about them?? They
    seemed annoyed and packed up and said that they were leaving. I told
    them I feed Canidae and my rescue recommends it to all adopters. They
    did not care. So I am asking you all to do what the breeders are
    doing to our supporters and call and tell them to knock it off.
    Canidae will be unaffected by this bill and should care about shelter
    animals. How do you oppose our bill at a rescue event!!!!
    I am now switching food..bye bye Canidae.. I have no idea what to
    feed now???

    CANIDAE® Pet Foods
    P. O. Box 3610
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93403
    805-544-5803 fax
  2. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    can someone explain to me what AB 1634 was all about
  3. ChiaPit

    ChiaPit Top Dog

  4. Verderben

    Verderben CH Dog

    AB 1634 is a statewide mandatory spay neuter law that requires every dog and cat in CA to be spayed and neutered by 4 months of age. They offer an exemption but county sets the fee and you only get it IF you jump through a ton of hoops, and it is almost impossible for anyone but some AKC show people to qualify. So you can kiss your working dogs goodbye. Also the supporters fail to tell you the fine print which is that all exemptions end in 2009. after that oops sorry.

    EDIT** Here is another link about the bill
  5. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy CH Dog

    I thought that was allready in effect in california?
  6. Verderben

    Verderben CH Dog

    I THINK and I could be wrong but the law NOW is all shelter animals have to be spayed and neutered. Which I am ALL for. But now they want to do private owned dogs and cats. What they need to do is make stricter laws for people caught abandoning and animal and make the fees to dump your dog or cat at the pound very high to discourage people from doing it. They also need to round up all the feral cats. THAT would help thier shelter problems. If you go to the shelters you rarely will see young pups. It is usually adolesents and adults. If this law passes it will be just like anywhere else that has passed a mandatory s/n law. Thier shelter intakes are going to increase because people either a cant afford a $300+ surgery on thier pet. Or b people will choose to not deal with it and dump thier pets. Also many people will likely stop vaccinating and licensing thier pets. But I guess we cant expect polititions to think rationally or to even bother to do any research on areas that already have a similar law.
  7. Texasbulldogs

    Texasbulldogs Top Dog

    It just passed the assembly 41-38
  8. Geesh, I cannot believe our representatives feel like they can monitor and control our lives in such detail. What is next, curfews and banning of types of clothing?

    Is this still the land of the free? Yes, if you consider a bird in a cage "free". So sad, so sad....:(
    pennsooner likes this.
  9. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    I completely agree...
    What they need to do is make people more responsible for their actions. Dumping a pet at the shelter is too easy of an out for them. "well, if I don't like this dog, I can just bring it to the shelter." That is dumb...
    But sounds like PETA plan of no pets for anyone is being taken care of with legislation like that.
  10. lunadogge

    lunadogge Pup

    Here are some organizations that are fighting this legislation. http://saveourdogs.net/index.html and the yahoo group http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/CAPLA/ .
    I suggest joining this yahoo group, it is very proactive and provides very relevant and truthful information regarding ab1634. The proponents of this bill spread a lot of false information to influence your elected memebers.
    Individuals from out of state and lend there support too.
    We all have to be proactive now more so then ever. California dog owners need to take action. If you didn't contact your assembly members before, find out how they voted and let them know your feelings. Here in Orange county assembly member Tod Spritzer was a yes vote until his constituents let him know they would no longer support him if he voted yes. The outcome was his opposition to the bill. Now we need to let our Senators know our opposition to this bill.
  11. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    I'll drop them a line of thanks. I'm glad you let us know about this. Not to paint with too broad a brush but some rescue people want ALL breeding stopped until there are NO dogs left in rescue.
  12. Suki

    Suki Guest

    I agree. Big Brother, yet again, makes strides....:mad:
    it should be a choice, NOT a requirement!

    Republicans Voice Their Opposition

    <LINK href="http://www.hometownstation.com/components/com_sidebars/css/4.css" type=text/css rel=stylesheet>

    Assembly Bill 1634, by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, D-Van Nuys, was approved by the Assembly today. The bill would impose a statewide mandatory spay and neuter law for all cats and dogs in California.

    Individuals would be prohibited from owning a cat or dog over the age of 4 months that have not been neutered unless they obtain a permit from government officials. Assembly Republicans called the proposal “unworkable” and argued the measure usurps local control and forces pet owners to pay a costly new fee.
  13. Excelsior-Mom

    Excelsior-Mom Big Dog

    This person is a idiot,hummm I think that I'm going to go out and buy a pallet of Canidae needed to pick up some dog food tomorrow anyway.
  14. Texasbulldogs

    Texasbulldogs Top Dog

    Pedigree is a big donor to American Humane Association or AHA and they are in support of California AB 1634. Though many don’t feed Pedigree it’s worth noting they just bought out Nutro so if buying that kibble you’re supporting your enemy! Ohio is the next in line to attempt to get a bill like this passed…your state may be next. In case some would like to call and thank those members that voted NO;<O:p</O:p

    Assemblyman Anthony Adams (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2059
    Fax: (916) 319-2159<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2026
    Fax: (916) 319-2126<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Joel Anderson (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2077
    Fax: (916) 319-2177<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman John J. Benoit (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2064
    Fax: (916) 319-2164<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Tom Berryhill (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2025
    Fax: (916) 319-2125<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee (R)
    Phone: 805-549-3381
    Fax: 805-549-3400<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Anna Caballero (D)
    Phone: (916) 319-2028
    Fax: (916) 319-2128<O:p</O:p
    Assemblymember Charles Calderon (D)
    Phone: (916) 319-2058
    Fax: (916) 319-2158<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Paul J. Cook (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2065
    Fax: (916) 319-2165<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2070
    Fax: (916) 319-2170<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Michael D. Duvall (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2072
    Fax: (916) 319-2172<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Bill Emmerson (R)
    Phone: (916)319-2063
    Fax: (916)319-2163<O:p</O:p
    Assemblymember Jean Fuller (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2032
    Fax: (916) 319-2132<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Ted Gaines (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2004
    Fax: (916) 319-2104<O:p</O:p
    Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2080
    Fax: (916) 319-2180
    Assemblyman Martin Garrick (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2074
    Fax: (916) 319-2174
    Assemblywoman Shirley Horton (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2078
    Fax: (916) 319-2178<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Guy Houston (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2015
    Fax: (916) 319-2115<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Bob Huff (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2060
    Fax: (916) 319-2160<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2066
    Fax: (916) 319-2166<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Rick Keene (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2003
    Fax: (916) 319-2103<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2002
    Fax: (916) 319-2102<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Fiona Ma (D)
    Phone: (916) 319-2012
    Fax: (916) 319-2112<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Bill Maze (R)
    Phone: 916-319-2034
    Fax: 916-319-2134<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Tony Mendoza (D)
    Phone: (916) 319-2056
    Fax: (916) 319-2156<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Alan Nakanishi (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2010
    Fax: (916) 319-2110<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Roger Niello (R)
    Phone: 916-319-2005
    Fax: 916-319-2105<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Nicole Parra (D)
    Phone: (916) 319 - 2030
    Fax: (916) 319 – 2130<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman George Plescia (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2075
    Fax: (916) 319-2175<O:p</O:p
    Assemblywoman Sharon Runner (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2036
    Fax: (916) 319-2136<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Jim Silva (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2067
    Fax: (916) 319-2167<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Cameron Smyth (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2038
    Fax: (916) 319-2138<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Todd Spitzer (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2071
    Fax: (916) 319-2171
    Assemblywoman Audra Strickland (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2037
    Fax: (916) 319-2137<O:p</O:p
    Assemblywoman Sandre Swanson (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2016
    Fax: (916) 319-2116<O:p</O:p
    Assemblyman Van Tran (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2068
    Fax: (916) 319-2168
    Assemblyman Michael Villines (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2029
    Fax: (916) 319-2129<O:p</O:p
    Assemblywoman Mimi Walters (R)
    Phone: (916) 319-2073
    Fax: (916) 319-2173
  15. Texasbulldogs

    Texasbulldogs Top Dog

    [font=Verdana','sans-serif]For those desiring to send a letter or fax…sample letter below.[/font]
    [font=Verdana','sans-serif]Re: Thank You for voting NO on AB 1634<O:p</O:p[/font]

    Dear Assemblymember,

    Thank you for voting NO on AB 1634 on the floor of the assembly on June 6th.
    Although the bill passed on the Assembly floor, Mr. Levine made several promises on the Assembly floor to further amend the bill in the Senate, and if he carries out his promises, it will then return to you for concurrence in the amendments. Please understand that despite Mr. Levine's promises, this bill cannot be amended in any way that will remove its very objectionable provisions and harmful effects for dogs and cats and their owners.
    It is very important that this unnecessary, draconian, ill-conceived, harmful, and anti-animal bill is defeated. We only "lost" by one vote! Your June 6th vote was very important, and animal lovers all over California, who vote and who remember those who advocate for them, are very grateful that you had the courage to take a public position on this bill by voting NO. We will not forget the stand that you took on June 6th for the well being of animals and their owners. It is encouraging to see that some of our elected representatives have listened to the thousands of animal owners who have involved ourselves in the legislative process, who advocate for the many millions more who did not speak up this time. We who own, breed, show, and work with, animals are becoming more aware every day that we must stand up and be counted if we wish to preserve our rights to continue to live with the animals we love. Every one of them is important to us - not only our dogs and cats, but all of the other animals we live with as our pets, companions, and working animals. I trust that, by your vote on June 6th, you also believe that our animals are important, and that the human-animal bond is one that should be treasured and preserved. When AB 1634 returns to you for concurrence in the Senate amendments, I ask that you vote NO again. I also ask that you ask your colleagues to also vote NO.
    Further, when the next anti-animal and anti-animal-ownership bill rears its ugly head in the Assembly, please take a stand for animals and their owners, and continue to vote NO on those bills. We are sure there will be more anti-animal legislation proposed by those who hold the “animal rights” philosophy that “animals are not ours to own, use or enjoy”, and who wish to see their “one generation and out” campaign come to fruition, i.e., to bring about the end to all pet breeding and keeping and to end all animal use by man. I hope that we can count on you to advocate for us and our animals.<O:p</O:p[/font]

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