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The complete gamedog 2nd edition, Regular + Collector edition.

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by MikelMorabito, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. THE COMPLETE GAMEDOG by Ed and Chris Faron 2nd press, includes an extra chapter, signed photo by Mr. Ed Faron, and a certificate with the book number signed and dedicated to the owner, books are very limited press, only 110 black regular editions are made, and only 80 (the first 80’s), i live in spain, europe, our currency is euro, payement can be done via paypal or western union, 400 pages book, filled with tons of pictures, informations, the most complete book about the breed, a must have for all the fancier and collectors. IF BUY BOTH BOOKS I WILL GIVE YOU A BETTER DEAL. ceck out the prices on amazon....If interessed send a private message.

    Prices are:

    Black regular edition 110 books only, 120 dollars + shipping, in total 100 Euros + 40 shipping (fedex)

    Red collector edition only the first 80 books, 180 dollars + shipping in total 150 Euros + 40 shipping (f 199.jpg 200.jpg 199.jpg 200.jpg edex)
  2. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

    What percentage of profit do you send back to Ed?
  3. Ed is getting a percentage of books we agreed.
    F.W.K. likes this.
  4. stedz

    stedz Top Dog

    Who gives a fuck, people making money on the back of the dogs,same as its always been.
  5. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

  6. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

    The old mans not a dog... maybe you didn't know that
  7. What do you mean ? could you be more clear please
  8. stedz

    stedz Top Dog

    I didnt know what the guy meant either.Mike i would just like to say sorry for what i said,i bought the book years ago when it first came,and it is definitley worth every penny,great tosee you are giving people a chance to get a great book sorry to say i was a bit drunk when i posted sunday night,no offense intended.
  9. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    Drunk words are sober thoughts
    stedz likes this.
  10. stedz

    stedz Top Dog

    yes,and the really sad thing is,im old enough to know better.

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