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The best available

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Irish Pitbull, May 19, 2010.

  1. Irish Pitbull

    Irish Pitbull Top Dog

    I live in Ireland where we don't have an awful lot of purebred dogs and none with papers, In the future i'll be looking to import a dog from the USA and it's going to be expensive, So I want to know what in your opinion would be my best bet. I want to have the best example of an APBT in the country (won't be hard) I want the most athletic, driven dog available. I will be doing as many 'legal' activities as possible, W/P etc. and maybe starting a line of dogs to call my own (I'd need to get 2 then tho :P )

    Thanks in advance


    P.S. Colour doesn't mean much to me.
  2. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    go to a weight pulling fourm & talk to the folks that are active in that area. that's your best bet on getting good proven wtp dogs.
  3. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Well, I think Ben gave you a pretty good suggestion, and a place to start. I would just have a few things to say when you finally are ready to purchase your first pup, prospect or whatever you decide on remember a few things. Price does not equal quality so don't let anyone tell you that. Make sure you know the people you are dealing with, and I also noticed you are taking into consideration starting your own line so I would like to say don't rush into it....take your time, and be patient. Do things with a sincere, and honest heart in these dogs. These are just a few things to consider for you. Hope this helps.
  4. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    your still young :D i remember when i had the dream of my own line blabla still do but its not reality if honest lol....plenty of good dogs in ireland with or without pappers doesnt matter just like the first...
  5. Irish Pitbull

    Irish Pitbull Top Dog

    Thanks for your replies, I wouldn't really be serious about my own line because it be very hard to find homes for the pups with out the people being scum who have them to look the big man.

    The only ppl who do w/p is a guy in England (I'd need a plane/boat) and he has some nice AmBull's . Pit's are illegal in UK tho so I couldnt get one from there. There is NO w/p dogs in Ireland only a couple of Staff's and the 1 Cane Corso in the country.
  6. Irish Pitbull

    Irish Pitbull Top Dog

  7. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    if your going to start a line of dogs you will need more like 15 dogs ;) you want the best combos possible and more dogs are what you want.
  8. Bobby Rooster

    Bobby Rooster CH Dog

    tony, no disrespect, but folks have started lines with just two dogs and based it off one....
  9. Boy-boy 416

    Boy-boy 416 Big Dog

    yeah i was gonna ay the same thing
  10. Blanco

    Blanco Big Dog

    Just wondering why you must have an APBT if you're going to do WP and sports? There are a lot of other breeds that you can use for that.
    Aint bein an ass just wondering ;)
  11. TheIII

    TheIII Big Dog

    Cuz they the best & prettier than the rest duhh Blanco. If I where him though I would try get some from working kennels somewhere in Europe.
  12. Blanco

    Blanco Big Dog

    Lol yeah i get that one :rolleyes: Was just wondering. But i agree, get a dog from europe. Check out mambas dogs here on the forum or aligators.
  13. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    thats what i was thinkin, should have plenty to choose from. Maybe join a european forum
  14. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    BR your a stand up guy an i value your opinion man.

    i know some lines have started with just 2 dogs, but dont you think it would be a good idea to start with a min of 5-6 dogs? my reasoning behind this is, what if your 2 base dogs dont cross well an you end up with lackluster results. both dogs could be champion caliber but that doesnt mean the offspring will be. by having more dogs to mix and test you are giving yourself better chances at seeing what works well an what doesnt. you can than start linebreeding to get those desired traits stronger and cross with what you already have.

    im looking at from 5-6 dogs may give me 2 good lines or 1 line with many possibilities.
  15. sydking

    sydking Pup

    i'd be very surprised if you couldn't source an APBT in Ireland. You might have to talk and get to know a few people first. If not there are some great lines in Europe that you could import?
  16. T.A.K

    T.A.K Pup

    i think you must be looking in the wrong places mate there are plenty of pure bred pitbulls with pedigrees in ireland maybe not adba or ukc papers but u wont need them to weightpull and i doubt your gonna fly ur dog to u.s to compete in a conformation show. you will pay a fortune importing a dog and i dont think the quarantine kennels take them any more due to dogs being stolen from their kennels so the only other option is pet passport from europe.
  17. KBK

    KBK Big Dog

    Like TAK said, your best off getting something from Europe / baltics as it will cost a lot less and most / a lot of stock out there is proven.

    Hang around here and try learn as much as you can before you spend a fortune.

    And whiile Gog might be right in saying there are plenty of good dogs in Ireland they are extremley hard to find, i know, i've tried, if you have any contacts then hit me up . . . . . .
  18. Bobby Rooster

    Bobby Rooster CH Dog

    Thank you Tony, but I'm sure several ppl would disagree with that statement, lol, I'm not going to down anyone's line or program at all. If there happy with the product and the people that have their product are happy then their doing something right inbred, line bred, multi bred, scatter bred, or cross bred if it works it works..............

    But What I think about the 5-6 dog foundation,,,,, well,,,, are you asking if all 5-6 were of same family/bloodline or 5-6 dogs each from being from line breeding from each from different lines, or 5-6 dogs some being line and inbred, and some being multi bred, some from same family and some not...

    There's a ton of variables to work here...

    I'd pick em all from the same family down from different direct dogs, but that's just me mate. I've got more to say but I'll stop here and wait for your reply. :)

  19. T.A.K

    T.A.K Pup

    kbk i was telling the lad to try his home country first b4 trying europe there are just as good dogs in ireland as anywhere else in the world as for being hard to find well ???? i'm not even from ireland and have loads of friends from this country due to interests in these dogs. european dogs may seem better but u wont get many european dogmen travelling to ireland !!
  20. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    BR im talking about 5-6 dogs taken from 1 or 2 families max. then using those dogs to see what clicks well and what doesnt. then from there making your own line from the crossed blood or making a tight line from the blood of one family.

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