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...The Art of Paper Hanging by ED CRENSHAW...

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by ELIAS'PISTOLA, Apr 2, 2016.





  3. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    Man Crenshaw sounds real old but still treading along.Pitbull reporter use to be a website also.Fist time i saw rushin bill he was was holding a dog called hook i think. Was a long time ago.Some bad endings for quiet a few old timers.I think Sparks or Randy Fox said guys this here is worse than drugs once you start with it you just cant stop.


    good post jacob...
  5. postmandan

    postmandan Big Dog

    one thing I get a laff at is how many of them old men knew and respected cecil ponds and how little so many of the younger folks ever heard of him. Probally in my mind because he was never a breeder just a dogman


    Good one postmandan,,,
    I too never heard of mr ponds,,,
    until TDK pointed him out in a pedigree that I overlooked...

    I noticed mr beenes name in the front but had no idea about the man that the blood went back to,,,
    I would love for someone that knew him to put together a nice write up on the man,,,
    I think alot of those better gentlemen of the sport often get overlooked by outsiders and
    if it wasnt for mr strsttons write ups on mr wallace I would have had no clue of what a great dogman he was...

    From the outside looking in mr wallace and mr ponds seem similar as their blood was kept close
    to the house and in the family making them far and few in alot of todays famous bloodlines,,,
    but those who knew would jump on that old stuff in a new york minute...
  7. postmandan

    postmandan Big Dog

    I have a nice write up on cecil but I don't know how to put it on line. if I could get someone to do it I would be happy to send a copy by snail mail. my e-mail addy is pitbullknr@aol.com . It would be nice to see him get a little more credit .if you worry about me- I recon most folks knew me as postman dan or as pitbull korner, maker of carpetmills, that's all lol dan
  8. postmandan

    postmandan Big Dog

    how do you post a picture from your pics you have in your puter ??
  9. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Upload to a site like photobucket and copy and paste the IMG code on the thread you wish to post the picture in. That's how I do it. There are other ways. This might help. How To Post Pictures

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