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Statues, plaque, collars for sale, rare ones.

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by MikelMorabito, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Im selling this statues, plaque, collars, if interested please send a private message,

    Bulldog on man : 21 cm tall, 24 cm base, 1 kilo 160 gr aprox weight 170 euros + shipping

    This plaque is 33 cm long x 26 cm wide, weigh is about 1 kilo and half, cold cast bronze, a real collector item price is 200 euros in europe, 250 euros shipping paid to usa.

    WEIGHT PULLING APBT Cold cast bronze statue, a collector masterpiece not to miss, sell for 160 shipping paid in Europe, 190 euros shipping to usa

    Solid bronze Mastiff with puppies, 35 cm long x 23 cm wide, 4 kilos 122 gr, 350 euros + shipping

    Old collars from 1890 early 1900 for sale, 180 euros each one + shipping


    bull 3.jpg arek.jpg 1.jpg 60461685_10156800455761758_5218074695554826240_n.jpg 49674009_396243284462708_5244689843383959539_n (2) - copia.jpg
  2. That one of the Bulldog and man is nice...whens that dated at please?

    Is the Mastiff with pups a remake of the Terracotta dog?

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