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Starting to build slatmill. Need advice

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by gear1337, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    Hello! (sorry for bad english)

    Im coming up with this heat to make slatmill. Obviously i have looked various others made slatmills for ideas

    Because its going to cost quite much it would be nice that it will work properly :)

    Are 80mm ( 3,15 inch) rollerblade wheels in one row too big for use. I was wondering that there will be about 40mm ( 1,5 inch ) empty space between top of the wheels?

    I have started looking for go kart back wheels for using as them as turning wheels.
    Can i use front wheels? Or better ideas please let me know.

    I havent found yet the pvc etc kind material where to attach those wooden pieces.
    And what would be best wood to use and size of one piece?

    Thanks for all helping answers. I will update when im starting to build it
  2. puppdlr

    puppdlr Pup

    If you use heavy belt from a conveyor belt supply co then the size/ gap should not be a problem. we used 2inch wide x 1/2 inch thick WHITE OAK which you can resaw from a 2x6 piece of wood. Did not go for the cheaper wide slat of softer wood.Any wheels with a baering should do /you need to build in adjustments on all 4 wheels to align belt .../a brake would help ,tho we use the bale of straw set a front of mill to use as a dismount for dog,just knee it against belt to slow/brake or provide drag. Use a over built welded steel frame ,the weight and stability will be use full.We used a pic of an old Corvino mill as a starter,you can find the pic on Fox's site as we shared it with him and he posted it.Those Corvino mill are still working fine,tho are noisy. try to find a pic of Ray Macleans mill with Charlie on it. another good design.
  3. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    Thanks for your help!

    It seems OAK is quite hard to find here (Finland). Because it doesent grow here so the price is next to gold. I will next week have offer for custom cut oak slats, but i think price will go +400usd.

    I might need to find another material for slats. Or buy new belt+slats from some company who makes them.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 5, 2013
  4. puppdlr

    puppdlr Pup

    Well , at your latitude you might seek out a hard birch or maple,what we refer to as rock maple. Or you might seek the oak from France as they grow it for barrel staves,only10% is suitable for that,so there must be a source for the rest. Or you might look at the plastic stuff made for outside decks and use a thicker than 1/2 inch ,maybe 3/4 inch
  5. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    I will make it from aspen. At least the first version of belt. In summer i will be able to cut birch of our own forest, if it seems aspen isnt good. Got offer for custom sized 500x50x15 white oak 467usd with shipping from couple hundred kilometers. Thats why i will try aspen :)
  6. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I would use runner wheels in the area of 50-60mm. The idea is to have the slat resting on the peak of each wheel. So as it rolls off one it is rolling up on another. This prevents the slats from rocking between the wheels. So if you use a 60mm wheel the slat should be just wide enough to touch the peak of the next wheel, so the slat will be app. 62mm. The material of the slat is usually a hardwood but I have seen a few nice ones with pine or spruce-pine slats. Kept indoors and out of the weather one can be used as well as the other. S
  7. puppdlr

    puppdlr Pup

    You can build a lifetime mill or a proto type. Use Hardest wood you can get that does not split easily.Use a thick neoprene conveyor belt and place the belt over the wheels and get a really smooth quiet ride,off set the bolts and nuts so as not to hit wheels,the large wheels up front and the carrier wheels should be in line. Aspen will not split easy but is very soft.Like any thing ,you can slow down and go first class or you can waste your time with a mill like green rivers,Cheapness will show forever.Spruce,pine are a joke.
  8. B.F

    B.F Pup

    Are the any composite materials available where you are?
  9. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    No i dont want to build a proto type. But realize that white oak slats costs here 468.321 USD. and new assembled slats from dogtrotter costs 500usd so its not very smart to waste money and time for building own from that material because at same price i could order new one at any millmaker.

    I live so north that oak doesent grow here so its kind of special wood here.

    Tomorrow i will go and make slats from aspen. I have asked a woodsmith and he says birch is hard as oak, and next comes aspen. But im not able get birch at this moment because we have 1meter deeb snow here. And it costs also quite much to buy from shop.

    I have orderd belt and it should be here next week. Its 2mm (0,08inch) thick and 80mm (3,15inch) wide x 10meter ( 393inch ) long. Somekind conveyor belt. Will cost about 40€ ( 52usd )

    Im not sure what kind composite would be used. Its hard to try translate and find these items because most of them are different kind of names here. :)
    And these composite materials will cost also much?
  10. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    Some progress have made!

    Slats are assembled and fouded good track wheels



    Im going to use o-rings for the trackwheels.

    Only 6" turning wheels are missing :(
  11. JP267

    JP267 Banned

    Looking good, you can try 6" lawnmower wheels for your main wheels.
  12. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    use a go cart wheel for the front like an 8'' then use a 6'' on the back. I have seen a lot of mills and have owned my fair share and I won't own another one with front and rear 6'' hubs.
  13. Epona

    Epona Banned

    smaller hubs = faster mill but your dog must be put much energy in keep running the belt.
    bigger hubs = mill is slower but runs constantly more "free" than with smaller hubs

    8 in front 6 " in rear is a very good deal.
  14. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    Trackwheel setup!

  15. GI Joe

    GI Joe Big Dog

    Did you use a square or a jig to put your belt together?
  16. Mextra

    Mextra Big Dog

    Looks like its gonna be a Long mill any pics of the frame
  17. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    Belt isnt yet putted together. Yes i did make quite long running surface, its 1.5 meter long + turning wheels. I will adjust it if it seems too long

    Got turning wheels. Back wheel is gonna be go kart alloy wheels and front will be honda monkeys wheel. Still waiting hubs from china :)


    Does anyone got good suggestions for suspension?. Im going to put at least one shock absorber
  18. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    I did use square in my belt assembly. First of course the holes in slats was ready and then i did put both belts on two big steel beam and measured that they were in line. I did put some ordinary glue between slats and belt, and with square installed all of slats. Then i drill holes in belt and installed bolts. Glue didnt do what its made to do, but it holds slats so its easy to drill. After that i did use knife and just scratch the glues off on all of slats and belt :D

    Jig would be best but quite hard to make, for one belt atleast.
  19. gear1337

    gear1337 Pup

    Some progress made today


  20. TopBox

    TopBox Top Dog

    I like the work so dont get me wrong but is that for a pony or a APBT? If im close i think the mill is going to be about 8 foot long when its done. How long is it? 5 1/2 feet tall also?

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