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Southern kennels ?

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by machobuck, May 25, 2010.

  1. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    Home of gr ch mayday yup has anyone ever delt with them state side as im looking into getting a pup from them.
  2. JamesT

    JamesT Top Dog

    They are no more.
  3. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    Their down south way down south lol they just had gr ch crota for sale and i missed out on that one by the time vic responded to the email it was to tell me he was already sold who has the tighest gr ch mayday dogs here state side
  4. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    best mayday blood u can get from what i understand
  5. Erie Outlawz

    Erie Outlawz CH Dog

  6. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

  7. LuvMyBulldogs

    LuvMyBulldogs Big Dog

    There's a member here that has two son's of Gr CH yellowman for sale. PM me and I can point u in the right direction or maybe they'll read your post and contact you.....
  8. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    good kennel and nice yard
  9. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    Hey tony which yard u talking bout
  10. QVO RIP

    QVO RIP Pup

    Last I heard that guy Vic had burned some people on some pup this on Feds online.. Not saying is true but lot of other people chimed in on the conversation and they seem pretty suspect to be doing some shady deals since they moved to the other side of the border.
  11. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    Yea I've heard the same seems like if u ain't in the know its hard to get good shit
  12. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    i got a good buddy who might chime on this, but he was burned for $1000. fact
  13. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    I've heard similar stories! :cool:
  14. Erie Outlawz

    Erie Outlawz CH Dog

    Dont know anything about that but what i will say about vic is that i usta call him on the phone like 3-4 times and would have hour long conversations and he wouldnt even bring up anything forsale unless i asked i always liked that, he would spend most of the time just answerin my questions or tellin me about the dogs. I last spoke with him on the phone 1 week before Mayday died. If he still had the stud line up he usta have 5-10 years ago it would be worth the price and shippin to get one.
  15. Pirbul

    Pirbul CH Dog

    My friend sent about 3000 or 5000$, cant rememer, for couple pups and the shipping to Spain and never got the dogs, this was 2 years ago or more.
  16. alpay

    alpay Big Dog

    vic. not honest !!!
  17. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Well I bought one dog from them off of No Alabi x Marla Litter, and waited a few months I received the dog in good health. He is a damn fine example of what a bulldog should I Went ahead, and bought another dog from Southern Kennels also off of No Alabi this time the bitch was Red Sassy 2. I sent the money to them, and they received the money.....I got a e mail confirming that they had received it, and they stated that they would send the dog out that following weekend. I was fine with that so I said ok. Well a few weeks went by and nothing so I got into contact with them again asking when they planned on sending me the dog, they assured me it would be by the end of the month. I didn't really care for that, but I was willing to bite my toungue until I got my dog. Well several months went by of them giving me the run around. Then they asked if I could send them another $600 for shipping of the dog...I told them not a chance in hell, and I wanted them to send me the god damned dog right away. I haven't gotten any responses to any way I have tried to contact them to this day. So I am out a good chunk of change with absolutely nothing to show for it. Hell I would have taken getting a cur dog better than nothing at all because at least I could have shot the dog I paid for if he didn't work out or could have had a good dog if he would have turned out. I would not suggest doing business with them to anyone. When you send money to a different country it's a gamble, and one I will never take again. By the way this was some 3 or so years ago. I have also heard they have done this to other prospective bad I didn't hear about it before I decided to buy that second dog. Don't really care to talk about this, but if it keeps one person for getting fucked by Southern Kennels I suppose it was worth it.
  18. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    $2500 was the damage if you are curious.
  19. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    my bad bud, i thought it was a grand... i was off by 1500:eek:
  20. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Ain't no thing, bro. Like I said if this saves one person from getting fucked then it was worth it. Just so people know it was not a pup. Not that it matters. Wouldn't ever pay that kind of money for a dog again.

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