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Sammy the arab boomer

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Themanthedog, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. I have a pup off this blood with alligator. Can anyone shed some light of this line. Would appreciate some insight.
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  2. Was,nt that dog stolen from his owner ?
  3. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    Boomer is dead. They are a decent line of dog's who when crossed make for some nice bulldogs
  4. Thanks for the info. I really wanted to know what kind of traits are they know for.
  5. redwar

    redwar Big Dog

    They bark, piss and crap, run circles on a spot and eat, drink and sleep-true dog traits..if you really have a boomer dog raise it up and see for yourself.


    Not sure where you are from. They are very common in Nj/Ny area. They "Scream!" for real they howl like hell in their crates.
    My partner has 3 tightly bred and they are not for me. I like quiet dogs. I had 2 Alligator dogs who were very quiet. See what your Combo
    turns out like. The one young male he has is very affectionate, typical happy Pit. His personality reminds me of a BTRB dog I had in 1989.
  7. Im in philly got the pup from a guy in NJ. He is just 6 months and he is very quiet doesnt paek at all. My yard is based off of redboy (mims dopey stuff) with a turtlebuster out (heavy fargo). Just was wondering but he coming along fine
  8. 305APBT

    305APBT Big Dog

    From SDJ Feb 12'
    How it started by Sami the Arab:

    "It started back in the early 90’s when I would go to shows and see the differences within the blood lines. The Red Boy dogs seemed to be the line that caught my attention early on for their never give up attitudes. I found them to be the dogs with the heart of a lion and faster than a shark. They seemed to be the most gamest line in my eyes. So I set out to start my line of the best red boy blood I could nd. During my search an old friend of mine told me about a pure Red Boy dogs in North Carolina that the old man Mcrae was breed- ing. I contacted old man McRae and told him I was interested in his bitch and that bitch was boomers mother. He wouldn’t sell her to me but he said if he ever was to sell her I would be the rst to know. In 1996 old man McRae’s son contacted me and told me sad news of McRae’s death and that the Red Boy bitch was now for sale, that bitch was Nagy’s Christine and we did not hesitate to buy her. I got the bitch and bred her back to her half brother smiths red (Pit Stops Red) and that’s where it all started. Out that litter came Boomer, his brother Crazy legs, and his sister Millie. I made sure to keep those three out of that litter. We noticed early on there skills and found them to be great game dogs. With all this happening I called an old friend of mine Pit Island Barry and asked him if he would like to partner up with me and these Red Boy dogs. I had the most amount of hope in these dogs. At that time he was running Jeep/Red boy/ Jocko/Rascal dogs as well as some dogs that we purchased from Tant. Barry told me he would be more than happy to partner up with me and start breeding these game Red Boy dogs. I sent Boomer, Mille & Crazy Legs up to the yard of Pit Island Kennels and the rest is history! Sami The Arab and Pit Island Knl’s started doing their breedings with the Red Boy blood and I never regretted it up to this day. The rst breeding we did with Crazy Legs he produced 2 champions one of them being out of Pit Islands Pepsi bitch. Sad to say Crazy Legs died at a very young age from cancer so we fo- cused on breeding Boomer and his sister Millie. Man I have to say and you can quote me on this “ That is the best Red Boy blood we have ever seen”!
  9. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog

    Have close friend that recommended the Boomer stuff to me a while back. He was heavily affiliated with Hardcore, Barefoot (RIP) , Mike etc in the 90's. I ended up with a heavy Boomer bitch line bred on one my friends last dogs he got from STA. So far I have been pleased but time will tell. Regardless of how she does I wouldn't be able to speak on the entire line.

    I think this where many err. Having seen a fraction of one line, strain, or family people overgeneralize an entire line based on limited observations.

    I trusted my man enough to give the blood a shot but I don't see her as the representative for the Boomer line.


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  10. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog

    Here is the gyp.


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  11. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog


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  12. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog

    Last pic. I think I'm finally at 300 post. Took me over 10 years lol


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  13. niko

    niko CH Dog

    Nice looking gyp I'd like to give that line a try someday


    I visited a handful of tight redboy yards in the carolinas and as a whole I can tell you that is very common...

    You ever hear a yard full of hounds come feeding time???
    Now cross that with the more silent bulldogs we have come to know,,,
    and what you get is redboy and yellow dogs...

    I feel strongly about this evaluation and I aked mr hargoves his thoughts on the matter,,,
    he shared more than I was ready to consume in that when he was young he had hounds,,,
    the gritty ones got fought and in his words most showed more heart than alot of the bulldogs he seen,,,
    he said they were too stupid to quit and later when the redboy and yellow dogs popped their heads,,,
    he had flash backs of his childhood,,, he didnt care for a dumb game dog and was alot about fast action,,,
    in which most redboy dogs were not known for being slow and laying around,,,
    I found it strange a man that grew up in redboy country
    could go with out...

    Im not saying that hounds or hound crossed are gamer that bulldogs,,,
    but do think there more to the plott hounds,,, cracker currs etc...
    as they come from a place where survival was tested often,,,
    I think they already had some bulldog genetics in them and the hound gave them that never ending pursuit,,,
    and when bred back to the bulldogs,,, a hybrid version that became known as redboy dogs...

    Like sammi the arab,,, I too believe redboy to be the gammest line of bulldogs and they add value to all lines...
  15. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog

    Thanks niko. I have some heavy crypt(redbone), c-ham, and other Redboy crosses. Can't say which is best they all have pros and cons. least the one I feed do lol

    About to incorporate some Jackson/Mims(Redboy) in my Redboy mix looking to add a lil more intelligence and not loose what I have.


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    Since we have problems with Bears around here, my sister actually has 2 Plott hounds They are large with tiger stripes and crazy curled tails.
    I make her put them away when I visit. As far as Boomer dogs, I should expand. My friend has "neighbors" so he can't have 15 Pits chained
    up outside. He has too keep them all inside. but out of all the dogs he has, And yeah it's a bunch... those Boomer dogs SCREAM.!
    They make a Ruckus! I myself prefer the Males over the Females. He always offers me a free bitch, which I refuse. He has a Male 0r 2
    that I would gladly adopt. This is strictly conjecture.. but I find BTRB to be a male dominated bloodline. Whereas, with... Alligator I enjoy both
    males and females. Chinaman or Norrod also. I"LL take a male or female. .2 cents
  17. Jethrodog

    Jethrodog Pup

    Im in Philly, i run Chinaman, Eli, Alligator. Love lirinebred alligator bitch. Thought about crossing her to Redboy Guerilla or another son of Boomer. We have an inbred Cardenas Eli bitch also tbat we miggt cross to Boomer as well.
  18. Jethrodog

    Jethrodog Pup

    Im in Philly, i run Chinaman, Eli, Alligator. Love lirinebred alligator bitch. Thought about crossing her to Redboy Guerilla or another son of Boomer. We have an inbred Cardenas Eli bitch also tbat we miggt cross to Boomer as well. Ill be seeing Sami and Mr Bill in a couple weeks, gonna pick their brain aboit those crosses.
  19. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    Throughout my years I love what Redboy dogs bring to the table gamness, air , those rocket type scratches when most wouldn't come. But I hate the constant barking, screaming and ruining dog houses, bowls and teeth. But enough of my ramblings I love the Redboy as a quarter out to keep the trait's the line is known for and eliminate the others I hate, the Boomer dogs did well up north and saw many a good one.

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