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Rules for listing personal dogs for adoption

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Cynthia, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Cynthia

    Cynthia Top Dog

    Dear Members,

    While situations can occur which alter lifestyles, the surrendering of your animal is a hard one.

    Please note, this forum will allow you to rehoming of your animal. However there are guidelines that need to be followed. Unless an exception has been made by Admin.

    up to date with vaccines
    no rehoming fee.

    Please also remember, do not adopt out your dog if your dog has bitten any human or has shown human aggressive tendencies. If you adopt out a dog that has bitten or shows human aggression, the new adopter can pursue legal action should the dog bite or attack someone and they find out you knew the dog was dangerous.

    Should your dog be deemed dangerous, the best and kindest thing for your dog and other humans is to have it humanely euthanized at your vets office so that no one gets hurt.

    The place to list dogs for sale or trade is the Kennel

    The Kennel will be able to be viewed by and posted in by Premium members with a valid membership only.

    The Kennel will serve as a classified area for Premium members to post their dogs and puppies they would like to place or have for sale. Dogs and puppies advertised in this area must be the property of the premium member. We will also consider adding more sub-forums if there is a demand.

    Advertisements for dogs or puppies for sale are only permitted to be posted within the Kennel forum by and for Premium Members only. Dogs for sale are not allowed to be posted on or to any other part of the site. Any dog posted for sale must be the current property of the posting member. No member will be allowed to post a dog(s) or puppies for sale owned by another member or any third party.

    A premium membership to Game-Dog is $25.
Thread Status:
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