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Rise of the online dogman

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by CHUVALOFAN, Dec 7, 2015.



    I am not going to try and claim here that I go back 20 years or more with the bulldogs and I remember a time when....

    What I do remember about 10 - 12 years ago is hearing things by word of mouth, by meeting dogmen in person, about taking a walk through a yard and listening to what the man had to say about his hounds. I remember making long Road Trips to do such things or to even plan vacations around the area where a said dogman was located and there were the times by the grace of God work at the time brought me near or around a place of interest.

    By the time I found an online forum and joined I can tell you there were mostly experienced dogmen there and I can tell you I learned a lot there and was able to share some myself as at that point I was no longer as wet behind the ears as I once was. I am sure there are a few members here that remember the old ROM Forum.

    By about 7 years ago there had come a change as more and more sites popped up. Men who consider a dog game by him not letting go of a tug toy or their dog having mouth by the way he crunched up an old bone were now taking over these forums.

    Fueled with a number of years good solid information from true working dogmen to read from they drew upon this as their first hand knowledge, their experience. If someone was posting about Redboy dogs they were only to quick to point out Redboy dogs had no mouth or Eli dogs were barn burners with mouth like gators but no air or this man is a paper hanger or this man a peddler....and so fiercely they would type that you would this these statements were from years of very selective breeding, culling hard, working, knowing these lines...but was what they read by others and so it must be true.

    In a short period of time these new online dogmen outnumbered the old guard and thus took over for the most part many of these forums. With their computer based knowledge, fingers lightning quick at typing from being conditioned from hours upon hours of txting on their Star Trek phones and a freedom to be as rude and as nasty as they wanted because of the safety and lack of accountability while in their own homes eating their Fruit Loops.

    ...and so it is today. You can't offer advise because they know all ready, you can't correct without getting plastered with profanity and personal insults. The favorite quote is ''an old timer told me'' which translated means they read online something someone posted and everyone seemed in agreement on so I'll use it as my own. Their computer skills along with a visa to buy some TG dogs and get an online account with peds as quick as you please and figure out how to make all them pretty colors rather then plain old black...

    Ladies and gentleman I present to you the rise of the online dogmen.......
  2. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    There's no rise. Keyboard dogmen have been around for a long time. Hell, this site alone has been around for over a decade and it wasn't the first. Garner and Fat had sites in the 90s and they weren't the first. Hell Mayfield even had a chat. Old timers been griping about "new age" and "keyboard" dogmen for forever now. Theres always been shit talkers, liars and bullshitters. Internet just makes you aware of every asshole with an opinion when before it was just the couple in your area.

    In the 70s the 50s were the good old days. In the 90s it was the 70s. In the 00s it was the 90s. Now its the 00s. The world keeps spinning.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 7, 2015
  3. Mkabayi

    Mkabayi Pup

    Such is alife. All that one has to do is to laugh about it and go on with his own personal business the way it pleases him.


    This was written from the point of view from my own experience online and not meant as in general.
  5. Mr.Mr.203

    Mr.Mr.203 AKA ladybug

    Lawless was the every dogman that said, they don't mess with the net. Was on lawless lmao
  6. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    that's something i hate about the web. people start acting all high and mighty when they think they know sh!t. I know i'm no dogmen, not even close, so i don't go around calling myself one. can't see why others don't do the same. i prefer to learn before i brag.
  7. war machine

    war machine Big Dog

    The time trying to boast and brag could be spent in the yard accomplishing something...


    Good obsevation Chuvalofan...
    If your on here to boast, your lacking something inside...

    Like the rest of us I have had dogs for over twenty years also and started with books and foot work...

    I have never logged onto the internet until about three years ago, I dont text and signed an ananlog contract with the devil,lol...
    Honestly I can hardly type with out the old hunt and peck technique, but I have to say I have learned alot on the internet and I always enjoyed studing peds...

    War Machine I agree with your post to a certian extent, you obtain experience through both practice and learning, but you have to know something about it to practice correctly...
    Ive met alot of ignorant people with good bulldogs that could use spending more tome learning about both the breed and good husbandry...

    I think to be more complete we should have an equal balance of skills and knowledge,,, one will always feed the other...
  9. war machine

    war machine Big Dog

    I agree I just mean if you're online dick swinging you could be scooping shit, getting a dog off the chain, feeding watering, grounds keeping, etc. Rather spend the 10 minutes I could use bragging keeping up with what I can brag about.
  10. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I had to take typing EP in high school .I hen pecked my way to a was one fast hen pecker ,we had to take a written test and a how many words u can type in so many a c on both but can't remember how many words I typed..I worked a lot harder than the other folks for my C lol.


    I couldnt agree more...
    If you were gonna brag, it would have to be the great care you take of the yard instaed of boasting, we need more fanciers like you...
  12. war machine

    war machine Big Dog

    Firm believer in action speaks louder than words. I can sit here telling about how yard shitter #1 is the roughest thing birthed or I can be outside rubbing that sob down building a bond. Of course we all get on shoot the shit and love to rattle on and on about dogs but I feel that's part of being a student. You ain't learning if your bragging.


    Great post!!!
    ...What seperates the greats from the average is the great ones will never break that bond unless you do...
  14. Red Cemtre

    Red Cemtre Big Dog

    Whilst it's true that all sorts of shit gets posted and plenty of people are out to stroke their egos, I'm very grateful for the tremendous amount of knowledge and other resources available thanks to the Internet. I've made some very good friendships over the years and been involved with some great dogs thanks to sites like this one and this site also sparked a conversation that ended up with me purchasing a very well bred pup for an incredibly low price. Plus, I enjoy talking with people who share similar interests and that's not always possible in my area.
  15. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    LMAO...I remember those lawless days...I guess no one else found this to be funny it must be my eccentric humor LMAO.

    Like Nausious said this thing aint nothing new as internet doggers have been around since the dawn of the internet. I just don't see what the fuss is all about. Just do you and I will do my blow up doll LMAO. Oh my bad that was my alter ego Nigayias LOL.

    On a serious note ACCOMPLISHMENTS are not done over the fucking internet but you can brag about it online if you want to incriminate your self LMAO......and I am speaking in general....yeah right Saiy...STFU Nigayias stop reading my mind and gtf out of my head LMAO.
  16. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Cant forget R.O.M or network forums. They were up late 90's too. The Internet was certianly another tool in the tool box in many aspects with the dogs however it's done a great deal of damage to the breed as well. Tons of people either hung themselves up or got someone else jammed up by what they say or said on the net and it being used against them in a case. The Internet gave everyone a voice from the Don Mayfields to the starting off yard boy and everyone inbetween. Guess you just have to take the good with the bad. Internet dogging has been going on since the Internet forums became a voice for all...
  17. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Very true and I found that to be funny as well. Damn near everyone and their mother had a kennel page up on lawless links. :lol:
  18. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Like a lot of things the net has become a double edged sword for the dogs. I tend to believe the negative side of the blade is quite a bit sharper and cuts deeper than the positive. And I say this as I type.

    The trick is to wade thru the tons of shit and pick out the things that are of value. And lave it at that.

    The net topic is always a funny for me. And I use the 'old guy that told me' line as well. True story. pre-net, pre cell phone the guy that introduced me to the dogs was buying a puppy off of Red Boy from K. Marlowe. Lining things up, numerous phone calls and talking dogs the long distance phone bill was nearly as much as the puppy.

    Again, true story. People use to actually write letters back and forth. Things were not as instantaneous as text, chat and internet forums.

    General rule. When the going gets tough.......and if it is real easy....everyone stays.

  19. Mr.Mr.203

    Mr.Mr.203 AKA ladybug

    I'm not as popular, so my jokes aren't as funny as some... lol


    A bit off topic but I remember when I dirsr came to know this breed for the truth. It was on the net, O had no personal mentor. Rather as many were willing to amswer my questions and stir me in the right direction. There were asshats and assets along the way and still are to this day. More asshats than assets mind you but that's the way the ball bounces. Anyhow more to my point. I remember whne I logged into GD and started my journey. The old heads all said " the net was the demise of the dogs", or " the worse thing that ever happenes to them". Honeatly I didn't see foward a handfull of yrs or so and Facebook comes along. Now I sound like them old heads....except it aint the net it's FB that is draggin the imagery down the imagery of the dogs...

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