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Right amount of creatine and whey protein???

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by islao996, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. NorCalTim

    NorCalTim Big Dog

    I have seen that in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.
  2. hans33

    hans33 Pup

    compare humans and dogs dont work i think..a dog is a dog.
    many people wanna have there dog in peak condition all year, that dont work either i think.
    people many times wanna go shortcuts and use supps and dont really know how to train a dog...
    first of, read more about food for the dog, get out and walk the dog and train int then dont forgett about the rest thats really importent.
    I have used whey, but its hard on the kidneys. Its better to know what to feed your dog with "real" food.
    Creatine i would be carfull with if you dont know what your doing. The dog dosent need creatine in the start, first off like some others said in this tread, get out, walk the dog and read more about propper food.
    handwalk the dog is so underrestimeted (spelling...)

    Good luck!

  3. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Very accurate post. I could take a five gallon bucket of the finest steroids in the world and sitting in this recliner maybe my typing fingers get bigger, faster, stronger, LOL. But the rest of me will not turn into the Hulk.

    Supplements are to aid in recovery from hard work, in order to do more hard work. The improvements come from the work, not the supplement. No steroid ever hit a ball over the fence. No testosterone ever stopped a 240lb running back at the point of attack. No dose of EPO ever completed the Tour de France. And no supplement has made a dog race for over 2 hours.

    Every post such as these should not be "What supplements should I use to make my dog stronger, or leaner, or better?" It should be What do I need to do so my dog can do work today and even more work tomorrow?" The work is the key. The ask how to fuel for the work. And once the daily rations can't fuel the work then supplement.

    Fuel. Work. Work maxed. Increase fuel. Fuel and work have maxed. Supplement. Fuel and supplement and work is maxed. Peaked. Can't go any further for that particular dog.


  4. redwar

    redwar Big Dog

    Very good information in these posts, not to mention it is the Truth!

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