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Quick question hope to get some good answers

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Darksidekennel, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    Sorry my typing sucks y' damn fingers are to big for these freaking little buttons lol
  2. back2basics

    back2basics Big Dog

    I don't think anyone is disagreeing with that, but if it happens that the best dog that comes out of that litter has less than perfect angulation in the rear, don't discard the baby with the bath water.
  3. back2basics

    back2basics Big Dog

    Just thought you were using 1st and 3rd person for some
  4. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    Lol that's hilarious. Naw man...freaking little ass buttons lmao
  5. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    The answer is yes. If you take any working breed of dog and breed for performance over 10 generations,you will have better percentages than if you took the same two dogs to start with and breed for looks for the same time period. There's no way you couldn't have. Like the person who mentioned Border Collies ( I own BC's so I have some knowledge on them) If you take a BC and breed good working dogs, don't you think you will have a better herding dog than if you bred for agility competions only. You can still have good working dogs in a show ring,don't mean they are bad dogs just because the owners show them,but breed for performance and form follows function. I don't know what they been telling you over there,but look at how the APBT and Amstaff split into seperate breeds designed for different purposes here. Now legalities may prevent the performance aspect depending on where you are,and I suggest no one break any laws but everyone knows what the APBT is supposed to be and what it isn't. Again,I do not condone breaking laws and going to jail :-)
  6. coop-dog

    coop-dog Big Dog

    If you are going forward just breeding show dogs all you will have is a amstaffs like others said.It won't take long and you will see a trend that some one is winning with his big headed brindle dog and next thing you know people are breeding for big headed brindle dogs cause that's what's winning.
  7. This forum is awesome with alot of knowledgeable people and thank u again for sharing I really do appreciate it.
  8. riotact

    riotact Pup

    I agree that if you just breed for show, you will eventually have an Am Staff, but there are plenty of working APBTs in the show ring today. They may not be working in the sense that the breed was developed for but they excel in plenty of sports.
    In American fighting is illegal, so unless you are breaking the law, the only way to attempt to preserve the breed is to strive to breed exceptional working ( hog hunting, schutzhund, wp....) dogs that are conformationally correct ( or close to it), JMO
  9. bukskin.banks

    bukskin.banks Big Dog

    how do you concinder your dog a true american pitbull terrier if you dont know how deep the game is, or plan on testing it? i mean, thats what a true american pitbull terrier is. once we stop breeding for gameness this whole amazing animal will be lost. then it wont be an american pitbull terrier. should be called something else. they are called that for a reason, and if they are no longer that dog, why would we call them that? im so glad this thread came up to see what people that are so into the breed have to say. the true american pitbull terrier is unique ... its unfortunate tthe laws wont let us honest people keep it true, but god bless the people that do. i as well dont, but that doesnt mean that i cant be all for it, or get my dogs from one that has been tested. so thanks to ones keeping this dog true to all means.
  10. riotact

    riotact Pup

    The same reason you call your dog an APBT. Unless you are testing your dog, which you stated that you don't, then you can't know if your dog is a "true" APBT. Your dog may have a better chance of being more game than mine but that doesnt mean i dont have an APBT.
  11. bukskin.banks

    bukskin.banks Big Dog

    sorry if i posted i believed for mine to be in my response ... o wait i dont think i did. just said doesnt mean i didnt get him from a line on top and bottom that havent been tested. if his dad or dads dad or dads dads dad or same for the bottom of the line have not bee tested, im not going to waste my time. especially if its cause they fuckin, look good. lol im not going to put it past you, there is nothing better looking then a good looking bulldog, but that comes and goes, you just dont breed for it i guess is my point.

  12. SacRedboyOwner

    SacRedboyOwner Top Dog

    If you ain't testing the dog, don't breed it... There is nothing wrong with owning a APBT for show and other sports... But the minute you start to breed that untested dog you are ruining the breed... If you buy from breeders that don't test then you are supporting the destruction of the breed... If you own a dog whose family has been untested for many generations then you don't own a APBT. You own a dog with the shell of the real thing, so don't confuse people's show mutts with game dogs!!
  13. bukskin.banks

    bukskin.banks Big Dog

    well said sacred :)
  14. fonzie

    fonzie Top Dog

    To me if you breed for show then you breed for looks and if you beeed for the pit you breed for game and that is that
  15. rroscoe

    rroscoe Lightner Hemphill / Colby

    No a pit will give a side glance and it is on warning no growl no bark .. so say you are at a show and you walk passed another dog and your leash goes tight then what ?? I think you can have a great looking athlete that is everything a show dog could dream to Be ..But what I have always' had' is one known fact .. it is what they do ..but to show them ..Not fast lane dogs just too much risk and the MEDIA would go crazy if an accident were to happen ...It's alot of work with no reward
  16. rroscoe

    rroscoe Lightner Hemphill / Colby

    and this in how we now have big headed fat azz blue turds calling them selves pits
  17. Well what about Colby Dogs? They have not been tested for generations "That I know of". But they are not breed for show either. would you consider Colby dogs a totally different breed of dog now?
  18. side note: not trying to make this a "what are Colby dogs thread" but they just came to mind.
  19. bootsbjj

    bootsbjj Big Dog


    This, exactly.

    Not everyone who loves and appreciates a good, working APBT will ever even see them work, but knowing that your dog came from good, tested, working dogs (and seeing that in their attitude and willingness to work in other ways) is enough for some of us.

    Most of us a smart enough not to breed untested dogs....MOST of us....:(
  20. killadev300

    killadev300 Big Dog

    ^^^^^^^ best post maybe on this entire thread.... thread should have ended after this one

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