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Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by TWadeJ, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. TWadeJ

    TWadeJ Pup

    I posted the below on PBC last night and a member asked me to post here as well. Here you go...

    After I lost my first beloved pit, Weezy, to my whoring, greedy ex wife and obtained Blue, I for the first time looked into pit related forums to learn, teach where possible (rarely I know) and commiserate with individuals who share my love of these great dogs. I found both this site and Game Dog and didn't realize they were sister sites until relatively recently. I have 242 posts on PBC and 0 posts on GD. For some unknown reason, likely being a holiday weekend after a divorce (those are the times that suck), this weekend I wondered why I enjoy PBC and find GD unenjoyable and un-relatable.

    First, while I understand a Pit Bull is the American Pit Bull Terrier, when I use the term "pit" in my own thinking (as a lawyer I am more careful when speaking or writing) I include non papered dogs which may or may not be 100% APBT. Blue is not papered. Based his lack of papers and on his huge size (8 months and 85 pounds as of yesterday - bone and muscle, not fat), he is clearly not an APBT. He is more likely a classic american bully or a cross between a classic american bully and an APBT or a cross between who knows and who knows since he does not have papers. Regardless, Blue looks like a very large APBT (except that whole other being the color blue thing...), Blue has the self assuredness of APBTs that I love and while likely not "game" he is certainly headstrong, tenacious and tough. Blue's self confidence is now growing day by day as he is leaving his puppy period and entering into his teenage period. He is loyal and always by my side. When I want him to be chill, he is generally willing (as long as it is just him and me and I put my other dogs in other rooms in the house), when I want him to be playful, he is always game for whatever I ask him to do and he LOVES all people. Every quality about Weezy (my first APBT and papered) that I loved, Blue also has. The one quality about Weezy that I didn't love, he would always jump the fence or dig under it to explore the neighborhood even though fixed, Blue does not have and hopefully never will. I will also note that Weezy was not "game", he loved every dog he ever met. Blue also loves all dogs he has met to date and I hope he stays this way.

    Quick funny story about Weezy then I will continue about the point at hand. Before I rescued Sugar, an APBT who is definitely "game" (my other female dog and I both have the scars to show it - Sugar will just not quit once she starts) and I learned that the doggie door MUST be closed at ALL times if I am not home and paying attention, the doggie door was always available for the dogs to go into the backyard and back into the house as they pleased. All my dogs are microchipped and have id tags. At first, to get out of the backyard to "explore", Weezy would silently get out of our bed, go into the backyard through the doggie door, dig under the fence and have a party wherever she went. ALL of my neighbors in my subdivision ultimately both learned to know who Weezy was and LOVED him. One time, I got a phone call at 7 in the morning on a Saturday from one of my neighbors. He politely said "Wade, Weezy is in our bed again." This particular neighbor didn't have window screens and liked his windows open during cooler weather (I live in Austin, TX). Weezie learned that he could go out our doggie door, dig under my fence, jump Jim's fence, jump through the open window into Jim's house, climb into bed with Jim and his girlfriend and get some loving! Quite the dog. I ultimately put limestone blocks around the perimeter of my fence so Weezy could not longer dig under it. Of course Weezy then starts the jumping over the fence. Ultimately I put up chicken wire at the top of the fence at a 90 degree angle using brackets to keep him in. Oh how I miss that dog...

    Back to the reason for this post. I view this website as the "pet" pit site and the sister game dog website as the "sport" pit site. I regularly visit this site. I hardly ever visit the game dog site anymore. I am a litigation attorney who wears a suit every day and drives a 2 seater black Porsche. I suspect many of the gentlemen on the GD site would consider me a p&&&y although at 6'4" and very fit I doubt most of them would do it to my face without one of their dogs. And if any did I doubt they would walk away from it less damaged than me. Let me be clear, I am not saying anything detrimental about anyone who prefers GD over PBC. I do suspect by and large the active posters on each site are very different and have very different expectations of their dogs although I do see certain "regulars" on both sites - typically moderators.

    Would any of you be willing to share your thoughts on this admittedly controversial issue or the more controversial one in the next paragraph? What do you want out of your "pit" however you define "pit" for yourself? To me, gameness is a bad quality. I know it is historically accurate and the initial REASON for the breed, but with the current laws why is gameness needed or wanted? Sugar's gameness has cost me over $10,000, the functional use of my left thumb (first dog fight after we rescued her, I was clueless and didn't know about break sticks or how to split up a dog fight) and makes day to day living with her complicated and difficult. After the fight, Cristal wanted to give Sugar back. I didn't agree. Amazing that we ended up divorced, huh? :) My view was that when we rescued her we made a commitment and I felt we had much to learn and try before even considering giving her up. I love Sugar to death and otherwise she is a great dog but if there was a way for me to surgically remove her "gameness" I would pay $10k in a heartbeat to do so. The American Pit Bull Terrier specific rescue group we rescued her from failed to give us any of the information we needed with multiple pits in the house and said nothing about Sugar and our current female, Jasmine, not getting along. Not relevant but any group who deals with this breed should have accurate information and disseminate it to all adopters. Do you think "gameness" in an ABPT is a positive or negative in November of 2016 and why? Things change. We had our first African-American president, over half of the population who voted thought it is time for our first female president, many women earn more than men, households are more often a partnership instead of the husband being a dictator. With dog fights being illegal, why keep the "gameness" in APBTs when most who are honest with themselves would agree that this "gameness" has caused injury to both pets and people.

    Another, more controversial issue I would love to get others opinions on is do you think dog fighting should still be legal? And if it was legal, would you participate? I suspect most of the active participants on GD would respond in the affirmative to both of these questions. I am an animal lover and have no problem admitting so, even in the Hill County of Texas. I won't hunt, I don't think animal fighting of any type should be legal and if it was I certainly wouldn't participate. Yes, I eat meat - but I do pay more when possible to purchase meat from livestock raised in humane conditions. I have no problem with animals being raised for other items either such as leather (god how I love a good, soft aniline died leather sofa to relax on at the end of the day while wearing my alligator boots).

    Anyway, I look forward to your thoughts on these issues.


  2. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    Fuck that was a long post what is your point though also welcome
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    LMFAO I was gonna quit reading when the crying started about the divorce and when the I'm a lawyer was said that was it. :cool: LOL
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  4. Staub

    Staub Big Dog

    If you are questioning the purpose of gameness in these dogs you should not own them or anything close to them. It is people like you that hurt our breed. And you don't have to be part of illegal activities to understand this. Things like hog hunting and dog sports would not be the same without our dogs having gameness. And if what you're trying to say is you just don't like a dog that's hot as hell and wants to go for anything, that's fine, let responsible folks keep them. You say gameness has caused injury to animals and people hahahahahaha so have the ideals of people. The truth behind your ideas is that you simply don't like the true form of the pitbull, no matter how much you try to sugar coat it. So make a good decision and stop associating your dog and your dog values with pitbulls, they won't be welcome here.
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  5. littlerascals

    littlerascals Premium Member Premium Member

    i think you misunderstand the name game, with what you say it look you have an agressive dog and that no mean he's game :D
    to know if the dog is game he need to be put under presssure, see the bottom, take punishment and then see if he quiet or not...
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    DISCOIII Premium Member Premium Member

    Another long winded lawyer what's new! Oh I was not charged.
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  7. Michele

    Michele CH Dog Super Moderator

  8. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    There is one way and one way only to determine whether your dog is 'game'. And it has nothing to do with sports or hunting like I read on the first few posts over there on PBC. I understand you're curious but it's obvious you will never understand or agree. If I were you I would stop worrying about why you think the aggressiveness should be bred out of these dogs. You have an example of what that is (your dog Blue) and if that is what you like then GREAT, but that is not the original APBT and that is what we like. We like the animal to be what it should be, and that is aggressive. Please, stop trying to push your agenda on other people. That's all you are doing.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
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  9. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    There is show versions of APBT ,,,that are a lot less aggressive ,,, best getting one of them , rather than trying to change what makes the APBT a stand out dog ,,,
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  10. Forever-So REAL

    Forever-So REAL Quintuple Grand Champion Premium Member

    6'4" growling showing your teeth just don't cut it I'm 4'4" and will beat you on my worse day lol...
  11. durock drake

    durock drake Premium Member Premium Member

    lol hard to have compassion for lawyers.
  12. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    LMAO @ surgically removing gameness !!! Brother, I would pay 10k to surgically implant it ! LOL. OP you claim to be an educated person, dog aggression and gameness aren't considered the same thing and you should have known that before posting. How many dog aggressive breeds are there in this world? I wonder how many are considered "game". You are assuming just because your dog is DA that she is game. So every Tom.Dick and Harry that has a DA animal should come onto this forum and post for advice on their "game" dog?
    I typically praise people that rescue "pit bull" breeds from shelters as you have experienced they can be great pets but, it takes a RESPONSIBLE owner and is recommended that its a single pet home. My take on it was Sugar was just helping you cull the should get her a nice big bone and a new sweater,rub her head and say TY.
    BTW ..break sticks are only used to jab the dogs in the ribs to make them "more game". DUH!
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  13. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    It's obvious you're a dog lover. Find another breed. There are hundreds of other breeds of dogs out there that are not fighting dogs, if you want a houseful of dogs get something other than an APBT.
  14. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Good post Moe as most dont realize that aggressiveness and gameness are two separate things.

    To correct the O.G. poster its not the dogs gameness that cost you a lot of money but his aggressiveness and even at that it is not the dogs fault, IT IS YOURS since you do not know how to properly control/contain an animal with high prey drive as that responsibility falls on you the owner.

    If you do not like a dog with high prey drive, you should just get another breed of dog more suitable for your needs like a boston terrier or boxer or labrador. etc...there are tons of many different breeds to choose from to suit ones needs......even people into beastiality choose the medium to large size breed of dogs because a small breed dog is not adequate enough to mount doggy style. LMAOROTF


    Naw I could tell where the post was going so I didn't need to read any further. What I did read was amusing that's all. YA DIG ;)
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  16. babedulce

    babedulce Premium Member Premium Member

    Your problem with "that forum, this forum, dog fights, gameness, dog aggressiveness, etc" is only secondary to a greater underlying issue that I noticed upon a critical reading of your essay. You are plagued with an insidiuos narcissitic tendency with a sprinkle of condescension, but one critical point can remedy the secondary problem you are faced with. You are supposedly a litigation attorney so how the hell do you pose a question without having done all the background research in this forum that necessary to even properly formulate the question in such a way that you will understand the answers. You admitted to hardly ever participating in this forum. If you had read all of the archives necessary to understand some of the issues involved in your query then you may have asked something totally different and not so pedestrian.

    The greater have to live with I'm afraid as very rarely do people in your predicament stop themselves enough to reflect on the folly of their way. Good luck.
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  17. Smh multiple dogs in the house , bragging about prior dog loving other dogs and hoping in the neighbors beds, not knowing you can't keep two females without 24/7 supervision

    Whole situation is just a disaster waiting to happen

    Reminds me of that sad story over at pbc where the lady came home to multiple dead dogs
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  18. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    Before knocking gameness maybe find out what that means. Your sugar dog was a man biting cur. Get into miniture poodles tough guy.
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  19. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    This fool wont watch a cock fight but he will eat a whole bucket of KFC. LMAO
  20. phoenix walk

    phoenix walk Big Dog

    usually smart people try to hide their ignorance , this lawyer puts his on display and boasts about it , hippo bully is what he needs
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