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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Thunder98, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. Thunder98

    Thunder98 Big Dog

    I hear so much about the word peddling, my question is how does or would a person obtain a dog.. I’m not talking about the guy that knows everything and everybody.. just a person that has been out of touch with the dogs?
    These dogs don’t fall out of trees onto yards or into homes..
    How did you get your first.. I don’t want to hear about your friend giving you 1.. Better yet what made you buy the dog?
    Seems to me everything on earth is peddled?? I’m damn near 50 so make me understand..
    I’m not into selling dogs..I enjoy watching them grow up.. but I don’t oppose to anyone buying or selling either..
    It’s time for me to purchase a female.. ain’t nobody gonna give me one,, better yet I don’t want that..I like to pay for my own stuff, that way it’s mine!! Help me to understand how to really obtain these dogs..
  2. San Siro

    San Siro Big Dog

    It all depends on what you want. Everyone can offer you something but why would you take it?

    If you are into pedigrees, check out the ADBA gazette and buy it from there if you like something.

    If you want to know the parents and see what they can do or how they look like, go to shows / weightpulls / top dog events.

    Dogs being bred by peddlers arent nessesarely shit dogs either. For me Tom Garner is a peddler also, the amount of puppies he sells over the year can be easily be a year salary. Does it mean he breeds shit dogs? There are still dogs from him winning hunts, shows, events.
  3. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    Of course he's a peddler.

    Only because he throws out the occasional good dog doesn't disguise the fact that he's a puppy leach who is milking bitches for coin.
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  4. San Siro

    San Siro Big Dog

  5. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    What that man does with HIS dogs shouldn't be anyone but his and his customers business....

    Im FAR from a T.G. fan. In fact I dont feed ANYTHING down from his handlings. But they're HIS handlings.

    If ppl didnt sell dogs NO ONE would have them. Its plain and simple.

    I would bet my soul T.G. has touched, raised, seen, and delt with more WORLD KNOWN animals/ppl with FAR greater success in every aspect of these animals than anyone whos commended.

    Does he peddle? Sure. To some extent everyone who sells dogs does. But T.G. has LOOOONGGG money before dogs came into play thats how he gots the dogs... come one dudes education, accolades outaide the mutts, etc isnt hidden...

    He peddles, he is a marketing genius, he has parlayed all the above to be probably tho most worldwide known breeders of the apbt and yet everyone shits on him.(i have too)

    Facts are dude probably produced, touched, saw better dogs than anyone on this thread ever will....
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  6. San Siro

    San Siro Big Dog

    Yeah for sure, i agree with you totally. But the topic starter asks a question and i reply.
    I don't care what people do with their dogs, but i will have an opinion about it.
    I do have a certain respect for TG, because he did everything with these dogs that you are supposed to do.

    I think also the reason that none of these forum members will ever accomplish what he has, is because a certain different love for the breed.

    I am sure alot of members here have puppies bred themselves that would sell for alot of money, but it is not in their nature. They breed for them, not for public.
  7. PuppetEl

    PuppetEl Banned

    I like pokemon breeders and masters with passion. who actually game check and cull their pokemon.

    Peddlers are rapists who rob people of so much money and they hurt the breed.
    San Siro likes this.
  8. tomjones2

    tomjones2 Pup

    Well said.
    david63 and Holocaust like this.
  9. tomjones2

    tomjones2 Pup

    Someone willingly handing over their money does not equate to robbery...
    david63 and Holocaust like this.
  10. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    You do realize hes been busted more than once right?

    You do realize his dogs have done more than any EU dog/dogman right?

    You do realize without tom a ton of ppl wouldnt have ever had their dogs right?

    But youre right hes the devil and hates the breed....

    Sounds like you just hate to hate.
    david63 likes this.
  11. San Siro

    San Siro Big Dog

    Nah man, i do realize it.

    I don't hate him, like i said, i do have a certain respect for him about what he achieved back in the days.

    I just can't understand how i would be going from having a hobby with these dogs and throwing away thousands of dollars on them to making it a full time job to breed them and sell them and make thousands of dollars on them.

    So no, he is not a devil who hates the breed, but for me he isn't the same person he was when he was active.
    thecableguy likes this.
  12. PuppetEl

    PuppetEl Banned

    Just admit to being a peddler instead of saying you are not. And admit your pokemon stock is not proven or checked. No problems
  13. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    Ironically the term 'peddler' has no opposing word by which the 'holier than thou' proponents would like to bestow upon themselves....they are a modest bunch to say the least and almost unnoticeable within the breed to make a difference.
  14. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don't breed that many dogs. I can honestly say in thirty plus years I may have sold three or four, maybe five, as my memory can slip.

    Every time peddler comes up TG's name jumps to the top of the list. For some, rightfully so and for others not so much.

    Some of the first dogs I ever had was from James Edwards (RIP, of Molly Bee fame). He too was in NC and he sold more dogs than anyone on the planet. No disrespect to someone who has passed but it is readily known he would buy litters from others and sell them as his own. He sold so many dogs/puppies that his employer (Wilson Electric) would call every six or seven months and ask him to cash his checks so they could balance the books. That many puppies/dogs.

    The difference between he and TG is nothing more than the price of puppy. James believed if he sold them quick for $200-$300 they would move faster and would open up the pen for the next brood bitch.

    Tom challenged the market by raising prices and continues to do so today. If the price pushed the market a little too fast he lowered the price on that litter to move them. He also expanded to what was in demand. His business model is on the same plane as the cat from Amazon, the other dude from FaceBook, the Microsoft guy, the Apple guy.....find what people want, have it when they have the money, and let the fact people will buy what they want quicker than they will buy what they need....and you are set for life.

    I am a 'to each his own' kind of guy and what some one does at their house with their stuff is on them. More power to them.

    I can't speak for other countries, but here in the US there is a some sort of farce about the difficulties of finding dogs from producing/winning parents. Not every one, but I will collectively group us all to make a point, people with pit bull dogs are basically stupid. They will tell you everything they do right down to whether they choose boxers or briefs. People with bulldogs have an inner desire to spill their guts about any and everything. Everyone does it, and this is where peddlers take advantage.

    This a group of people that pretty much can't hold water, me included, LOL.

    So for the original poster...go to some shows when they crank back up. Check out this board. Go to FaceBook. Good dogs are readily available and even if the first one is not it can be improved upon with selection in breeding, even if it is the rankest of curs.

    So do some homework, get a good feeling in the gut about a dog/breeder (peddler) and pull that trigger. It is an easy club to get into and for some (like me) it is really hard to get out of.....I mean if Tiger can get a doctor to truly diagnose his sex addiction to be sure I can get one for being addicted to these dogs.

    Babbling again.

  15. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    If you are not breeding to better the breed, you are a peddler/backyard breeder.
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  16. Mashamplan

    Mashamplan Big Dog

    I have read all the responses. Lots of truth and valid opinions mentioned.
    But while not condoning peddlers, as a Sputh African, I would not have had the privilege to be a custodian of this breed had the people that imported dogs in the 70s not been fortunate enough to have people in the States sell dogs to them.
    Breeding exclusively for profit with no regard to quality should be frowned upon. But people who bred good dogs or families of dogs that sold to others are needed for people with the breed at heart to get access to good dogs.
    Personally I have bred 5 litters in the last 7 years, with the bitch never dropping more than four pups. And none were sold. All that lived are with me and my partners. Some not so good and others look the part.
    I bought a pup in 2017, the first in 12yrs. It was from two dogs I rated very highly. While working away from home I was informed by my wife that the then 6 month old (I got him at 2½months old) died. I contacted the breeder and let him know, explaining that I received the pup from him in the best of health and it's no fault of his.
    Last year he surprised me with a half bro of my pup that died. Yes he sold me a pup, but he had no responsibilty to replace the pup that died as it was no fault of his. But today my replacement dog is 15mnths old and looking damn nice.
    Sorry for the rambling
  17. Mashamplan

    Mashamplan Big Dog

    Sorry, it should read "South African".
    david63 likes this.
  18. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    Is TG breeding to better the breed, I highly doubt it.
    More likely he is breeding to better his own bank account.
  19. PlugUgly

    PlugUgly Big Dog

    He is breeding some top families of dogs / tested animals. Also his yard is very well maintained. More than can be said about many.
    kiwidogman likes this.
  20. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    So you claim he's breeding from only tested dogs, I highly doubt that but no skin off my nose.

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