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Patterdales... Lakelands?

Discussion in 'Patterdale Terriers' started by Dynamic, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Dynamic

    Dynamic Pup

    Educate me, please?

    I've always thought that Patterdales and Lakelands were two different breeds. But tonight I read that the Patterdale is actually the working version of a Lakeland? Something like that. Is Patterdale to Lakeland as Jack Russell is to Parson Russell?

    Just curious. :) Thanks, everyone.
  2. culabula

    culabula Big Dog

    id say maybe they were once upon a time but they are quite different breeds now(working lakelands and patterdales)
  3. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    lakelands are bigger than patterdales they look like small airedales or rough coated fox terriers. patterdales are also known as fell terriers by some. both are very good working dogs. i terrier man r.i.p once told me that lakelands were the gamist dogs alive pound for pound. (his opinion)he had a very good kennel of working terriers including his own strain of lakeland x border terrier x plummers terriers.
  4. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    two different types of terriers you are right. fell and patt are the same for terriemen. lakeys and welsh are closer to me and my limited experience. lakeys are far less of a working breed than patts. patts and lakeys both run in bigger and smaller size.
  5. Dynamic

    Dynamic Pup

    How long ago were they the same breed? They branched off like the Fox Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier did?

    I thought "fell" encompased any terrier breed bred to kill?

    Thanks for the info, everyone!
  6. picasso

    picasso Big Dog

    Lakeland is a name that they tried to give the patterdale / fell terrier to increase the want as they were trying to establish the breed. The patterdale terrier is a type not a breed same as a Lakeland. Lakeland was the name to help the dogs take off state side. Overseas they are happy to name off dogs quickly even though they are the same breed. The versions of the Fell Terrier could colored dogs, black dogs, lakelands and all kinds of other varied names.
  7. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    i beg to differ..
  8. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

  9. picasso

    picasso Big Dog

    I beg to differ myself but if you classify a working terrier by the kennel club standard be my guest but I am sure separating fact from fiction and what you read on a internet blog or post is concrete versus speaking to hands who helped created the breed like Robert Booth.

    A lakeland as he was speaking of (dynamic) is basically a rough coated terrier strongly related to what we know in the states as a patterdale or fell terrier.0 Slightlty different in looks but strip down the fur it is a version fell terrier or if black or patterdale name or could it be opposite what created the breed. Where do patterdales come from the north and where do Lakelands come from the north also. The name patterdale was never used until here recently maybe last 60 years and before that they were classified as a colored lakeland (yes the patterdale). Their history is more fXXXed up than the pit bulldogs and more confusing than a room full of women at hair salon. Yes the lakeland could be consider a seperate breed of a dog by far but is it? The similar process happen to the word pit bull. How many different versions of the pit bull are there, many versions depending on part of the world you are in and where you live and who are associating with.
  10. picasso

    picasso Big Dog

    Another fine example of name play and dogs being so very similar. jack russell parson terriers and other white terriers that are separate by only people wanting to create a special niche for there particular strain of the same dog. The fancy haircuts on the lakelands is what gives the difference appearance but I have seen direct rough coated imports with my own two eyes and same type of dog and hunting style. BTW, they are not small airedales in size, they are the same size as a jack russell, patterdale terrier, etc.
  11. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    the patterdale and laklkelands are not speate breeds, but different strains ( types) of terrier. we got em all ear ..
  12. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    @ picasso
    i posted the links to help put a point across and save me from typing a long winded reply. also for all its faults the KC is a good source of referrence .
    for the most part i don"t use the internet for information about dogs which i have been around since childhood. though i will use it for info on breeds which are new to me.
    oh yes. the dogman i got my pup from is VERY good friends with Brian Nuttal (you may have heard of him) in fact he gave nuttal a dog to guard over his patterdales. so if i want to know something i will either pic up a phone or go and talk to someone in the know.
    ps. please tell me how Robert Booth helped create the patterdale ? jacko
  13. picasso

    picasso Big Dog

    Robert Booth didn't create the patterdale he helped perfect in a sense just like brian nuttall which all their dogs came from the north and since booth's uncle was a land keeper and direct dealings with the beginning stages those "typey terriers" and the way the culled I would say he had a pretty big infulence. Nuttall is no better Booth or the other way around. But since you are from England you should know better than using the word patterdale because that is the same here in the states with APBT, you call a working pit bulldog a american pit bull terrier you are laughed at and kicked in the balls same there for the people over the great pond with Fell Terriers or working lakelands or whatever name you want to give the dogs. With you getting dogs from a friend of Brian Nuttall you should already know that yourself. But since I am in the states and a typical stupid yankee, I will be glad to have Nuttall or Booth explain the difference to us. I have talked several times to Booth now where I don't think he would mind at all to help us out on this or better yet I can do the same for Nuttall since some of the first terriers since here to the USA where sent here to a close family friend who dealt with Nuttall on derby cocks back in the late 60's early 70's. But believe what you want and I will do the same myself. But soon as I looked up your account and seen your fat SBT then I knew I was dealing a person who owns dogs and not a dog man. I guess the pissing match has started and since I am a terrier man with nothing better to do I will work this out soon as I can after I get done working today and hunting my fells tomorrow.
  14. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    cheeky twat !!
    the only fat sbt you have seen is a 13-14 yr old bitch full of cancer and teenage bitch on steroids due to an allergy.

    in another post i stated that lads i know are running booth dogs.
    in your post you stated booth helped create the breed.
    maybe you should work for CSI seein as you can tell so much from a pic. lol
  15. redbill

    redbill Big Dog

    a good book to read if you can get it is "the fell terrier" by d b plumber.
    its worth a read if your interested in the origins of the fell/patterdale type of terriers and the men behind them
  16. picasso

    picasso Big Dog


    How I posed the question:

    Can you help me with a dispute I am having on another board. What is the difference of a lakeland and the fell terrier / patterdale breed? It is kind of hard to read between the lines if they are separate or not. Thanks Ryan.

    Then Robert Booth Reply:

    they all origin from some of the very same terriers,in Fact one of the old time main recognised Red or black and tan Lakie or working Lakeland Breeders has always called his Terriers Patterdales and he lives born and bred moments from the village of Patterdale in a village called Crook that is Mr Garry Middleton ,these days the black and Tan or Red terrier with a naturaly rough coat is refered to as a Lakie or working Lakeland the smooth black or even Mousey black and Chocolate and even red are often called Patterdales and the broken coated are often refered to as Fells ,But when I was young many people refered to all three colour and coat types under all three names,To me it mater very little as long as the work after all what is in a name just personal chooseing and all three names have been used for over a hundred years ,Hopinging this helps LOL , as Clear as Mud Eh! in Sport Robert Booth

    the cheekiest twats in the world own terriers, just as gritty as my little dogs
  17. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    lol as the man said "clear as mud"

    think about it , all these dogs are from the lakeland area. patterdales are often called fell terriers but the lakeland terrier is of a different type.
    heres a reply from a terrier man i know short but sweet.

    Your 100% right mate there not,they do cross breed them but they are different breeds. bomber

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