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Patterdale/APBT cross pictures

Discussion in 'Patterdale Terriers' started by Sabrina, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    I don't know. It's from a best to best breeding, by a gipsy tribe from the Netherlands, who match their dogs.
    I only know that there was an AmStaff battle cross in the past, and the AmStaff was an X-Pert dog.

  2. the BREEDING route/scheme you described is the exact route i had planned to take in making the cross; If i got beyond just dealing with A.P.B.T. 's. i forgot where the idea came from , but it was from working terrier material i ran across back in the early-mid 90's.
  3. if by bulldog you mean A.P.B.T. ; then you was either joking or don't know bulldogs. performance weight is 35-60 lbs on average and that's not new 411. some bitches go smaller too of course.

    yes a bulldog/a.p.b.t. can add fire into a patty line. but best way to add that fire is to do it with the patty's that are too hard to be real useful in the hunt. that's the most efficient way to add fire to a line that is lacking it in patterdale's imho.

    when u don't have that type of dog/bitch available then sure look for the real hot small A.P.B.T. to get you back into the hunt faster. takes a little more effort then the other route but get's her done at the end of the day still.

    thank you folks for showing/sahring your crosses, some mighty fine looking critters yall got there. peace
  4. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    copper1.jpg copper.jpg
    Widomski's Copper
    Sire Patterdale Terrier X Dam APBT
  5. Torresbeag

    Torresbeag Big Dog

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 17, 2013
  6. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

  7. IMG03492-20130725-1447.jpg
    ^Patterdale X Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  8. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    • A Working Terrier Standard

      A working terrier should be terrier-like in appearance and should have an acute and powerful motivation to work.

      • HEAD: should be strong, and encased in the skull should be a brain capable of showing intelligence and a fair amount of obedience and respect with some affection.

      • NECK: should be strong and muscular, joining the head to the body.

    • CHEST: should be big enough to hold the heart of a lion, but small enough to enable its owner to follow the quarry into extremely tight corners.
    <li style="">LEGS: should be long, or short, according to the work envisaged by the terrain of the area where he is to be employed. The legs should be powerful enough to carry the owner through a hard day.
    <li style="">FEET: four, one at the end of each leg, with extremely tough pads.
    <li style="">COAT: whether rough or smooth, white or colored, should be dense and tight, to keep its wearer warm and facilitate cleaning without holding too much earth and water.<li style="">BACK: strong and supple.
    <li style="">TAIL: for preference, a working terrier should have a tail.
    <li style="">EYES: of great $#@!istance above ground.
    <li style="">EARS: yes, two.
    <li style="">NOSE: should be able to detect and evaluate any slight scent.
    <li style="">TEETH: should be as large and as strong as possible, firmly secured in a muscular jaw, capable of biting powerfully and holding a firm grip.
  9. you get allot of people mixing those two breeds for hunting now aswell to create the bull hounds and why not.. id rather see a dog bred to be healthy and serve a purpose than bred for show regardless of health.. and if it wasnt for mixing breeds what breeds would we have?
  10. toom

    toom Big Dog

    Any word on how that white staffybull X patt cross work out?
  11. makaz24

    makaz24 Big Dog

    The dogs from the cross are still really young
  12. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    R.I.P. Boy. ...Deadgame. ...A good dog has gone. ...I will never forget you...!!! ...May your genetics will live in your coming offspring....
  13. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    pregnant.jpg The puppies will be born in Germany.
  14. Torresbeag

    Torresbeag Big Dog

    1/8 bull russell x patterdale... [​IMG]
  15. Torresbeag

    Torresbeag Big Dog

  16. culabula

    culabula Big Dog

    grand to see a picture torresbesg-is it a dog or a bitch?fine strong looking pup--the father of that bruce dog you had for a while was a similar colour when he was young but he changed to red and white
  17. Torresbeag

    Torresbeag Big Dog

    hi Cula.

    its a dog...he's gone to ground in a disused earth and travelled through it....so signs are good...hopefully when the time is right..he'll make the grade...he's quite slim actually, he would nowhere as big as the bitch...
  18. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

  19. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog



    ...crossing different game breeds ain't new...being going on since they came off the ark...lol......everybody has their own idea off a good cross,,and it depends on what game ya hunt/etc..?????...anybody have old pic's off some the first good working... Patt's....????...and when do ya all think a breed become's to stand on it's own...???????????...SOME VERY NICE DOGS HERE...

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