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New Pup

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by crunK, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. crunK

    crunK Pup

    Hi, I am new to Pit bulls and the Pit bull community, I don't know much about breed or the bloodlines. I have recently purchased a American Pitbull Terrier puppy, shes 4 weeks old. I'm not sure if a Pit bull is suppose to look like this, but I think so. Does she look like a American Pit bull Terrier? I haven't got her papers from the seller. So I'm not sure if it is full APBT, I hope I do get the papers. Anyways shes a great puppy well temperment. Her name is DimSum (Meaning appetizer in Chinese) Let me know what you think!

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  2. rocksteady

    rocksteady I'll drink to that..

    she looks like an APBT...a buckskin with black mask. 4 weeks is really too young for her to be taken from her littermates and mom. Was there a reason that the breeder needed to seperate the pups from the mom asap?? Her immune system must be really low so you need to be extra careful and not take her anywhere but the vets. Did the seller even get her any puppy shots?? As for papers, if you paid your money for the pup then you should get the papers then. If not, you should always get something in writing. It could be that the seller is still waiting to get the papers from the registry..hopefully..

    another question..why would you buy a pup in the first place if you are unsure if she is a purebred or not?? Did you get to see parents ?? I'm not trying to sound mean but if those things are important to you, then those are the things you need to ask the breeder first and be sure thats what you are getting.

    But she's a lovely pup.. and as long as shes healthy and has a good temperment and you are happy with her, then thats what matters. Good luck with your new friend!
  3. I will have to agree with rock steady
  4. PADogman

    PADogman Top Dog

    I agree also that is a very young age to take it away from the Mother.Try and read up on the breed as much as you can.APBT's are not for everyone.And make sure you ask the person you got the dog from if the puppy had any of it's shots and take it to the Vet and let them check it out for you to make sure it's healthy.
  5. wonder if the owner has papers on it. that is definitely one of the main things i try to find out on, before i even look at a dog.
  6. rocksteady

    rocksteady I'll drink to that..

    Sounds like the classic case of the quicker we get these pups out of here the quicker we make $$$ and can breed some more and PApers?? What papers lol..

    but maybe there was a problem with the mother in that the breeder needed to wean the pups asap..
  7. yeah, he needed more room for another litter!!! probably.
  8. HCK

    HCK Big Dog

    If you don't ever have any future plans of breeding then I don't see why papers are that important. The most important thing is to keep that puppy healthy and out of trouble when she gets grown.Learn as much as possible before the pup gets grown!!!She is a good looking APBT. We hope you enjoy the breed.

  9. HCK

    HCK Big Dog

    and 1 more thing....please don't go by the example of the breeder of this pup and start thinkin that there is "money in selling pups". People like that only hurt our precious breed and the majority of them land in animal shelters/and/or the wrong hands.
  10. princess_koka

    princess_koka Big Dog

    She is cute. I have a APBT just like her. She is now six months old but looked just like that when she was younger. Get you papers. Bug the breeder if you have to.Good luck with your pup. I would love to see more pictures as she grows.
  11. houstonapbt

    houstonapbt Top Dog

    Hey welcome. That's a nice little pup. I do agree though, she is way too young. She should at least be about 6 weeks.

    P.S. - You're on H-I too aren't you?
  12. crunK

    crunK Pup

    The seller did get down my name & address and phone number, I had her flyer of the selling of the APBT puppies, but I think I used it to scoop poop with it and threw it away (dumb mistake of me) I'm hoping the seller comes through with the papers, the seller did inform me that the pups got their first set of shots. I didn't buy her just because I thought she was full breed, it didn't really matter to me I just wanted a pet dog. I did see the father of the liter, he was APBT. I started thinking she wasn't a full breed APBT, because she wasn't think or muscular looking. Then I thought maybe its because its a girl and girls thend to have lanky genes in APBTs. I could be wrong about this stuff. She is kind of rough sometimes she jumps around and bite (I think in a playful way, doesn't really hurt) and barks alittle. Is that signs of bad temperment?

    Yeah, I do post in Who are you?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2005
  13. AC

    AC Big Dog

    I think the pup looks in good shape your just going to have to make sure it gets all the proper nutrition it needs. I've raised a pup at 3 weeks old many years ago I had purchased from a back yard breeder for 60 dollars and he turned out perfectly. It just takes a little time and patience. Good luck with your pup.
  14. CK-1

    CK-1 Pup

    it takes a long time to get the papers back in the mail...unless you put a rush on it but most people don't. I wouldn't worry about the papers just yet.
    here is my question...why did you buy a pitbull if you know nothing about them? owning a pitbull is a HUGE responsibility! it is not like most dogs. you run the risk of your APBT running to the neighbors house when you let it out and killing the neighbors 2,000 dollar poodle...they are not naturally agressive toward people so do not encourage such things. The pitbull can be the best dog anyone ever owned, but they are not for everyone. before I bought a pitbull I would first have to see the pedigree on the dog... What is it's genetic history? are the parents agressive toward people? are there any genetic health problems? skin dissorders, hip displaysaia? There are many factors to consider... Good luck with it.
  15. crunK

    crunK Pup

    I know about the APBT behavior. The day I bought her I googled my butt off on finding information about this breed. And I intend on keeping her and me out of trouble. Currently feeding her IAMS puppy brand (for large breeds) it says its for puppies 1-12 months old. Most of the time I give her warm milk mixed with chicken milkbone (little pieces in the milk) she loves it, she also gets her IAMS in. I haven't seen her have any complications or any disorders. She runs around full of joy!

    P.S. If anyone has American Online Messenger, I would appreciate it if I got some of ya'lls sn's I would like to chat with some of you about the breed and learn much more about it. And each others Pit Bulls.

    Thank you all, you all have been alot of help and I feel really welcome to the Pit Bull community forum.

    BTW: If I want to register it myself what would I need?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2005
  16. JCleve86

    JCleve86 Big Dog

    I'm not sure cow milk is the greatest thing for puppies (someone correct me if I'm wrong). That's probably not the best bet, and IAMS isn't the greatest food in the world either. It's simply well marketed crap food...I'd be willing to be one of the number one ingredients is corn or corn meal, which is just a low grade filler that dogs can't digest. It'd be like you or I eating a meal thats mainly bark. Do some research on higher quality foods, esp. since your pup was taken away from mom so early, you'll want to get her the best nutrition possible. A few good foods that I know people swear by are Solid Gold, Canidae, Wellness, Nature's won't find them in grocery stores though. You'll probably need to go to a local feed store or buy them online...
  17. AC

    AC Big Dog

    My screen name on AOL is alligatordogs feel free to contact me anytime. Try goats milk it's much easier on the little tummy of the pup. Cow milk we drink could give her the runs and make her bloat up. And how do you want to register it? As in pure bred registration?
  18. crunK

    crunK Pup

    With UKC or APBR probably. Probably APBR because it seems much easier and cheaper.
  19. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    crunk, if I were you, I would not believe that this pup has had his vaccinations. 4 weeks is too young [really] to vacc. (6 wks if preferrable), so to be on the safe side I would have him vacc. again at 6 weeks. Then you will want to vacc. again at 10 wks & 14 weeks. At 14 weeks he's old enough for the rabies so I'd have it done then (most states do it at 3 months, but some do want to wait so do it as soon as the vet says & it is the 1 vacc. that must be give by a licensed vet.). Good luck with your pup! AlligatorClub & Rocksteady have some good advice so my advice to you is to follow it. :)
  20. crunK

    crunK Pup

    How much are the vaccinations? Do you know?

    She has good solid wet poop and she doesn't seem to have any complications. She has a beautiful glossy coat no loss of fur. Her teeth are coming in fine and sharp. She never has diarrhea. But I'll consider the goat milk, thank you.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2005

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