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Discussion in 'Dog Ordinances & Laws' started by back2basics, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. back2basics

    back2basics Big Dog

  2. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Ah shit more and more each day our civil rights is being taken away, its all about CONTROL in the N.W.O. LMAO.

    Next thing ya know they are going to put a cap on how many kids you are allowed to give birth too like in China LMAO.

    Or they are going to say that unless all the orphans are adopted at the orphanage , no one will be allowed to have any more children LMAOROTF.

    Que up the JayZ song , Its a hard knock life for us , its a hard knock life for us LMAO
  3. back2basics

    back2basics Big Dog

    Next they'll say in order to keep your newly regulated "commercial" kennel running your residential property will have to be zoned commercial or be shut down. That proposed bill goes hand in hand with letting Feds have an excuse to check up on owners and dogs without a warrant.
  4. BKNLS

    BKNLS Big Dog

    That's fine with me none of mine leave my yard. Closed 4 years ago
  5. fonzie

    fonzie Top Dog

    I think that shit aucks
  6. venom

    venom Top Dog

    They don't have the man Power to enforce this lol
    Nobody would give a damn.

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