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Never thought I'd fall in love with a pit... :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RJT1, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. RJT1

    RJT1 Pup

    Hey everyone!!!

    I'm pretty glad that I've found game-dog and the forums here. So here's my story.

    First off, I haven't had or lived with a dog since I was like, 10 years old. I'm 28 now. Heck, I never much cared for canines, period. I'm a cat guy, and long since quit caring if that took some points off of my "man card".

    I recently began living with a woman, and a pooch, Tank. I've had a passing acquaintance with him for a few years, and was honestly scared of him for most of that time. I am (or was) your typical ignorant citizen and never wanted anything to do with a "macho" dog.


    He's 75lbs, black, of dubious lineage, and has completely stolen my heart. He'll be by my side til the end. I've never met an animal with such empathy, spirit, work ethic, and positive energy. I absolutely love to walk, run, and play tug (he just won't let go!!) with him.

    I'll have to post some pictures as soon as I get a decent digicam - I'm just so proud of him.

    I'm looking forward to learning from all the experienced owners out there about how to make the best relationship with this dog made of "velvet and steel".


  2. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    Except for respecting the PB ways around other creatures
    Once they hit your hart, no other can compare
  3. I agree with pit#5

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  4. Alma

    Alma Big Dog

    Welcome to the Game Dog Forum.
  5. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    Hello RJT1 and Welcome. We are glad you joined this community.
    Here we strive to maintain the preservation of the breed and to aid in the fight against BSL. We hope you will read the Forum rules before posting.
    There is a ton of knowledge on this site so please use the search feature and look at what we have to offer. If you have a question, please ask.
    Again, we welcome you to Game-Dog and we hope you enjoy your stay with us. [​IMG]

  6. RJT1

    RJT1 Pup

    Hi again folks!

    I hope I did the picture link thing right. I know my intro thread is a week or 2 old, but here's some pictures (I hope) of my little buddy.

    1. If I messed this up, please let me know how to get images on a thread. I'm an engineer by education, so I'm not a moron, but I've never been much for forums. Be kind:)

    2. I really want to get some feedback from those of you in the know as to just what this animal "is". Do I need to start a new thread in a different forum?

    Thanks again and much love to our four legged friends and their conscientious owners!


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  7. Michele

    Michele CH Dog Super Moderator

    Welcome to the forum:)
  8. yoel

    yoel Big Dog

    I know that face your dog is making in the third pic so well!:D

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