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My pair of mutts.

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by mlmaas, May 15, 2010.

  1. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    took these pics tonight of my mutts. The red girl is Rosie, 2yrs old @ 35 lbs. the lil black thing is Trouble.. 8.5 weeks, dunno his weight, he's a fat lil thing though.
  2. kera5

    kera5 Big Dog

    healthy pup and nice looking girl:D
  3. bradyFL

    bradyFL Big Dog

    good looking dogs
  4. ElJay

    ElJay Premium Member Premium Member

    good lookin pair
  5. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    taken today: lil one's growin a bit:
    and my girl Rosie:
  6. Preciouspits508

    Preciouspits508 Top Dog

    Hows rosie bred..she kind of look like my male capone
  7. blackbisquit

    blackbisquit Banned

    looks good i like the blackone!!:)
  8. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    Rosie is a mystery dog.. walked up to my one night on the street when she was a pup. now she likes to hunt rabbits and eat chickens.

    the black thing is a little fireball man..i cant let them play together or he'll rip Rosie's ears off. she puts him in his place, but she's too nice because hes a pup.

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