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My Blue Mutt

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by pookie!, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    LMAO,your dog looks nice BTW
  2. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    ;) he say's "Thank You"

  3. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    Well tell him I said you're welcome,lol ;-)
  4. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    ;) will do
  5. bgblok68

    bgblok68 CH Dog

    Lol Sounds like something you'd say after getting pulled over Pookie.
  6. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Lol whatever works :p


    Pookie, he weighs 42 pounds, I still don't know where you EVER got the JRT thing from, lots of bulldog breeds are white and tan. And he would STILL put yours to shame in the athletics department!;)
  8. trampus

    trampus Banned

    what it with everyone into these blue mutts, its like red nose, everytime i see this i just think bad bred , not to pure bred pits
  9. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    He's her pet and she likes him,no problem with that.And I'm probably as big a bully basher as you'll find usually,but she didn't breed him or give an arm and a leg for him.So if someone finds a dog they like,good for them.
  10. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    Lookin' good Bear! :)
  11. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    LOL daaamn obese JRT ;)

    I highly doubt that :p;) but whatever suits you old man :cool:

    Mind your own business aye? Sorry but youll never catch me saying he is anything other than a blue mutt, he isnt anything special, he is a pet dog, and probably a better dog than these "red nose" things you so fancy ;)
    Sure my dog may be bad bred, do I know? NOPE, do I care? NOPE! :) ..and I never claim him "pure" anything, he is what he is, and nothing more.

    Thank ya gh32 :o:)
    He is a good dog, thats all I ask him to be.


    Here is a recent one after I got the ex to finally give him back to me, I was trying to show off how "fat" he was LOL

  12. Rodeo

    Rodeo Pup

    Never realized Bear was that young! Looking great though.
  13. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Yea 18mo, thank ya :) :)
  14. sega

    sega Big Dog

    I like his collar, where'd u get it, it almost looks like the deer skin collars at Stillwater
  15. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Thats exactly what it is :) I really dig that collar, cant beat the quality IMO

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