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Milk for a dog

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by NMWAPBT, Jan 10, 2010.


    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    ive read that milk is bad for a dog but i dont understand why if its so bad they give it to there dogs in the balkans ive seen numerous people do this so my question it truely bad
  2. popper

    popper CH Dog

    i giveit to mine. what you mean they give it to em in the balkans ?

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    in the balkans you know in europe they're the group of countries by greece like macedonia albania serbia herzegovania kosovo etc.
  4. ultimatek9

    ultimatek9 Top Dog

    I give my dogs Kefir, made from goats' milk.
  5. popper

    popper CH Dog

    ii know that. i mean does it say why they give em milk . pretty wierd how you say the balkans give em milk lol. do they believe milk does soemthiung for the dogs?

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    the only think i read was that milk was bad for a dog like never give it to them well i go to the balkans alot cuz thats where my mom and dad are from and they give milk to their dogs all the time and they got some good dogs ive seen a few apbts and rotts and gsds and such but mostly cao and co and kangals etc.
  7. popper

    popper CH Dog

    them kangals are some big dogs. they have some good apbts out ther. what i dont like about thebalkans is you get these idiots matching ther 50 pound pit vs a 140 pound kangal. messed up and the pit wins to(not all the time) back yard fights
  8. chessfighter

    chessfighter Big Dog

    Dog milk is for puppys and cow milk's for baby cows. At some point baby cows don't even drink milk any more, why should people and dogs?
  9. Jrouble

    Jrouble Big Dog

    Milk is bad for dogs, they are ALL lactose intolerant, just at varying degrees. Some don't produce lactase at all, some produce very little of it.

    Either way, you shouldn't give it to them the only thing it offers nutritionally is calcium and fat - they get enough calcium from bones, and they don't need fat... fat is bad... its hard to metabolise, thats why we feed em lean meats ;) (for those that feed raw)
  10. Megger

    Megger Pup

    Milk is bad for your dog, hard to digest and it gives them upset stomach. I have stated before, " Puppy formula " mixed in with their dog chow is alright if they are still pups. I find it helps their growth and gives them added suppliments that they sometimes miss. you can use that, BUT after a certain age they can use other source of calcium such as high quality suppliments since milk is only needed for pups. Cows milk is bad, milk period is bad. Puppy formula can be given at meal times with their dry or canned foods. and can be given up until a year and a half (atleast this is what we always did) none of our dogs got sick from it and they seem very healthy
  11. performanceknls

    performanceknls Top Dog

    You hit the nail on the head, cows milk is not good for dogs. Just because someone does it and has not had major side effects does not mean it is good for dogs. Goats milk is fine but I would use that on a sick maybe or a littler of pups. There is no need for adult dogs to have any kind of milk in there diet.
  12. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    only time i would ever give milk is if i had a bitch perggo and she needed some calcium and i would give goats milk and to pups ofcourse helps them along really nicely and takes strain off the mother but other than that only time my dogs have gotten milk is if they stole my cherrios when i left my bowl around unattended :D

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    lol what i dont get is whats so bad about it calcium is good for a dog and i live up north so fat is good for winter
  14. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    well in my experience i have gave a few bitches cows milk and it seemed to upset there stomachs and they got diarrhea but if u are goin to give it to them (idk why you would) i would dilute it with water and never give over a half a cup at one time

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    got ya thanx tho the reasoni was asking is becuz it is cold up here and i my i figured if the guys overseas are doing it and have been doing it with no problems i could warm up the milk and mixit with his kibble which would raise his body temp and he would stay warmer longer
  16. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    I use warmed up water with feedings.
  17. Dreamer

    Dreamer Big Dog

    I give it as a treat to my dogs once in a while. Some dogs won't react well to it -- don't give it to them. They certainly don't need a lot of it for sure, but they enjoy a bowl of ice-cold milk on a hot they do yogurt, ice-cream, cottage cheese, buttermilk, etc...


    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    do you mix it in with his food or as his water source seperate

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    yea i tried it with my dog so far only when its super cold he seems to be doing fine however his stool is a bit more slippery than usually but not full blown squirts lol
  20. Dreamer

    Dreamer Big Dog

    They don't get it regularly -- only as a treat once in a while. I am sure that if there are good dogs in the Balkans, it's not because they get milk!

    Forget the milk as a regular part of the diet. There are no benefits to it and does nothing to keep a dog warm in cold weather.

    A dog needs more appropriate kinds of fat, like meat fats, for extra calories in the winter...


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